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Star Children – The way back home

Many people have an indescribable nostalgia for a place they seem to have never been to. The feeling of not being here, the feeling that their parents may not really be their parents. These people often feel lonely and misunderstood. Are often so tired that even the simplest action is tiring.

Often physical complaints pile up, especially in the neck, back and shoulders and often they are just sad. Often everything they do seems to fail or to fail. They often lack self-love, want to make the world a better place, dream about strange places, are often psychic, can just cry or burst into anger, and often fantasize about a non-existent world or future.

They have sleeping problems, are stress sensitive, highly sensitive, sometimes disoriented, often suffer from false awakenings or lucidity, and an incomprehensible homesickness. If you already recognize this as a reader, without having read the article, then you may belong to the group of people who possess an old soul. People who are messengers on the earth and who must slowly but surely prepare us for the things to come.

People who come from afar, called by us star children or star people. Always searching in their earthly life, for something they just can’t find here. If you already recognize yourself, or if you recognize others in this, then we are happy to take you back home now. People who are messengers on the earth and who must slowly but surely prepare us for the things to come.

People who come from afar, called by us star children or star people. Always searching in their earthly life, for something they just can’t find here. If you already recognize yourself, or if you recognize others in this, then we are happy to take you back home now. People who are messengers on the earth and who must slowly but surely prepare us for the things to come.

People who come from afar, called by us star children or star people. Always searching in their earthly life, for something they just can’t find here. If you already recognize yourself, or if you recognize others in this, then we are happy to take you back home now.

Star kids

As a child, did you sometimes wonder if you came from here? Did you sometimes sit in front of the open window staring at the starry night sky and did you sometimes feel like you were not of this earth? Did you think maybe your parents weren’t your real parents?

Then you may be a star child. You are of course not only a star child because of these thoughts and feelings, there is more to it. To know for sure whether you are a star child, you should really recognize yourself in this article. (I don’t believe that at all, that you must-Gordon) We’re sure there are many of you who do the same. This may well be the moment when you will awaken as a star child or recognize others as a star child.

As a child you also thought that you could talk to animals, and others sometimes thought you were a bit strange. If you were bullied and didn’t really fit in and if you sometimes made up things that were strange behavior in the eyes of others, and if you had too much imagination in the eyes of others, it starts to look more and more like you star child.

Did you sometimes do extreme things to attract attention, did you sometimes think about suicide but did you actually want to live and did you sometimes cry a little homesick for unknown places or people? Do you sometimes see images from beyond the earth and do you experience the grandeur of the cosmos?

Do you often feel sadness, do you find it difficult to let go of the past, even though you sometimes think that you are successful when in fact it is not? If you recognize all of the above, the chances that you are a star child are increasing.

star children are also often very creative, very busy, but unfortunately do not always finish everything because they quickly get bored again. Often they do everything at once and sometimes get emotional by the beauty of things and sometimes have trouble accepting themselves. They are often trauma-sensitive and true fears of death or inexplicable gloom or sadness can arise out of nowhere.

Sometimes they just have to cry. Often they will write poems in which they try to put their feelings into words. They are mostly true life poems. Many are multisexual because the feminine and masculine are balanced and united in them.

Sometimes they seem to be acting a bit and some of them play a kind of solo play on their own in which they portray a sad character and where they are completely absorbed in that small role, which none of them see. Sometimes they sing along with it, mostly melancholic lyrics.

Often they have wild dreams and many nightmares. Often they are also lucid or suffer from extremely false awakenings where they think they are awake but where they can not move their body and where no sound comes out of their throat during their screams of fear. They often also see threatening figures or shadows or strange lights.

Sometimes they see energies and fantasize about a time that is far in the future, or very far in the past. Often a lot goes wrong in their lives, relationships often break down after a long time and they feel misunderstood and lonely inside. Often they are afraid of the future, while they have difficulty letting go of painful experiences from their past.

If that seems to have worked, all it needs to do is do something to remind them of it again and it will hurt them for weeks. It’s all because they don’t yet accept being a star child. Sometimes they hear voices or a voice that says they are god, but they will not or cannot accept or believe this.

Even then they are not fully awake yet. please note,that these are not the voices that psychiatric patients often have and who give them assignments that are dangerous to themselves or others. This psychosis state cannot be compared to the inner voices and contacts that star children have.

Many star children are not very resistant to change and have trouble choosing. Sometimes they are wrongly diagnosed with borderline syndrome because they also have difficulty with imposed rules, obligations and coercion and often they are self-born leaders who know how to tell others what to do.

Most will be bad with money. They will often get the feeling that time is missing, or that time has flown by once again. Sometimes it really is. star children live somewhat between time and dimensions. In fact, they are a kind of travelers.

Often, star kids tend to withdraw or go out alone. Often they trust others too much and tell them too much about themselves, which often leads to betrayal and deception. They are very often abused. Star children like to give things away, but have some difficulty receiving, although they often love trinkets. Star children almost always love nature and seem to have an innate wide knowledge.

They know something about almost everything, and often more than many others. Their wisdom is often great, without having learned or read much about it. They are often true teachers for others. Often they did not really have to learn to read as children and often they write badly. For them, language is a form of communication,

They are very active, but sometimes they seem burned out and everything hurts and they are so tired inside that they would like to sleep for weeks. But that’s exactly what they rarely do well. Their sleep patterns are often disturbed and sometimes they spend hours worrying or thinking. They often suffer from restless legs or arms and they have to move.

During the day they are sometimes a bit disoriented, and sometimes suffer from epileptic symptoms. They sometimes feel uprooted or vague, or have the feeling that they no longer know what they want or where they belong.

Sometimes they talk to themselves. This will get stronger as they get older. First the words, later whole conversations. This often happens when they are angry with themselves or disappointed in themselves or when they want to cheer themselves up or ask for impossible signs.

Sometimes they think they are just crazy. But they most certainly are not, they just haven’t consciously awakened yet! Sometimes they were for a while but then wander off again only to get back on their path later, when they’re ready!

Sometimes they shy away from groups of people, although they like to organize things for people. Like it or not, they are often the center of attention, positive or negative. Sometimes they are afraid of being forgotten if they die.

They often have many small accidents or true disasters that they manage to survive again and again. As children they often had all teething problems. Later on, they often suffer from joint complaints, weak muscles or muscle bands,

weak bones, neck pain, pain in the lower or upper back, or both, sometimes some balance disorders or other head complaints. They often have trouble grounding or shutting down. Unfortunately, many often turn out to become seriously ill, because they have not been able to really express themselves enough and have not woken up for too long.

Sometimes they are and they go on. It is then important to ground yourself and to be able to be just human from time to time. If they can’t express themselves or go overboard, they can react explosively. Their anger often comes out of nowhere very unexpectedly. Which can make them extremely hurtful at times, because they know best how to hurt. They often hurt the very person they love the most. Sometimes they even use violence, or have an inclination or thought to do so.

They are sometimes a bit indifferent and seem to have lost a lot of their feeling. However, these are moments that can come back every now and then. At those moments, they don’t seem to like anything anymore and are often bored, despite there being a lot to do.

Sometimes there is a real fear of death and they are very afraid of dying or getting sick. Often they are also afraid of doctors and hospitals, but not of things that have to do with death. They seem to believe strongly in an afterlife, to be almost convinced of it, and yet they are often more afraid of death than people who do not believe in it.

Often they have a lot of knowledge about past lives. They seem to have lived many of those lives in the Middle Ages, Roman times or Egyptian times. Often they also know a lot about those times and sometimes have their own opinion, which they themselves know that it happened that way. As if they were there. In fact, these are memories of home, where many things resemble things from an earthly past, times when the knowledge of the gods was still on earth.

The hardest feeling is the feeling of homesickness. star children can feel a strong and overwhelming desire to leave the planet and return home. It cannot be compared to feelings of suicide, because they certainly do not want to die! Although it sometimes happens that stars have self-injured children in their early years, say, deliberately injured themselves to get attention. Yet star children want to live, although they often feel very strongly the approaching end of the world.

They also often possess healing properties and are able to help others like no one else can. Sometimes they think they see someone else when they look in the mirror or see their eyes change, They are signs that they are about to discover their true self. In times when they are rushing after that they will also sometimes dream about mirrors in which they want to see themselves. As long as they are not conscious, that will not work in the dream.

If you have recognized yourself then you have most certainly been born before on a planet so far from here. You are here on Earth with a task. However small and unimportant it may seem, in fact it is very large. Don’t forget that all those seemingly unimportant individual star children are collectively changing the world. Just as a single drop of water will not be noticed by all mankind, but only by the one who gets it on his head.

Yet all those drops are very important, because together they quench our thirst and keep us alive. Together they fill oceans. All those drops together could flood or dry out the earth if they disappear. Together they are an incredible force. Star children are part of that power, but their messages to individuals are also of great importance.

They are needed on this earth to help others in their transition to a new world, a new form of existence. They are needed to prepare humanity for their journey back home. They are the true teachers. They may feel lonely and lonely on their journey, but they will never be truly alone. Star kids can often make others believe anything they want and do.

You rarely say no to a star child, no matter what they ask, even if you sometimes don’t understand that you did it. star kids know no middle ground in their lives, everything is extreme. They have people who almost adore them or people who hate them to the extreme, even though they don’t even know these people personally at all.

many stars children see images of a decayed and destroyed earth in which they seem to act together as our savior. Often they have the feeling that they have already experienced it all, as if everything is now happening again.

Often, too, they have a sense of impending doom, of something great about to happen, without being able to explain it. Often they combine every form of faith into one that suits them and many people best. They are, as it were, all a part of the returned Christ.

But how do you see that return? The bible does say that Christ comes like a thief in the night. So Christ cannot be present. But thieves come long in advance to see what can be obtained and have been unobtrusively present for a long time. A thief in the night must tell us to watch,

It also says in the Bible that he will descend to the earth and that a cloud will be visible under his feet and that when he comes down to earth the ground will burst and his sign will be visible far into the heavens.

Doesn’t that remind you of a rocket, a meteor or asteroid? They all have fronts of smoke under their feet, all burst the ground and their smoke or dust plume will reach high in the sky and be visible.

But other faiths also have such predictions of which often only star children can give us the true meaning and translation. They put everything together into a wonderful whole, to prepare us for the total change and the long journey back home. We will all experience that change, whether we are alive or not.

After all, it is also written that the dead will be brought back to life. star children know better than anyone that this refers to our real self, our soul, the one we really are. Not the body we are temporarily in. Some star children have a DNA that is different from that of an average human being.

Star children also seem to seek out and find each other. In every country on earth groups of star children seem to form and every group seems to have an elder, it is the wisest star child of the group.

That star child will guide the other star children in their tasks, awakening humanity and getting ready for their great journey back home. If you recognize yourself as a star child, now is the time to wake up and accept yourself. Unconditionally!

You are needed, now more than ever. Even if there will be no tomorrow for you, your soul will still do its work here and guide others who are still material, star child or earthly soul. Therefore, never forget the star children who have gone from us to them.I say to all the star children who are only now recognizing themselves, I welcome you!

Are you a star child or are you one who hears their wise words and sees their great gifts? Are you going back home or are you left defeated at the start of the great journey, waiting for something that will never come again?

I tell you, the time has now come when you too must get ready, earthly soul and star soul, because the time is approaching when the great journey will begin. Embarkation has already started, make sure there will be a place for you on this long way back home.


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