Start a fan club

Start a fan club
Negative thoughts are my worst enemy. They even creep up on me at times when my head should be full of positive thoughts. And what happens if there is no room for positive thoughts? Then you get stuck with yourself. Books have been my mainstay all my life. But a book is not personal in the sense that it knows you and can cheer you up, so to speak.

You can recognize yourself in what it says, but after that, you have to work with it yourself.

That can sometimes be a lonely affair.  That is why Willem de Ridder came up with the idea for a fan club game 25 years ago. In this game, rules and methods from spiritual books are poured into a game where people mutually motivate each other and become each other’s fans.

Founding a fan club

‘Fan Club?’ you probably think. “We’re not 12 anymore, are we?” (Unfortunately not!). I had that thought at first too. But it goes beyond that. It means surrounding yourself with a stream of positive affirmations from those around you.

Everyone knows the famous mirror method: tell yourself how beautiful you are in the mirror, and you will really believe this. But how cool is it if you also hear this around you? Gather some friends – and start a fan club. Starting small is fine, you can always expand. And there may already be fan clubs in your area, But how exactly do you start setting up a fan club?

The thought behind these fan clubs

Start a fan club

A fan club can be compared to Alcoholics Anonymous, Weight Watchers or other support groups. Together you try to unlearn negative thoughts and make room for positivity. The support of your fans will make this happen. And practice makes perfect. The more often you meet with your fan club, the faster you will master fanning the world, your friends, and yourself. You will feel perfect again, intelligent, free, and confident in your relationship and you will go straight to your goals thanks to these affirmations.

A fan club means meeting people who are your top fans and are not afraid to show it, who encourage you without obligation and help you pursue your personal goals. You learn to listen to others, and therefore to yourself. By opening yourself up to other people and vice versa, you develop a bond. Because meetings are not mandatory, they are full of love because people really want to be there. There are no conditions attached to these meetings because freedom, acceptance and harmony are central.

Even if the negative thoughts come back around the meetings, you know you have fans you can count on. It’s a liberating thought that you’re not all alone. You know you will feel better tomorrow with the help of these meetings. And you have to hold on to that feeling, fan club or not. Because negative thoughts are never permanent if you don’t let them. And the only real rule at the fan clubs is: no negativity allowed.


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