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Starting over in a relationship

You can always start over with everything and everyone. Sometimes you start over with someone after a battle, sometimes after losing sight of one, sometimes after a lifetime of attraction and repulsion. You can start over with your life; By going back to work, or stopping working! Or start about after an illness, or dangerous surgery….

To start over, you make the choice; Do I want that? Start over?

Starting over in a relationship

A powerful way to start is over; from yourself!

We often unwittingly take so much into account of the people around us that we unnoticed lose ourselves in the whole. Then we only fill in what we think the other person wants. But is that really so? As long as you continue to think for the other person what the other person might want, and design your life accordingly, you are far from yourself. But also from the other!

That is very unfortunate, because it is precisely then that the situation begins of not understanding each other and losing sight of each other. You are under the assumption that you make your partner happy. While you have never actually asked if your partner wants it that way. So the next question is; do you really make your partner happy?

That’s crazy isn’t it. Give your whole life out of all the love for the other and then it still goes wrong. You lose your energy, you can no longer communicate with each other because the connection is lost, you get sick, or all together.

You can still start over! If you both want that, there is still love somewhere between you! From the love that is there, you can both think about yourself about what you really want.

Be inspired by a book or a lecture, a film or a course, a mediator or take a few very long walks on your own, to come to yourself. Keeps the question central; what do i really want? It is useful to be able to write down some keywords. And it is nice to later discuss with your partner what has come up for you.

Discovering and naming what you want is far from selfishness. It is in fact a pure form of standing in your power, standing up for yourself and taking responsibility for your own life. Also known as ‘taking life into your own hands’.

As soon as you can compare the wishes of your partner and work together on the growth and realization of these wishes of both of you, you are really working out of love! Supporting, encouraging and helping each other with ‘what the other wants’ is very different from filling in and doing what you think the other would want…

As soon as you live your life from your own strength, you become a magnet for what you need. You attract it automatically! The right people, the right courses, etc.

Your personal growth will therefore go even faster and precisely because you get so much energy and strength, you are able to help the person you want to live with from that positive power. And vice versa! This is how you bundle, share and multiply your strength and energy together! Imagine the positive effect that would have.

This way you can take a closer look at all the relationships that you think are worth giving a second (or third, or fourth) chance! Climb out of the negative spiral and turn it into a positive one. It’s a bit of work! That’s right! Remember you are worth it! It’s about your own life.

Do you doubt whether you think a relationship is worth starting over? Then seriously consider saying goodbye. A goodbye may hurt for a while, but it also creates space for new, nice other people and things that suit you better and will give you a lot of energy!


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