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Stepping out of the collective mess

In my previous article I wrote about the birth of Wombfulness . Wombfulness is about awareness, awakening and embodiment of your ancient self-wisdom, which is located in your womb area. Everyone, man or woman, has the holy grail at his or her disposal in his or her pelvis. Many do not know, because of all the misery they carry, so they seek sanctity in scriptures, courses, distant lands, relations or gurus.

Disturbance in harmony

There was a time when the feminine energy and the masculine energy lived side by side in harmony and equality. Women were aware of the creation, power and wisdom they carry within them. Men also lived their divine essence. At some point we forgot our divine origin. We forgot how powerful and true the womb is and this led to a great disturbance in the harmony.

We forgot our radiant essence and the intellect began to take over. For thousands of years we and our Mother Earth suffered from this. Wars, caused by the lack of balance between the masculine and the feminine, arose all over the world. Far away, but sometimes closer than we think, namely within ourselves. We struggle a lot with our feelings these days and still listen too often to ourmind rather than our intuition. We carry quite a lot of collective rubbish with us…

Slaves of the past

Both men and women became victims as we moved towards the patriarchal world. Men have been oppressed for thousands of years as slaves, soldiers or office workers. Their divine essence is beaten out for countless generations with the whip and other weapons. And all this misery, the pain and discontent that the man carries, is worked out towards the woman.

The woman, whom he once saw as a goddess, was (is) abused and raped in every possible way. Time and again the woman was (is) the scapegoat and was strangled, beheaded, drowned, burned, betrayed or raped. Women were lost and actually we still are when you look at the world. As long as we, men and women, do not become aware of our divine essence and continue to wander in this collective mess,


How does this collective mess manifest itself in this time, you may wonder? Last May I sat in a circle with eleven women. We shared about traumas we had in this life that were still stored in our ‘ womb‘. I was completely shocked when it turned out that 10 out of 11 women had to deal with sexual abuse and/or a narcissistic man. To give ‘just’ an example… Personally, I have always had trouble expressing myself, making my voice heard, saying ‘no’.

I did everything to be liked, with all the consequences that entails. During the meditation we did in the circle with these eleven women, I saw past lives being played back like a movie. I saw my head cut off and I was strangled, burned, throated. I saw my head roll by several times. Until the movie stopped and I saw myself standing on a huge rock. I wore a crescent moon on my third eye, a beautiful turquoise stone around my neck, and a stately staff in my hand.

I looked at myself deeply and penetratingly and gasped for air. Beyond all misery I was once again reminded of my divine essence. I saw myself as the goddess I once was and who I still am. Just like all women, anywhere in the world. The tears that flowed then came from very deep. Of dismay and emotion.

The step

Almost all of us get stuck at some point (or 100) in our lives. And so much misery is old, so old that it is embedded in our DNA. I wish us humans, Mother Earth and the next seven generations, that we dare to take the step. Perhaps the only step needed to ‘save’ us. The step in and to descend to the holiest temple you can enter.

The place where your inner voice will speak wisely, the place where silence reigns and a river of power and creation flows unconditionally. Women have the greatest creative power within them. It is therefore up to them to re-embody her divine essence and to consciously determine who, what and how may enter her sacred temple. Plant seeds of light in your womb and help the man and woman remember his/her divinity.

‘ The world will be saved by Western women .’

Well, what are we waiting for?


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