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Steve Jobs, Hippy Billionaire

Steve Jobs hippy billionaire

While watching the documentary Steve Jobs, Hippy Billionaire , I was surprised to learn that as a young adult, Jobs was significantly influenced by Baba Ram Dass and his book From Here, From Now (original title Be Here Now ). I personally see Ram Dass as one of the most influential mentors in my life. He has guided millions of spiritual seekers to a higher level of consciousness and is the father of the New Age for many people.

As if by fate, Ram Dass moved to Maui eight years ago, where he now lives a few miles from me. I often see Ram Dass at local social and spiritual gatherings. A few days ago I told him about his inspiring influence on Steve Jobs. He laughed and said, “Just think. There is a piece of Ram Dass in every iPod.”

Although spirit guides are not often recognized and acknowledged by the masses, higher-dimensional influences leave their mark on our world more often than people realize. When Jobs entered the computer industry, the industry was very businesslike, theoretical and analytical. He changed that by adding flair, art, beauty and user-friendliness. If it weren’t for him, we might still be pressing keys on mouseless DOS machines with green-and-black displays. Jobs’ quest for Eastern spirituality has expanded his brain and given him a multidimensional vision. He has passed this on to millions of people through his inventions that look as beautiful as they are handy.

Ram Dass - Richard Alpert
Ram Dass/Richard Alpert

Abraham Lincoln, considered by many to be America’s greatest president to date, was a very spiritual man. He held séances at the White House, supervised by Washington DC medium Nettie Meinhard, and has had a spiritual vision of his own death. Nikola Tesla, the man who gave the world alternating current, wireless technology, X-rays and neon lighting, got inspiration and ideas for his inventions through clairvoyant moments. Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and “I have not come to my understanding of the universe through the rational mind”.

Unexpected Insight-Jill Bolte Taylor
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I met Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, the brave neuro-anatomist who made a full recovery from a stroke to write the bestseller Unexpected Insight  . As an expert on brain functionality, Dr. Taylor favors groups on conflicting temperaments, such as rational scientists (left-brainers) and emotionally-minded new-agers (right-brainers). “The left-brainers want what the right-brainers have,” she told me. “They know there is magic and wisdom in the intuitive human being, but many of them don’t know how to tap into that part.” That’s why Jill is a bridge builder.

That bridge is available to anyone willing to walk across it. The film Regarding Henry is about a tough lawyer who transforms after a serious head injury (“if you don’t change and become like a child, you certainly won’t enter the kingdom of heaven”). You don’t have to suffer a head injury to transform. You just need to harmonize your intellect with your intuition and let your mind serve a higher power.

When you read between the lines in some of the most popular business books of our time, you also discover a great spiritual influence. Stephen Covey, author of several successful leadership books, has translated a lot of lofty concepts into practical applicability, as has Ken Blanchard. Blanchard is also very open about his spiritual beliefs. He has also renamed himself his company’s CSO: Chief Spiritual Officer.

I was once invited to speak at a spiritual conference of the Sufi movement, a mystical branch of Islam. On my way from the airport to the conference I was in a limousine with one of the other speakers. “Why were you invited to speak here?” he asked me. I told him, rather proudly, about some of the books I’ve written. “What are you doing?” I asked him. “I’m a brain surgeon,” he replied.

Oh. “What made you choose that profession?”

“Within Sufism, everyone should have a profession or skill that involves working with your hands,” he said.

I think brain surgery qualifies for that.

steve jobs hippy billionaireBehind the doctor’s sophisticated surgery was a spiritual influence, as with many others who excel in medicine. dr. Larry Dossey has done a lot of research on the power of prayer. He writes in a survey involving 1,000 doctors anonymously that 59% said they prayed for their patients and 55% said they had experienced miraculous results from those prayers. “The most important thing about this study is that it was anonymous,” concludes Dr. Dossey ”The doctors would have been less honest if they had to identify themselves in a profession that generally does not endorse the power of prayer.” So the mind is largely behind the success of medical successes.

You don’t have to be a guru, healer, or brain surgeon to let a higher power influence your work. You just have to allow it. The next time you’re listening to your iPod, surfing your iPad, or making a call on your iPhone, remember that the man behind these adventures was on one side dealing with a spiritual truth and on the other, making the world a better place. And so can you.


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