Strengthen your healing ability in 5 levels

Strengthen your healing ability in 5 levels
Some scientists claim that 98% of the atoms that are in your body now were not there a year ago. Skin cells, stomach cells, liver, bone, and even brain cells each have their own ‘replacement cycle’ without you having to do anything actively. When you cut your finger, your skin heals in a few days. That this is happening is a fact. Exactly how this happens is a mystery. This same mechanism is active in social or emotional ‘wounds’. The body and mind possess an intelligent organizational ability that searches for natural balance and ways to survive.

We call this the self-healing capacity of man.  You can support the self-healing ability, this inner intelligence, through healthy measures on 5 levels.

The 5 Levels of Healing

You strengthen your healing abilities on 5 levels by improving your ‘nutrition’ on each of these levels.

Physical level

On the physical level, this means eating organic food, drinking enough water, and exercising/exercising more. In addition, yoga, mindfulness, and loving touch can be entrances to relaxation on the physical level.

Strengthen your healing ability in 5 levels

Measures in the field of your nutrition

  • Choose vital food: fresh vegetable and fruit juices ( smoothies ), sprouts, and, for example, wheatgrass.
  • Choose unsaturated vegetable oils instead of the artificially hardened fats from packages, cans, jars and ready meals.
  • Minimize your sugar consumption and replace white flour products with whole-grain products.
  • Drink 1 to 2 liters of pure water a day.

Feeling Level

On the emotional level, it means taking responsibility for and fulfilling your emotional needs. Your relationships are a good playing field to practice in this area.

In essence, the emotions you experience are about needs. In fact, our whole life revolves around that. Most people are day in and day out looking to get their needs met. In part, this search is unconscious. By working hard, being a good partner, losing weight or kicking things around, people try to fit in, be good, stand out or be important in some other way.

Awareness of the drive behind our actions, examining our emotions as a guide to our needs, and communicating honestly about what we need can bring emotional health and stability to our lives.

Thinking level

Strengthen your healing ability in 5 levels

At the thinking level, it means acceptance and understanding of the unmet needs behind hard-to-change thought patterns.

What does this thought tell you? Why is he so stubborn? What need is this thought trying to fill (however clumsy it may be)? Talk about it with a friend you trust. Try to understand together what you really need. Then find creative ways to fill your need. At the same time, you can focus your attention on a thought/reality you desire. Pay attention to this new reality and the associated feelings. Let it come to life.

Social level

The main source of nutrition at this level is support and feeling connected. The impact of relationships on health is often underexposed. A persistently stressful relationship with a parent, partner, or supervisor can significantly hinder self-healing ability.

Level of the soul

Strengthen your healing ability in 5 levels

At the level of the soul, it means discovering and responding to your deeper life purpose. Following your interests is a direct entrance to the power of your soul. Developing your talents and being meaningful is what matters at this level.

Important sources of nourishment at this level are giving and receiving love, being of meaning to each other, the connection with the higher self, meditation, and prayer.

Conversely, you can say that lack of nutrition on each of the levels equals stress. For example, you can equate lack of food, oxygen, or sleep with stress on the physical level. Emotional neglect, unmet needs, and the accompanying feelings of fear and powerlessness cause stress on the emotional level.

Limiting beliefs, judgments, and lack of belief are sources of stress at the thinking level. Finally, lack of support is stress on the social level and lack of meaning and inspiration is stress on the soul level. There is nothing wrong with healthy tension in itself, but when stress persists and evokes feelings of powerlessness, it weakens health.


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