Stuck Energy and Chronic Inflammation from Chinese Medicine

Stuck Energy and Chronic Inflammation from Chinese Medicine

You know that too: you are good at certain things and with regard to other things you are convinced that you cannot do them. As a result, some things are sometimes left behind for years or are only half done. Leaving them behind or ‘burying your head in the sand’ costs energy without you realizing it. In Chinese medicine, trapped energy is one of the root causes of many diseases, including chronic inflammation.


Stagnation in your life arises, for example, because you neglect practical matters or because you were unable to process events. Stagnation in your body occurs when it was unable to free itself from taxing factors. Stagnation, pain, fatigue, or chronic inflammation develop. In both cases, stagnation leads to illness, fatigue, or loss of (life) lust. Things that stay put, block, stagnate and frustrate. Sometimes palpable and often stealthily; you don’t notice it anymore. They cost energy and ruin your body or your life.

That’s how it works with physical healing

This was one of the important things I learned during my naturopathy training: a chronic blockage or inflammation undermines the physical system and robs energy daily without you realizing it. The inflammation has become chronic, as the body has not found a way to resolve the blockage or inflammation. It was too difficult, the energy was lacking or there were other burdening factors. Through therapy or when circumstances permit, a chronic blockage can flow or an inflammation heal. This usually goes through an acute phase.

Stuck Energy and Chronic Inflammation from Chinese Medicine

Chronic tension discharges via cramps (acute tension). Stagnation often resolves through sudden intense flow (think of the pain when icy fingers start bleeding again). Chronic inflammation goes through an acute phase to heal. In short, what was stuck in the depths and ruined everything is now coming to the surface. The pain becomes palpable. May be accompanied by fever and general malaise.


Ideally, you want to suppress the symptoms quickly, but then it never heals. Now you have to go through it. That primarily means: understanding this, so that you can surrender to this temporary malaise and your system can support you as best as possible. Then it means: rest, good nutrition, supplements, and strengthening your system as much as you can.

The processes in the body and processes in life often run more or less the same. Letting things go, burying your head in the sand. Not taking on because you think you can’t do it takes energy and zest for life without you noticing it.

An example:

Last month I made myself free to do what I feel is going on in my life now: giving space to my creative side: writing, painting, and creating. That was a big, brave and unexpected step. And what happens: the things that I have put aside until now because I don’t want to know anything about them, are the first at the door and shout: “Now it’s our turn!” Like the sea immediately fills the hole you just made with water. Life seizes its chance.

I’ve experienced this so often in my work: things are finally going well, you are entering calmer waters and suddenly you become ill or depressed, or you are overcome by feelings of fear or other misery that is really just ‘old shit’. “Why? What am I doing wrong?” I’ve heard people yell so many times.

you’re not doing anything wrong

Stuck Energy and Chronic Inflammation from Chinese Medicine

That happens because the path of healing, recovery and liberation always goes like this. Something that is not resolved, not engaged and not liberated (i.e. hidden away) comes up and out for healing and liberation. This preferably happens when there is a bed and energy for it: when you have made time available or when ‘the time is right’.

If it comes up then you have to do something with it. It is not the intention that you now push it away again, because then you will never get there. Now you have to solve it. That means: make time for it. Take it on. Go through it and make sure you are well fed during this period (in all respects: food and fine things, time and space)

The reward

Once you’ve gone through it, you’re freed from what was nagging and consuming energy in the background. Energy is released for healing and for fun things. Taking on and cleaning up the things that have been waiting for a long time, sets free. And not only that: it is an opportunity to go through an old belief – and associated blockage.


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