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You hear more and more about low-grade inflammation or ‘chronic inflammation’. What’s behind those silent ignitions? General practitioner Anne Fleck explains in this article what low-grade inflammation means and how you can recognize it in yourself.

Silent inflammation puts a strain on the body’s own detoxification systems and thus exacerbates the energy deficit.

Every infection is a form of physical drumbeat, like a loud signal that something is wrong in the body: ‘Attention! Something’s wrong here!’ Inflammation is the body’s natural response to threats and as such a very effective tool for your health. They are vital protectors against unwelcome guests such as viruses, bacteria, fungi or dirt particles. The immune system’s defense forces “arrest” the invaders and render them harmless. They do this with the help of antibodies, small particles of protein.

Difference Between Acute Inflammation and Low-Grade Inflammation

If you cut your finger when peeling potatoes, you will damage the skin. Your body then immediately fights off invading pathogens via the targeted process of acute inflammation, stops the bleeding and lovingly works to heal the wound and restore the skin. In that process, your body slowly switches from an anti-inflammatory response to an anti-inflammatory one. Without the miraculous ability of the body to ignite itself, you and I would eventually die from the first cut. When the acute inflammation has completely healed, the battalion of immune cells retreats and rapidly breaks down the inflammation barriers. Under normal circumstances, inflammation lasts for four to six days.

The problem, however, is that not all inflammations are locally limited and go away on their own. The dreaded and dangerous chronic inflammation spreads unnoticed like a peat fire throughout the body, making it tired and sick. She sneaks up in stocking feet, without the noise of the classic infection symptoms. Quiet. Stupid. Subtle. That is why this inflammation is also called ‘silent inflammation’‘. Whether or not an inflammation becomes chronic and wreaks havoc in the body under the skin, depends on the initiators and the extent to which the immune system is activated.

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Silent inflammation secretly steals your energy

Silent inflammation puts a strain on the body’s own detoxification systems and thus exacerbates the energy deficit. They are also considered drivers of diseases of affluence such as autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, periodontitis, skin disorders such as rosacea and psoriasis, and much more. The list is endless and sad. It is essential that the initiators of chronic inflammation are identified and combated. For the silent ignition dwells in secret. Do you also carry such an energy guzzler with you? He often manifests himself ‘just’ by the alarm signal ‘tired’‘. Then it is time to discover the invisible causes of inflammation.

Self-test to detect silent ignitions

Write a point for each question that you answer ‘yes’:
• Are you overweight or have a large waist size?
• Do you often have watery, itchy eyes?
• Do you have a stuffy nose, runny nose or sneezing?
• Do you have swollen or bleeding gums?
• Do you suffer from acne, dry skin, eczema or something similar?
• Do you notice an irregular heartbeat or palpitations?
• Do you suffer from joint pains or swelling, stiffness, muscle pain or muscle weakness?
• Are you often plagued by bladder infections or other infections such as sinus infections?
• Are there itchy spots on your body (eg scalp, genitals, anus)? Or do you suffer from discharge?
• Do you smoke?

Now look at your answers: how many times have you answered yes?

0: Silent ignition is unlikely.

1: A silent ignition is not excluded, but certainly not a violent one.

2: The more dots, the more likely and widespread an inflammatory activity. This is especially true for smokers and/or people with a larger waistline. Don’t get frustrated if you have a lot of points. The good news is that you now know why you are tired and what the way out is. When you get started with the Energy program from The healthy way out of the maze of fatigue , not only get rid of your lethargy, but also prevent chronic diseases. Hopefully that is not only a consolation, but also a big incentive.


Inflammation is the response of an overactive immune system to all kinds of factors and is often related to ‘runaway mast cells’. If you scored high on this self-test, read on about mast cell activation , a phenomenon that is still far too unknown, but I hope won’t be for long.


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