Suffering from the ‘blowing with all the wind’ syndrome? This way you increase your self-confidence!

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Do you trust yourself and your own wisdom? Or do you blow with all the winds? If you care too much about the opinions of others, this article by Sheryl Paul, author of The Hidden Wisdom of Tension, Stress, Worry, and Uncertainty , is a must-read. She shows you how to increase your self-confidence and set your own course. “If you want to transform into a more powerful version of yourself, you need to act.”

If you suffer from the ‘blowing with all the wind’ syndrome, you often feel like a helpless leaf being blown back and forth by the wind.

Do you recognize yourself in these statements?

I often compare my relationship with that of others. Why do they seem more in love than me?

I find it difficult to make decisions. Sometimes I can’t even think of what to eat in a restaurant!

I often worry about whether my family will like my partner. I care too much about their opinion.

I believe every angry or fearful thought that comes to my mind. It’s so tiring…

What if I have a terminal illness?

The above statements are symptoms of the same problem: a lack of self-knowledge and self-love, which results in a lack of self-confidence. In other words, when we are completely filled within – when the inner well of the Self is filled – we experience a powerful and firm feeling about ourselves. Because of this, we naturally care little about the opinions of others, do not compare ourselves, do not require outside approval, and ultimately rely on our own decisions, influence and inner course.

‘Blow with all the winds’ syndrome

When my clients struggle with these issues, I tell them, “You’re behaving like a leaf in the wind!” And then they immediately understand what I mean. If you suffer from the ‘blowing with all the wind’ syndrome, you often feel like a helpless leaf being blown back and forth by the wind. You have little influence and inner strength to determine your own direction and to rely on your own decisions. When a thought like “I don’t love him” enters your mind, your thoughts have taken over. Your thoughts are the wind and your inner self hobbles along behind it, like a lamb following its mother. When your boss gives you constructive criticism about the last project you worked on, you don’t sit at home alone mulling over what you could have done differently,

Trust your own wisdom

If, on the other hand, you are an old oak tree, your trunk is firm and unshakable. You may be rocking gently with the wind, but you won’t bend or break. You know who you are, you know your worth and you trust yourself. In addition, you trust your own decisions, because you know that their outcomes are not a representation of your self-worth. You can access that little place deep within that has faith in your own wisdom—that little place that goes beyond and deeper than your thoughts and feelings. You listen to the opinions of others, but in the end you form your own.

This is how you become an unshakable oak

How do you become such a sturdy oak tree instead of a leaf in the wind? The key is to learn how to shift the focus from externalizing the idea of ​​the self to filling the well of the Self with warm and clear water. That means taking time each day to learn about yourself through conscious actions so that you learn to love yourself and ultimately trust who you are. This process of developing self-confidence does not just happen. That doesn’t come from reading self-help books, watching movies on the internet, or just talking. It comes from practice and action.

To stand up for yourself

Take action!

Often a client asks me: ‘Do I have to do that every day?’ To which I answer: “Do you have to brush your teeth every day? Only if you want to keep your teeth strong. Do you have to move every day? Only if you want to keep your body healthy. Do you have to reflect on your inner well-being every day? Only if you want to feel good, strong and stable about who you are. If you want to feel blown away by the opinions of others and weighed down by comparisons with others, then by all means keep doing what you’re doing right now. But if you want to transform into a more powerful version of yourself and discover how to access the place that is not always blown away by every thought and every emotion, then you have to act.”

Inner work nourishes your soul

Inner work is just that: work. The problem is that most people have a negative association with the word work. When we think of work, we often think of boredom and drudgery, of something we have to go through to get to where we really want to be. We think of the endless hours we spent in the classroom or at our desks until we were finally allowed to go home. But real work – work that nourishes your soul – is actually more play. Real work may be more challenging, like raking a mountain of leaves, but it gives you a sense of fulfillment, inspiration and satisfaction.

Rediscover hidden diamonds in yourself

Part of the resistance people feel about having to commit to daily activities comes from thinking it’s monotonous. But it doesn’t have to be. For me and thousands of other people working on yourself feels more like an adventure and a process of discovery, a journey through the labyrinth of the Self that contains hidden paths and mysterious caves.

Guided by the light of curiosity, we illuminate the sparks of insight that help us piece together the pieces of our inner puzzle, as we begin to give meaning to our lives and rediscover the hidden diamonds of self-confidence that await us in the dark caverns of us. Self.

If you want to discover how to access the place that is not always blown away by every thought and every emotion, then you have to act.


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