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Suicide from a soul perspective

I once consulted a woman who saw on my website that I had written a book on suicide: Suicide in the Light of the Soul . She was left with questions about this in connection with her wish to end her life. she wanted to know if she would be punished; whether she would end up in a dark place and whether she would get help from her guides if she decided to end her life, which she said was a complete failure and worthless. She was aware of the existence of a soul plan, but it could be stolen from her. She was furious with her guides and soul and thought it was a shame that they had forced this life on her.

During the consultation it was made clear to me by her guides that it was absolutely not the intention of her soul to end this life, especially since she was now at a turning point and still had an important mission to fulfill. I told her that her free will was respected, but that if she really wasn’t meant to be, she shouldn’t expect assisted suicide and would rather be opposed. But if the soul itself decided that there was no point in continuing, then help would be there.
And, I told her, you will always be received in love after you die, whatever you have done, but the question is whether you can see and feel this.You can sometimes find yourself temporarily in a dark atmosphere through your own actions, for example if you expect this to happen and are still obsessed with emotions such as anger and resentment, or guilt and shame. But you don’t have to stay there long if you still accept the help that is constantly there for you in the form of your guideswho wait patiently for you. However, in the event that the suicide was not the intention, you could very much regret your act afterwards, because you have broken down a valuable plan in which a lot of preparation and energy went into it. After all, as a soul, after your death you usually quickly remember why you chose this life plan. But you can also feel guilty towards the people who love you and who wonder in despair what they could have done to prevent this.

Do you experience fear and do you have trouble staying with yourself? These practical tips can help you.

Heavy life plan

Why would you as a soul actually choose a life planthat is so heavy that there is a chance that you will drop out prematurely? You do this because you know that it offers you the opportunity to clear up as quickly as possible what is still holding you back from manifesting your talents and qualities through an earthly personality. This often involves traumas from past lives that are reactivated in this life by events and circumstances in your youth. As a result, you are challenged to develop courage, endurance, strength and discipline, but also forgiveness and love for yourself.

By the way, your guides will never let you go if they judge you can’t handle it. But often you seem to underestimate your own strength and it is difficult for you to step out of the victim role. In some cases suicide can be part of thesoul planwhich is included as an option in a very heavy life plan. It is not preferable, but may be necessary in some cases when one is completely stuck, or when one has to suffer from a hopeless situation, that it is better to end one’s life, even if it was not originally intended.

There is no judgment about whether or not your plan “fails” because everything contributes to the growth of the soul and suicide is also an experience that you learn from. However, in a next life you will probably have to take on those challenges that you have not been able to deal with in this life, or that you did not get to because of the premature end. Hopefully next time you will succeed in what you set out to do.. I will not go into that now (see my book for that) , but in the vast majority of cases suicide is rather an escape option .If you as a soul have already taken your own life many times when it became too difficult,creation

But if you do manage to keep your spirits up through all the difficulties and remain open to the meaning of your suffering and the help that is available, then you will return home greatly enriched and in the next life you will be able to reap the fruits of your suffering. your efforts and courage. Either way, it takes incredible courage to make such a tough life plan for yourself and risk getting stuck in it.

So never judge yourself if you can’t handle it; be gentle with yourself and loving and remain open to help. If you can do that, you will greatly contribute to the healing and growth of your soul and your life will also provide an extremely valuable learning process for those around you, whether or not you choose to commit suicide.If you do choose to commit suicide, then hopefully there will come a time when you don’t have to end in a nasty way, but in a more gentle way, through euthanasia.


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