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Super moons autumn 2016 – Manuela van der Knaap

Super moons and stuff…

As promised, I checked the horoscopes for the new and full Moon of November. Pffff what a tough month, but so essential in clarifying the sabotaging facets/situations in us and in the other. This is what matters so that we can all manifest our dream. Read in this article about the Supermoons of October, November and December 2016.

In November 2016 we will see the largest Supermoon in 70 years. You can read more about the energetic structure of this Supermoon in this article.

The new moon on October 30, 2016 has set a movement in motion. Bringing in new information, as it were. It’s about transforming who we are. To really be who you are, with what you need to exist in the here and now in love (black Moon in Scorpio conjunct sun, moon, Mercury). We can only get there if we let go of our interests and let it be what it is. So we can see the situation for what it is, see that other person for who he or she is.

live in love?

Venus in Sagittarius, our heart, likes to see things differently and has great inspiration and ideas that we can flow into, but the reality is often very different. (North Node in Virgo square Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius). The heart seeks a way to live in love and to surround yourself with people with whom you can share that love, softness and inspiration.

Only to then encounter a hard piece of yourself, because something or someone is standing in your way and making you desperate, luring you out of the tent and making you furious. (Feelable on the diaphragm as a pavement. This is the passage through which the God Spark enters the matrix and the center of the universal heart in us. Here space wants to be made or while being cleared.)

Illusion or reality

The new Moon on October 30 has started this movement. I and the people around me are constantly faced with situations in which ideas run differently and we have to limit the flow of ideas from the heart.

And thus design in a way that serves you. Where we have no interest in seeing our fairy tale (South Node in Pisces conjunct Neptune) for what it is and may remove the sting of illusion, so that our inspiration from the heart also gets real formative power. Or it is tested against reality and simply needs to be given a different shape.


And that is only possible if the situation is allowed to be as it is and the other person does not have to continue to play his ‘role’ in your ‘fairy tale’‘. (Black Moon in Scorpio). Then we let go and we can come to new situations. With respect for who you are and who the other is. (sun conjunct black moon) Everything may be what it is. What doesn’t work for you, then flows on to a new situation that is nourishing. That’s the power of cosmic octave of Scorpio.


The full Moon of November 14, 2016 is also a Supermoon and even the largest supermoon of this century. We speak of a Supermoon when it is visible extra large, because it is closest to Earth. The Moon has a major influence on the water on Earth, as can be seen during ebb and flow.

We humans also consist for the most part of water and such a Supermoon therefore has quite a bit of impact on us and releases emotions even more than with an ordinary full Moon and thus intensifies the current situations. The full moon in December is also a Supermoon.

Confusion about black moon

We also have two new Moons in November. Sun and Moon are then together, start a new cycle and bring a new theme to the earth. So in November there is an extra lot of activation and homework.

This phenomenon is also known as a ‘black moon’. Not to be confused with the Black Moon I work with in astrology and write about above; The Black Moon in Scorpio. This black Moon is a calculated point in the sky and shows the influx of cosmic energy from Source.

The core of November

The new Moon of October 30, 2016 makes the pain of the heart feel like this and the need to be allowed to shape who you are Essentially and to do this from love and the heart. The full Moon in Scorpio (sun) – Cancer (moon) on November 14, 2016 makes you feel even more clearly that you MUST BE who you are. It is what it is.

It’s been feeling like some kind of identity crisis all month. Not knowing how then! What is, what isn’t. Not forwards and not backwards. All we can do is flow along and let go of our interests, the interests of the little ego. (Sun conjunct black Moon in Scorpio sextile Pluto conjunct Diamond in Capricorn and trine Chiron in Pisces).

Collective Identity Crisis

On a collective level in the world, I expect strange situations to arise (US elections=identity crisis???), which open new avenues for the collective. The old can no longer go on, the goats are separated from the goats and no one knows how to proceed. The new will have to arise in the moment, hopefully by letting go and allowing the new to arise.


This November Supermoon is an anchoring of new layers of consciousness in the human being and in the ego. Perhaps you, like me, have felt the new frequencies being vibrated in the heart and the rest of the body. Strange chills, being tired and sleeping strangely or being unable to sleep at all for no reason or worrying. As I have experienced it are new frequencies seeking their integration. Please give them space to integrate in peace. In doing so, you serve yourself and the collective.

Manuela has a graduate background in psychological astrology. Her current work is focused on bringing awareness and growth to wholeness and unity in man. If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the workings and possibilities of the cosmic horoscope, discover your own personal path or if you want to receive other articles from Manuela, please visit


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