Surf the waves of life with the GOLF philosophy (part 1)

Surf the waves of life with the GOLF philosophy (part 1)

The GOLF philosophy is my personal life philosophy. I have used this philosophy since my burnout and it helps me to live more naturally. The word GOLF primarily refers to the waves in the ocean, but each of the letters is also an abbreviation. G stands for Tides, O stands for Abundance, L stands for Love, F stands for Flow.

It is my mission to bring as many people as possible into contact with their true selves and to let them live from the essence. That’s why I decided to no longer keep this philosophy exclusively for the participants of my surf trips , but to share it with everyone. Here is part 1 of the GOLF philosophy:


Like the waves in the ocean, life consists of ups and downs, of peaks and valleys. From moments when you are gaining momentum versus moments when nothing is flowing. Surfing the waves of life brings challenges, of which I’ll share the three main ones here:

1. Select the right waves

You can’t surf every wave at once, you’ll get exhausted. It is therefore not surprising that in our multitasking society so many people become exhausted. A surfer knows exactly how to select the right waves and rests in between. Focus and give your energy only to things and people that really matter.

Surf the waves of life with the GOLF philosophy (part 1)

2. Without action, the wave will pass you

We all have many plans and dreams, but if you don’t act to make them happen, simply NOTHING will happen. If a surfer does not start paddling – as soon as he sees a wave – he will not be taken by the wave and therefore cannot surf on it. The misconception surrounding the law of attraction is that things will come your way if you believe them hard enough. However, I can visualize as much as I want to be a good surfer, if I don’t step into the sea to practice effectively then I will never become a good surfer.

3. Don’t get attached to the wave you’re on

As fast as waves rise, they disappear again. Burnout taught me that many things in life are temporary. The more attached you are to something, such as a job, the more painful it will be to let it go. In life, you have nothing under control except your own perception. Without attachment, you are much freer and more flexible to adjust yourself along the way. Because if one wave stops, it means that the next one is already on its way.


Emotions also consist of peaks and valleys, just like waves. There are many conflicting reports about dealing with (mainly negative) emotions. Feel free to choose the vision that suits you best.

Surf the waves of life with the GOLF philosophy (part 1)

Experience teaches me that a so-called negative emotion (an emotion that you experience as ‘difficult’) always has a function. You can compare it to a shark’s fin sticking out above the water’s surface. It serves to warn you. Just as people prefer not to be confronted with negative emotions, surfers prefer not to be confronted with sharks, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

When you notice an emotion and then ignore it, that would be like noticing the fin, but not the shark. Ignoring negative emotions results in bottling them up and that always has harmful consequences for your body.

When you notice an emotion and then become completely absorbed in the story your thoughts are telling you about the cause of this emotion (“I am furious because person X said that about me. Who does he think he is, he should look at themselves, because…”) is comparable to letting yourself be voluntarily crushed by the shark.

What do you do if you see a shark fin in the water? You notice it consciously, try to stay calm (and keep breathing), and get yourself to safety. That’s actually exactly what to do when you notice a negative emotion.

Consciously direct your attention to the place in your body where you feel the emotion (with this you say: ‘I noticed you’) and keep breathing calmly. When you remain present in the here-and-now during this process, you are always safe. You will notice that the emotion may initially intensify and then fade away. Just like a wave that capsizes and turns to foam when it reaches its peak.



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