Top 5 Surprising Reasons Why Men Cheat

Surprising Reasons Why Men Cheat

That people cheat is not news. About 25-33% of the Dutch say they have cheated on them.

Although many people disapprove of it, it does happen and the reasons often remain unknown.

But our men ! Why would men cheat?!

There are several reasons for this. Some you see coming, others seem less logical…

  • Here are the top 5 Surprising Reasons Why Men Cheat or why men do it, and ways you can make sure your loved one doesn’t ‘eat out’ but continues to enjoy sweets with you.


Working a lot, busy day, eating (together) quickly and hanging out on the couch in the evening. The interest in – and attention for each other is slowly diluting.

He loves you for sure. But that tension. The fireworks that started it all. Those nauseating butterflies in his stomach.

They are all in sleep mode. Just like your relationship. He is looking for excitement and sensation but does not find it at home anymore.

And yes, some men end up in situations where it is available.

In the pub, for example, with a lot of watery gold in his belly. There his boundaries of what is acceptable are being shifted further and further.

You see it coming… He’s slipping!

Although it was definitely not his intention, it did happen.

Can he do something about it? Yes of course. But it’s not just your drowsy relationship that’s causing it.

Sometimes you can take the beast out of the party but not the party out of the beast…

Fortunately, there is a bright spot on the horizon!


1: Let him hunt you

We’ve known for a long time that men like to hunt.

He wants to be that strong lion who with a loud roar scares all the other lions away and adorns that wanted lioness. That is in his nature.

When he has that perfect wife (that is you!) the game is over… The hunt is over, the loot is in.

Surprising Reasons Why Men Cheat

You think you’re in the perfect situation and he, yes, he can get bored.

So keep it exciting! Don’t surrender to him too easily and play that shy antelope on the steppe every now and then.

Make him work for you! It’s all in the game…

  • Be independent – ​​he will have to do his best to take care of you.
  • Do things without him – does he want your time? Then he will have to show his best side.
  • Put on a daring, sexy outfit – whistling construction workers and all ;).


2: How to be the perfect woman

Biology states that men want as many women as possible in order to increase their chances of offspring.

That’s not such a bad idea when you consider that a woman is stuck with a baby in her belly for nine months. In all that time, no more children are being worked on…

The more different women, the more children a man can father in that time.

So he wants to sow.

Surprising Reasons Why Men Cheat

Fortunately, our men like a challenge . So make him want you so badly that he can resist other women.

Because there are other women. Make it clear to him (subtly) that you are that one most amazing woman . And the only one he wants a baby with.

How can you do that?

  • Take care of yourself – if you can’t take good care of yourself, how can you raise a child?
  • Be kind but fair – don’t make unrealistic demands on your husband. Also, reward him with compliments when he does something you ask of him. For example, folding the toilet seat down by itself.
  • You are not only a mother but also the nicest woman – your relationship is not just about having children. You are, besides the nicest mom, also the most interesting / pleasant / sweet woman.

3: Pay Attention

We all want to be appreciated. Someone who tells us how wonderful we are.

Let it be the case that in most relationships, at some point, some ruts can set in. You still think it’s fantastic but the novelty has worn off.

You know its most positive sides and its lesser. But that new colleague of his, she doesn’t know anything yet. And she shows a lot of interest.

They have nice conversations and he feels a connection with her. Or that interested woman at the bar.

She who looks at him with shining eyes and wants to know everything about him.

What attention!

Surprising Reasons Why Men Cheat

He enjoys it to the fullest and feels seen again.

This attention may cause him to notice that the interest and attention between you has diminished somewhat.

Here’s how you can make him feel more appreciated:

  • Take it to a new place – discovering new places together provides new impulses and new topics for discussion.
  • Show interest – when’s the last time you actually asked him how he’s feeling? Or what he would like to do/achieve in his life? What are dreams he still has?
  • Give him your full attention – the dishes are done. Children are in bed. Don’t watch TV together this evening. Grab the massage oil and give him that well-deserved comprehensive full-body massage.
  • Have sex in a crazy place – you may have been living together for a long time but have you ever put it on the washing machine? Or in the shed? Lure him to some crazy place and have some heated sex.

(what you give is what you get: there is a good chance that he will also give you more attention!)


4: Create tension in bed Surprising Reasons Why Men Cheat

By now you have had the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, side table and the back seat of the car.

You know exactly when to stop to delay his orgasm and he knows every sensitive part of your body.

That one mole on his left buttock is so familiar to you that it almost feels like it’s part of your own body.

Surprising Reasons Why Men Cheat

Yes, the sex is great because you two know each other inside out. But exciting sex? It’s been a while…

  • Treat yourself – shop that beautiful (overpriced) new lingerie. This makes you feel sexier, which makes you irresistible to him!
  • Exercise – exercise produces testosterone. You need testosterone to get excited. A nice side effect: by having sex you make more testosterone again. Sex makes for more sex!
  • Break the rut – you usually have sex on Sunday evenings. Always about the same tune. Time for change! Challenge him in a crazy place on an unexpected day. And this time not what you always do but try a new position. Even if it isn’t the hottest thing right away, it does provide a lot of fun.


The secret 5th tip: masculinity vs femininity

Perhaps you have already been able to discover it a bit in the first 4 tips.

A successful relationship has two important ingredients:

Now for that sexual attraction it is not only necessary to do the things you read above, it is at least as important that he really feels like a man and of course that you really feel like a woman.

Today, women also have careers and are independent. We don’t really need that man, however nice he is .

However, a man only really feels like a top man if he can do things for you that you cannot do yourself. If he can be the leader and notice that you need and appreciate that.

The opposite, you take the lead, is actually killing for the attraction.

Surprising Reasons Why Men Cheat

Think of that attraction as two opposite poles that attract each other: masculinity vs femininity. When you take on a more masculine role yourself, you get two equal poles. And they repel each other.

Although a roleplay in bed is never wrong every now and then.

  • Ask him to make choices where you would do that differently. “Honey I can’t choose, what do you think is the best/tastiest/smartest?”
  • Leave the crafts around the house to him. There is nothing more sexy for a man than a woman asking if he can replace a light bulb.
  • When something needs to be done and he doesn’t take any action, instead of you dominating him, put it down as a problem he needs to solve and you need his leadership in it. You will be surprised what happens then!

In short: even though some men cheat, with the above tips you can get started to prevent it.


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