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Surrender to your greatest life: follow your own unique compass

The voice of your soul
You are a unique and beautiful being, fully equipped to live your life to the fullest. You have a personality that helps you to experience in this world what you want to experience and you have a soul that gently guides you on your path in your life. If all goes well, both are aligned. Your soul leads the way and your personality can manifest in the world what you once decided to do.

Everyone has their own life path that you follow. That path sometimes leads through a beautiful and rich landscape. You enjoy every step you take. Your life is a party where you are having a great time. Sometimes your path also runs through inhospitable regions. It feels like you’re just struggling to take a step forward. You are challenged to walk through and enjoy this challenge in your own way. And there are always pitfalls left and right next to the path. It seems like you only take a small step aside, but suddenly you are completely off your path.

When you follow your unique life path and want to do it in the greatest possible way, it is important to learn to understand the voice of your soul. Sometimes your path may be narrow, but at the same time clear and clear. You see the pitfalls to the left and right of your path and you know how to avoid them. Sometimes the path is almost impossible to see, there is, as it were, sand all over it, so that you cannot always avoid ending up next to it. Your soul shows you the right way. It’s just hard to always rely on that.

Your compass at moments of choice

You know that feeling? That you are faced with a moment of choice and do not know whether you should go left or right? Or that you know that you are not doing what really suits you in life, but you also don’t know what it should be? That you feel somewhere that you are not quite walking on your own path, but also do not know where to look for that path? You know somewhere that the answer is in you, but where? Should you listen to your head, or to your gut? Should you do what feels most comfortable, or should you look for the challenge? What a stress that can cause.follow your own unique compass

Without us always being aware of it, we all have a beautiful built-in compass that always tells us if we are aligned with our soul in our lives. Your inner compass translates the whispers of your soul through your intuition into the steps you can take. Follow that inner compass of yours. That always leads to where you want to be. Really like to be. Maybe not always in the form you can imagine now, but in the feeling and desire that lies underneath.

Follow the Yes

I always recognize my inner compass by the Yes I feel when life throws something at my feet. Whether that’s an opportunity that presents itself, or an inner impulse. Sometimes it’s big, like when I felt the yes to start working as a self-employed person. Sometimes it seems small, like an invitation to do something fun, or just plain saying something out loud that comes to mind. But no matter how big or small, the Yes I feel always leads me to unexpected, but rich experiences.

Everyone has such a Yes. That one comes up first. That can be in the form of a tickle, or a laugh, or a gut feeling, a sudden sense of inner space, or suddenly a quiet certainty, or whatever. The trick is to learn to understand your own Yes. To feel him, to recognize him and then to have the guts and determination to follow him. Because it seems so easy, but you will find that following your inner compass takes courage.

You may have decisions to make that you have never had to make before. You may come to a part of your path where you feel that you have to turn everything upside down in your life. You may come to a part of your path where you have to show yourself completely in all your vulnerability. Or where you can encounter judgments from others. Or even where you have to leave people behind because they simply don’t walk in the same direction as you anymore.

It doesn’t have to be big right away

That always starts with the small, apparently insignificant, moments of choice. The moments when you don’t accept the invitation because you should be doing other things. The moments when you do not send the mail because you are afraid that your words will not be understood properly. The moments when you actually want to speak out, but prefer to be quiet. The moments when you make the expectations of others more important than your own desires.

Then you will find that after that first Yes you are immediately overloaded with reasons why the Yes should be a No. It is not possible, is not convenient now, does not work, is probably disappointing, would be a bit weird, I can’t make it, suddenly doesn’t feel right anymore. And before you know it you have forgotten that first Yes and you no longer hear the voice of your soul. Then the scared part of your personality simply shouts louder and you stay where you are.

And that’s not a bad thing. That doesn’t make you any less of a person. The vast majority of the human population would rather listen to the louder voice of the frightened part of his or her personality than to the whispers of the soul. Many people are very satisfied with that. That’s fine. But if you’ve read this far, I’m assuming you want something different with your life. That you long for your greatest life. That you hear the whispers of your soul somewhere and want to learn to understand the words. Is it right?

Experiment with your Yes

So start following that Yes. Start by saying yes yourself. Follow that inner compass of yours that tells you that you want to. That it feels spacious to say yes. That although it is exciting and scary, you feel that there is freedom behind the choice and that the adventure lures you. Start experimenting where your Yes takes you. Just watch what happens. You don’t have to be able to see the path completely, just look at the next step and say yes to it wholeheartedly.

Once you’ve decided to follow your compass, it’s important to be consistent. Not to filter. This Yes yes and this but not, will really not help you any further. You really don’t have to do it all at once. You don’t have to take giant steps. You can take your time when there are big moments of choice. Following your own compass isn’t about forcing a path, it’s about taking small steps to get somewhere you never dreamed of. This is only possible if you actually take every step. When you really just follow every Yes. When you give life the chance to show you how the step can be taken. First the Yes, then the How.Surrender to your greatest life: follow your own unique compass

Release the How

If the Yes really suits you, then the Hoe will follow. Maybe not right away, or maybe not right away in the way that feels easy. Following your own compass does not guarantee that you will never encounter difficulties again. When you’re just starting to listen to your inner whispers, there’s even a sort of guarantee that you’re going to run into discomfort. At least you’re going to do new things. If that had been easy, you would have done it by now. It will sometimes be tears, hurts, frustrating and difficult. But trust me, it’s worth it.

Your compass leads you directly to your core. To your own energy vibration. To the life that really suits you in total freedom. Where you are the fish in the water, the wolf in the wasteland, the eagle in the sky, the deer in the forest. It brings you into life where you feel at home, where you feel free inside, where you feel that you are living exactly what your intention is. That brings genuine joy into your life. This ensures that you can eventually stand in your life effortlessly. That you can be your greatest energy.

So just follow that beautiful compass. Follow your Yes, your heart, your intuition, your soul. Take yourself as the starting point for everything you do. If it feels good, give it space. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Choose to radically allow what suits you. No exceptions, don’t backtrack if it feels uncomfortable, or if you don’t see how it’s going to take shape yet.

Let life do its work and just cooperate.


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