Sustainability & well-being: do you want to live more sustainably? (+ 5 tips)

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If we look at some high-profile themes from last year, climate youth , plastic soup and burnout are certainly among them. It therefore comes as no surprise that the trends for 2020 offer an answer to this! Let’s discover together what will be this year’s highlights!

Sustainability and well-being

1. More sustainable packaging

Recent years have set the tone for a major shift in our consumption behaviour. The rise of the coffee mugs “on the go” or the reusable water bottles are some of the trends that we now consider normal. However, since the images of tons of plastic in our oceans went around the world, we got a real wake-up call. Young and old started spontaneously with actions to clear beaches of litter.

Quite quickly a few large department stores picked up on this to take their share of responsibility to heart. For example, plastic packaging made way for reusable nets and paper carrier bags came back into the picture. The bulk stores are also popular! Especially useful if you need a small amount of dry fruits, grains or seeds. Less waste and because you take care of the packaging yourself, better for our planet.

Tips: Reuse your bread bags or other packaging where possible. You can turn a scarf or tea towel into an original gift box! You can also find sustainable solutions for shampoo: the shampoo bars . Looking for zero-waste inspiration? Click here for extra great tips!

2. Consume ethically, socially and environmentally consciously

The world of fast fashion unleashes new collections on us every month. The big chains often go for budget-friendly fashion. However, cheap means that the conditions under which these clothes are produced are not always ethical and sustainable.

After years of raising awareness, we are starting to notice a shift in our purchasing behaviour, also when it comes to fashion. Where previously thrift and second-hand shops were less hip, there are now apps where you can buy or sell stuff for a low price. But there are other options to buy sustainably!

Capsule Collections

Are you looking for an alternative to an overcrowded wardrobe? Get rid of the idea that you have nothing to wear. Go for basics that you can mix and match. This trend is certainly not new, yet the more committed brands choose to play this trump card. With Capsule Collections they aim for a limited number of stylish garments. They are the basics of your wardrobe and are easy to combine. Result: from an overstuffed dressing you go to some good basics for stylish outfits. Less is more!

Giving back

Another aspect in which these committed entrepreneurs distinguish themselves is reinvesting in the form of Give Back campaigns. The Spanish brand TwoThird is a good example of conscious fashion. In addition to their comfy look with natural materials, they reinvest part of the proceeds in planting new trees. Spiritual Gangster from Arizona (US) believes in the power of her tribe . With catchy slogans such as Raise Your Vibration, Love is Love etc. they are a hip and trendy collective in America. In addition to making affordable and super fun yoga and sportswear, they donate a fixed percentage of their sales to Feeding America. It pays to choose brands that are committed to the well-being of people and our planet!

Natural and recycled materials

In addition to linen and organic cotton, jute, cork and bamboo are back again. A newcomer to the world of vegan fashion are the banana and pineapple plants. Artificial leather is made from the fibers of these plants. A super stylish look without animal suffering, it’s possible! Recycled materials are also very popular! Just think of PET bottles and jeans, a combination that can be found in the manufacture of fabrics for interior decoration. It is impressive what sustainable solutions are possible. More information about sustainable materials can be found here .

Reduce consumption

3. Vegetable

After watching the movie The Game Changer on Netflix, my partner and I decided to test a vegan lifestyle for 4 weeks. It requires quite a shift in mind. If you want to try it out, I advise you to insert a transition period. But the result is certain. I feel less tired, lost a few stubborn pounds and suffer less from asthma. To eat a balanced diet as a vegan, you will need to eat more than just vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. Especially the proteins you need every day, you can get from vegetable sources. Examples are chickpea flour and pastes made from lentils or snow peas, which offer an alternative to grain products.

Of all the new products I’ve tasted during that time, a whole-wheat spread enriched with CDB, a product derived from cannabis, is my top favorite. We are already familiar with hemp oil and other products enriched with hemp. These have opened the way to other derivatives of the cannabis plant. You can find a cannabis-based product for almost all possible applications – internally and externally. From adding CBD to your coffee to taking capsules to promote a better night’s sleep, it seems like a CDB wave is about to blow over to us!

Personally, I recommend that you use these products and new eating habits with some caution. Just because it’s hip and trendy doesn’t mean it’s the answer to every ailment. When in doubt, it is best to consult a recognized expert.

4. Equanimity

Imagine a world where we can be more tolerant of ourselves and others. Easier said than done. Yet there is a technique, originating from Buddhism, that teaches us how to approach this: equanimity . It stands for equanimity. In short, maintaining your serenity in stressful situations, keeping inner peace.

Equanimity is having the inner smoothness of a ninja. -Jeff Warren

In a MasterClass from Calm, Jeff Warren likens equanimity to a hurricane. It is calm in the eye of the storm. However, when you get carried away by the power and severity of a situation, immersed in the mental and emotional vortex, it’s easy to lose control of the situation. Equanimity is a mature, respectful and generous attitude in which you view yourself, your loved ones as well as society without judgement. You observe, without getting yourself caught up in this situation.

What I experience as a stress & burnout coach is that our emotional and mental well-being needs techniques that teach us to deal with things that are beyond our control. How often do we get annoyed by the statements, reactions or actions of others? These annoyances can be the cause of a lot of tension in your life. You cannot change others, but you can determine how  your response will be.

5. Social self care

Recently, I read an article that called self-care ‘shit’. I had to pull out my equanimity skill to keep from getting lost in an emotional reaction 😊. You will find plenty of tips for your mind, body & soul. However, when it comes to taking care of your emotional and social well-being, the valuable tips become scarcer.

A big misconception about self-care is that it’s all about pampering yourself, taking time for yourself, etc. Even though these moments contribute to your well-being and are necessary, it doesn’t mean that you become selfish. Just because you put your well-being first doesn’t make you insensitive to the needs of others! This was the main concern of the author of this article.

Yet many people feel lonely, even if they have a family or relationship. Social self-care teaches you how to make meaningful contacts. It is, as it were, your soft pillow, which you can fall back on when you don’t want to be alone for a while. Me-time then makes way for we-time .

As the inspirers of Shine so beautifully express in their “ A note from our founders”

At Shine, we believe community care is the future of self-care.

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