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Synchronicity and the art of divination such as I-Ching, the meaning of numbers, astrology and predictive dreams.

Synchronicity and divination techniques such as I-ching

Divination Techniques[1] can be seen as a way to access the subconscious and the larger connection between everything in and around us. Thus, they are a way of perceiving synchronicity in our lives.

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The origin of I Ching as one of the divination techniques as we know it today can be traced back to Confucius, a famous thinker and philosopher from ancient China. Confucianism, which has long been the dominant political doctrine in China, finds its inspiration in Confucius text collections called the five classics, one of which is I Ching (or I Ching), ‘the Book of Changes’ (see note at the bottom of this article).

The technique of the I Ching oracle has changed over the centuries from a simple oracle technique with questions about the future that could be answered yes or no, to a book of advice that indicates the right course of action. One starts from the basic idea of ​​the course of things, the One in all the many . Everything is interconnected and movements in the macrocosm also influence movements in the microcosm.

The thrown hexagram provides an overview of movements in the macrocosm (the course of things) and in the microcosm (the development of the questioner). When one has this overview, the answers provide information about what to do to be in harmony with the times. ‘To this end, the questioner must have a clear and calm mind, receptive to the cosmic influences hidden in the simple oracle technique, which is connected with the sources of life’ (1).

In fact, all divination techniques are based on this rationale. By consulting an oracle, whether it be I Ching, tarot or any other oracle reading, one gives the unconscious the opportunity to give a message, assuming that all is one and one is part of the One (a premise of synchronicity) . An oracle does not predict the future, but provides deeper insight into the course of things. Synchronicity is thus experienced in the sudden glimpses of the universal connectedness behind everything around us.

Those who live close to their own being have better access to these cosmic influences and thus better discover the right direction in which history is moving. These statements therefore do not make concrete predictions. What will happen remains highly dependent on what the questioner does or can do with the outcome.

Synchronicity and Numbers

In addition to images and symbols, divination techniques are almost always based on numbers. Tarot cards, I Ching hexagrams or other ‘oracle’ cards very often have numbers or numbers in them. How come?

Traditionally, numbers have a symbolic and sacred value, with or without an archetypal basis. Also in our Western thinking some numbers have a symbolic, qualitative value; for example, in Christianity the number 3 is associated with the holy trinity (father, son, holy spirit).

Numbers used to be seen as cosmic divine principles that would form the basic shape of the universe. They were gods and deities. In the ancient Mayan culture, the name of a God always had a number. It is only in our Western thinking that man made the number a product of the human mind and placed the Deity outside it. But man is not the inventor of numbers!

‘The big mistake is that (Western) man equated counting as a helping quantity and as a construction of the human mind with numbers that stand alone’ (2). A good example is the following: suppose you have a pile of stones of which it has been established with statistical certainty that a stone has an average volume of three cubic centimeters.

How many individual stones are there that are exactly this size? Barley. The statistical truth is soon an abstraction of our minds, but the actual reality is quite different.

Numbers within synchronistic thinking have a qualitative meaning with their own symbolic, often sacred value. In our present time we have lost this knowledge and our connection with it.

I find research that has been done into fairy tales (2) fascinating. In this one can predict the course of the fairy tale in the appearance of numbers of persons, male and female and the activated archetypes. By counting one could therefore predict the course of the story! This immediately explains the origin of our Dutch word ‘tell’ (in German erzählen).

For example: the number four stands for completeness and so many fairy tales are about foursomes or multiples thereof, such as Cinderella, the wolf and the seven little goats, snow white and the seven dwarfs. And if the foursome is female, one can almost certainly assume that the male element will be sought, as in the fairy tale of Cinderella .

Synchronicity and Astrology

Much has been written and researched about synchronicity in relation to astrology. The two concepts are inextricably linked. The most common explanation of astrology is the following: astrology and astrological consultations are based on the connection between the position of the planets and the inner self of man.

This view of astrology descends from Hermes Trismegistus. He is best known for his premise: ‘as(as) above, so (also) below’, referring to the equation of heaven and earth, of the macrocosm and the microcosm.

The influence on us of planets and stars does not exist in a causal sense, there is no connection between cause and effect. That is also the reason that astrology is not taken seriously by Western science. An effect without a cause is not scientific and therefore not true. However, if one starts from the premise that phenomena outside man also have repercussions within man, one can say that the movement or position of planets (or phenomena) in the cosmos reflect in the individual or in earthly matters.

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A person is born under a certain star that is a blueprint of his possibilities in life and also in which area of ​​​​life it can become difficult, depending on how he develops and what choices he makes. In this sense, an astrologer can see broad outlines in a person’s life from the position of stars and planets. This looks like forecasting, but strictly speaking it is not. Just as planets have to stay in their orbits (otherwise things will get messy up there), so should an individual. If someone leaves his job, he becomes unhappy. Those who make choices that are not in line with their blueprint often feel unfulfilled.

Synchronicity and Predictive Dreams

In the past, dreams were seen as messages from the gods and ascribed a predictive function to them. In all ancient cultures dreams were given great meaning. Several examples of this can also be found in the Bible, such as Jacob’s dream and his fight with God (Gen.32,23-33).

Dreams are generally seen in the esoteric angle as a connection between the conscious and the unconscious. Jung (3) linked the concept of ‘collective unconscious’ to this. All the experiences of all generations before us are still there, often wrapped in archetypes or archetypal images and accessible to us through dreams. The coincidence of our current psychological state (consciously or unconsciously) with dreams in which the same message is expressed is synchronicity.

I now know from my own experience and from stories from others that dreams often provide information in a symbolic way that expresses the current situation. Dreams can contain information about the (possible) future and obstacles on the way. It is good to realize that dreams speak to us in a symbolic or image language or in metaphors from the soul and that one should guard against the ego making a wrong mental interpretation of it.


I believe that your awareness of synchronicity can help expand your subconscious mind and act in a way that is in harmony with the times. That, if we are open to this, we will have easier access to this.


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