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Synchronicity in everyday life

In the first two articles it is described that synchronicity provides a glimpse between apparently separate parts or events in life. There is an implicit order in the world around us. Things don’t just happen to us, they have meaning and you also play a part in them, whether consciously or visibly.

As humans, we have more access to the wealth of information swirling around us than we realize. The more aware and sensitive you become, the easier it is for you to access the subconscious and see the greater connection between everything in and around you. You become more aware of the reflection, the mirror outside you. This gives you more opportunities to interact with it.

Synchronicity in everyday life

Synchronicity as a mirror

In fact, everything around you is a mirror. For example, the type of work you do and your place in an organization. Very often I have noticed the parallel between a person’s childhood experiences and the place within the family system and the task, role and place that a person occupies within his work. For example, someone who learned to be invisible in his youth and who has a role within his work that is also invisible or where you have little influence.

The apparent lack of synchronicity where you would expect it can be telling. For example, if someone could have a caring profession according to his astrological blueprint, but he doesn’t have one. How is it that someone is not in step with their potential? This can be a reason for self-examination and adjustment.

The people you come into contact with is a mirror for you. For myself, for example, people come to my practice who reflect the same themes as I am and have been working on myself. My clients are sometimes a mirror for me. They reflect in me what I have to offer and also what I have to learn. This applies to more service, counseling and caring professions.

Synchronicity and physical complaints

Based on the principle ‘as inside, so outside’ you can say that a physical complaint or illness can be a form of synchronicity. Our proverbs and sayings are full of it: having something on your liver (liver complaints), taking too much on your fork (back problems), having your stomach full (stomach ache), having too much on your head (headache ). Acidification and bitterness that can cause joint complaints, a bottomless desire that is compensated by continuing to eat to fill the barrel, and so on.

It is not always possible to immediately link health questions and problems, but the idea that an energy outside us that we create or maintain ourselves also has an impact on our physical health is very plausible. Note, this is different than that we would necessarily cause the disease! In that sense it is not meant to be a causal link, but see it as a mirror, a reflection of the energy around you.


Synchronicity as a direction indicator on your life path

Becoming aware of what is happening around you and how this can be a mirror for you can be very insightful on your life path. Especially in times of personal crisis, synchronicity phenomena are common or more noticeable (1).

Awareness of synchronicity in your life is one of the steps to self-actualization. Self-realization means living according to your calling, really being yourself, living from your pure heart, from your deepest Being. Self-realization is the same as wholeness. Healing or self-realization is the real task for each of us in this life; to get to our destination.

Synchronicity can provide clues on the path to your destination. Also with a detour if there is asynchrony, such as in times when everything is running smoothly. For example (2); give up efforts when they are utterly exhausting, when they are perceived by others as intrusive, when they feel forced, when we feel we have to go through a closed door, when efforts become less and less rewarding, when they are based on childhood beliefs , in short; if it doesn’t flow!

A series of synchronistic phenomena in your life can help you give meaning. Thus, the following sequences could be given the following meaning (2):

  • a series of losses are about ‘letting go’;
  • setbacks are about ‘take a step back’;
  • opportunities are about ‘grab’;
  • effortless change is about ‘being on the right track’;
  • embarrassing incidents are about ‘don’t blow your ego like that’;
  • teaching lessons are about ‘renounce attachment’;

But equally, for every meaning, we can also think of an opposite! The point is not that there is a recipe, but that you look at what the meaning of synchronistic phenomena in your life is for you.

Directional signs on the way to our destination can appear in the form of recurring images or dreams. On my way to my destination, this includes the image of the Ankh and recurring dreams with the same theme.

Some other indicators for synchronicity as a meaningful way to your destination could be (2):

  • sudden or spontaneous decisions we make, without knowing exactly why, and which turn out to be important later on.
  • an unusual set of circumstances, which later proves necessary or helpful.
  • a series of similar experiences that show us where we are one-sided and what we still need to work on.
  • the fact that we choose life partners who bring unprocessed problems from our childhood to the surface so that we can finish them.
  • the way in which a physical disability and/or an emotional trauma becomes a stepping stone to our task in life or the development of our talents.

In short: synchronicity provides insight about you and your path and therefore has everything to do with you. As a teacher once told me, ‘In the end you are everything yourself.’


The road to our destination is a journey that can take a lifetime and very often involves making courageous decisions. It contains stages in life that are sometimes beyond your mind or understanding, but they are meant to support you on your way. Understanding the stages of Joseph Campbell’s journey can be helpful here.

These phases are about feeling/hearing the call for change, first recoiling and then taking up the challenge, getting help along the way, being tested and after undergoing the trial by fire/initiation, return to the world where we share our past experiences. and talents to use.

Synchronicity as an indicator of important transformative experiences is profound and we will always remember. “They are anxiously well-timed links between a person’s inner crisis and his or her outer circumstances – which seem unrelated to it – that really change the life of the person concerned.” (1)

The biggest challenge in dealing with and connecting with synchronicity is probably in finding the balance between being attentive and not focusing at the same time. We cannot force or exorcise synchronicity. Noticing synchronicity and letting it become active requires letting go of beliefs and wishes and demands that come only from the ego. What’s happening in our lives? To allow this to arise and to be able to observe it requires letting go, surrender, trust and wonder.


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