9 Clever Tactics To Make A Man Jealous

Extremely Jealous

Datingland is chock full of wrong dating advice.

One of the most ineffective pieces of advice you read in many women’s magazines is this:

To make a man attracted to you, you have to make him jealous .

So sadly, many women are asking themselves with their hands in their hair:

how do you make a man jealous? Tactics To Make A Man Jealous

Today, dear reader, I’m going to teach you why making a man jealous doesn’t work.

If you want a loving relationship at least…

And of course you will also get tips in this article that do work to attract men and make them fall in love.

In this article you will discover…

  • Why making a man jealous on purpose is counterproductive (other dating coaches don’t tell you this)
  • 9 Handy Tips That Do Work to Get a Man’s Attention
  • A clever trick to make a man think of you…
  • How to make a man fall head over heels for you
  • And much more….

Tactics To Make A Man Jealous

Why jealousy is not an effective weapon


You’ve been dating a man for a while. Everything is going very well, until the gentleman suddenly becomes much less heard.

He hardly texts you and he is always “too busy” to meet you.

To still get his attention, use one of the seven deadly sins:


You post pictures on social media with other men on purpose. You deliberately let him know that you date other men as well.

And when you’re on a date with him, you can’t help but give the waiter a flirty wink.

Because making a man jealous on purpose works.

At least… if you are to believe mainstream dating advice .

Making him jealous will make him try harder and fear losing you. As a result, he gives you more attention…

A man then supposedly thinks:

“Oh shit. I’m not the only man she likes. She is apparently popular with other men. Hopefully I don’t lose her. I will do my best.”

But what he really thinks is this:

“Oh, she flirts with other men. Apparently she doesn’t like me enough. Then why should I do my best?”

Or what I see much more often:

“Um, does she really think I don’t see her playing games? I have no interest in this.”

A man with healthy self-esteem is indeed not interested in this at all.

So always remember this:

“Playing games attract players”

(Playing games actually attracts players).

The only men who like to play such games with you are the men you don’t want to attract.

Jealousy is a sneaky emotion that makes a man frustrated

If you make a man jealous on purpose, he sees it as an insult to himself rather than motivation to try harder.

In addition, you want to ask yourself this question:

Do you want a man to be attracted to you or do you want a man to be attracted because you made him jealous on purpose?

Making a man jealous is a manipulative and ineffective trick to get attention.


that’s not to say that a little jealousy can work in your favor…if you do it the right way .

What that way is and how to attract men without using manipulative tricks, you will learn in this article.

How to make a man jealous: 9 tips that do work

Let’s start right with the first tip.

Tip 1: Never use jealousy as a tactic

“So you’re saying there’s a ‘right’ way to make men jealous… what exactly is that way and why does it work?”

I’ll explain it to you with two examples.

This is Amber:

Amber tries to get Jeroen’s attention by making him jealous on purpose .

She flirts with others before his eyes, she looks at other men on purpose and she doesn’t hesitate to talk about the nice men she knows.

Jeroen gets irritated by this.   He has the feeling that Amber doesn’t like him enough, no matter how hard he tries.

Moreover, Jeroen does not feel respected by Amber’s flashy flirtations. While respect is just so important for men.

Out of frustration, he decides to end all contact with Amber.

Amber tried to achieve a positive outcome through negative games.

no bueno.

Now let’s take a look at Emilie:

Emilie is a beautiful woman who takes good care of herself. She knows how to flirt and how to playfully challenge men.

Furthermore, Emilie has a great life that others like to be a part of.

At the moment she is dating Glenn.

Knowing that Emilie is popular with other men and knowing she has such a great life, Glenn likes to be around her.

When he hears that she has been out with another man, he does become a bit jealous. After all, he doesn’t want to lose Emilie. He’s going to try harder.

Emilie focuses on making her own life great. Glenn’s jealousy is a result of that.

The big question now is:

why does jealousy work for Emilie and not for Amber?

The answer is here:

Making a man jealous on purpose doesn’t work.

And this is exactly what Amber did. She used jealousy as a tactic .

Emilie, on the other hand, wasn’t trying to make Glenn jealous herself. The jealousy Glenn felt was a side effect of the awesome life Emilie has.


if you are playful in contact, lead a fun life and are an awesome person then men want to be around you and fight for your attention.

But if you use jealousy as a trick on purpose, most men will get it right. They are allergic to it. It is one of the biggest turn- offs for men.


Jealousy as a side effect of an awesome life works well. Jealousy as a useful manipulative trick is not.


Tip 2: Ask yourself the big why question…

You want to get the attention of a man and you ask yourself:

How do you make a man jealous?

Then you focus very much on all kinds of tricks and phrases when looking for answers…

Only, what do you do when those tricks and phrases are gone?

So there is a better question to ask, which is this:

Why do I want to make a man jealous?

Many women want to make men jealous with the wrong intentions.

For instance:

  • They want to get a man’s attention because they are afraid of losing him.
  • They want to take revenge on a man.
  • They think jealousy is going to make him fall in love.

If these are your motives for making a man jealous, then there is an uncertain or negative cause.

You then use jealousy as a manipulative weapon. And as you learned in the previous tip, you know this doesn’t work.

However, there are also good reasons to arouse a little jealousy in a man:

  • To challenge him in a playful way.
  • To create a certain urgency (you also date other men).
  • To tease him a bit in a flirty way.

These reasons come from a much more positive place. Here you use jealousy in a mild way as a playful, flirtatious means.

It comes from the intention to have as much fun as possible together.

To create unforgettable moments and enjoy life together.

So check with yourself where the urge to make him jealous comes from within yourself.

Tip 3: Don’t play games but be honest

Here’s a great example of playing a game:

You want a man’s attention. He holds off the boat. You get annoyed by this and you say on purpose that you are meeting with another man this weekend.

There was no specific reason to tell him this.

You say this purely to make him jealous and to trigger him. This makes him pissed off and frustrated.

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So playing games to make a man jealous is something you don’t want to do.

What you do want to do is be honest .

For instance:

A guy asks you out for Friday night. You already have a date with another man on Friday night.

It’s totally fine to say this to him. Provided you do this because you think being honest is important and you want to share about your life.

The side effect is that this man can get a little jealous.

And remember:

jealousy as a side effect is fine, jealousy as a tactic is not.

So “how do you make a man jealous” is the wrong question to ask. It should always be a side effect.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you bring this news in a calm manner. If you see that he finds it annoying, you can talk about this. It can be the reason to, for example, start dating each other exclusively. So that you can investigate whether it can become something.

By the way, do you want to know more about why men get jealous?


Tip 4: Make him miss you

I guess I don’t have to explain anymore that making a man jealous on purpose doesn’t work, right?

But I understand…

Still, you’d like to get his attention. In the following tips you will therefore find effective ways to achieve this.

(Without manipulative tricks ).

Question for your reader:

Have you ever really missed a man?

Missed out so much that you thought about him constantly and wanted nothing more than to be around him?


Then you know all too well the power of absence to drive someone crazy about you.

We only really know what we’re missing when it’s gone for a while


it makes sense to give someone a lot of attention if you like them.

The problem, however, is that he can get used to that attention, which makes him try a little less…

Your behavior becomes predictable.

While excitement is precisely in the unpredictable. Into the mystery, the unknown and the adventure.

So if you are out of the picture for a while , he will only know what he is really missing. This will make him more inclined to contact you again.

Which of course doesn’t mean that you can’t let anyone hear from you or whatever!

No, you want him to long for you. Make him feel like he misses you. So you want to make a man crazy about you?

Then remember this:

How to make you miss him is a much better question than “How do you make a man jealous”.

But, how exactly do you do that… make a man miss you ?

Important Signs That Someone Is Leading You On

Tip 5: Don’t give him all the pieces of the pie at once…

Imagine dating your dream man.

And I really mean your prince on the white horse:

he is handsome, cute, funny, and intelligent.

This man has everything.

And such a man is addictive. Especially if he likes you too.

You make a lot of time for him, you text him every day and you can’t wait for the next date.

Very understandable of course… but not always effective. We see this pattern more often in women:

  • They meet a very nice man.
  • The interest is mutual.
  • They immediately give him all the attention purely because he shows interest.
  • Then Mr.’s attention wanes again.

This is because you gave him all the pieces of the pie too soon.

The sooner you give yourself away, the less he will try

Pay attention:

By this I don’t just mean sex.

For example, it’s totally fine to have sex on the first date .

Thinking that sex is the most important thing you can offer a man is an insult to yourself.

You as a person are the most important thing you can offer him.

Sometimes I see that women are completely sold to a man after two or three dates. And sometimes that man indicates that he is completely sold to her. Which makes them run speed toward a relationship in Husain Bolt… you think.

The truth is that these kinds of situations usually end with the guy who ‘suddenly’ doesn’t like it anymore.

Sometimes there is a fear of commitment.

For now it is important to remember this:

keep the boat off in a playful way if it goes too fast.

Don’t become exclusive just because he shows interest.


keep dating other guys, or at least keep your autonomy until he really proves himself to you. Only then can you see if your lives can merge more.

(And even in the relationship you want to keep your autonomy, but that’s a story for another time).

Let him hunt a little .

“Do you mean I have to play hard to get, Laurens?”

Playing hard to get works if you do it right .

Unfortunately, there are also many misconceptions about playing hard to get in the dating world .

(There is a big difference between hard to get and impossible to get ).

Do you want to know how to play hard to get in the right way without losing his interest completely?


Tip 6: Give him a spontaneous invitation

I remember well that I was once at a party of a friend with me when I received this app:

“Hey Lauren! I am now having some drinks with friends on Rembrandtplein. Come and visit us “.

I was immediately excited when I saw this message…

However, there was a problem:

The birthday I was at was in Utrecht . Afterwards we would all go out in Utrecht.

So I don’t just conjure myself to the Rembrandtplein Amsterdam.

To compress.

Unfortunately I had to decline her offer.

For the rest of the evening, something strange happened:

I kept thinking about her proposal.

I wondered what it would be like there, and how the evening would have gone if I had gone to her.

I also wondered if she was with other men….

In short:

my mind invested a lot of time in her, purely based on one simple app.

And you too can use such an app to your advantage…

So how do you make a man ‘jealous’ in a positive and not harmful way?

Invite him spontaneously for a casual thing.

For instance:

You are having drinks with your girlfriends, you are on your way to a nice museum or you are going out that evening…

What matters is that you’re doing something you’ve already planned and you spontaneously invite him.

Chances are he can’t.

(Everyone is busy… with Netflix 😉 ).

But that’s not the point.

Because even if he can’t, he will always wonder what it would have been like if he had accepted your proposal.

This phenomenon is also known as FOMO : Fear of Missing Out.

So use FOMO to your advantage and you will see that this is a much better tactic than making him jealous on purpose.

And if he can meet up with you, you’ll still have a nice evening with him.

Tip 7: Keep your dates short and sweet

Imagine getting this app from your dream man:

“Hey! I’m really looking forward to seeing you. I thought it would be fun to organize a spontaneous date today! I only have an hour but it will be well worth it 😊 ”

You decide to accept his offer.

What seems?

The date is one of the best hours of your life.

You have good conversations, it is very pleasant and we click very well. Ideally you would like to spend the whole evening with him.

But unfortunately…

he can only do an hour.

He says goodbye to you and says he will text you again soon.

You are left with a sense of extreme happiness. You wish the date lasted even longer…

You can’t stop thinking about him for the rest of the evening.

You got a shot of amorous feelings within one hour .

And that’s exactly what you can do to attract a man.

(This works much better than making him jealous on purpose).

What you do is this:

meet him briefly.

Make sure you give him the date of his life within that short time (an hour, 2 hours max).

After that date, you disappear again as the seduction ninja that you are.

He will be left with a happiness that he associates with you… and above all: he will want more

By scheduling a short, intense meeting with him, you give him a short shot of positive feelings.

As an addict, he will only crave those feelings even more. So he will do his best to see you again as soon as possible.

“But Laurens, then the date must of course be really fun… do you have any tips to make a date as fun as possible?”

Yes, of course!

(The tips apply to both first and later dates!).

Tip 8: Get rid of your own insecurity

Tactics To Make A Man JealousI can say with certainty that I am not generally a jealous person.

However, I once dated a woman who was much more jealous than usual.

This was not because she made me jealous on purpose.

This was because she was a very confident woman

She was beautiful, she did what she liked and other men often looked at her when I walked down the street with her.

Not because she was scantily clad, but because of the energy she radiated.

Here comes the principle that I explained to you in tip #1:

Jealousy only works as a side effect of having an awesome life.

The more confident you are , the more men you attract.

And the more men are attracted to you, the more a man will fight for your attention.

So how do you make a man jealous the right way?

Be attractive to many men, but pick one.

So the big trick is to become so confident that a man is so attracted to you that he won’t let you go.

But becoming more confident is easier said than done.

How do you become more confident without faking it?

How do you make short work of your insecurities so that you learn to radiate self-confidence?


How To Break Out Of A Relationship Rut

Tip 9: A gift that attracts men like a magnet, Tactics To Make A Man Jealous

Recently received this email from one of our readers:

Dear Adam

I just wanted to send you a short email to thank you. After reading the article on flirting tips for women , I decided to read your report on the three male brain links. This report has given me insights that I would never have come up with on my own. I find that I understand men much better now. Plus, dating and connecting with men is now a lot easier for me. So my compliments!

Next week I will start your course on the Blueprint of the Male Brain, which I am also very curious about.

Keep up the good work!

Dear greetings,


It is exactly these kinds of emails that make me happy in the early morning.

(And my coffee, of course. Let’s not forget that one).

By sharing the secrets of the male brain, we help many women in love.

We do this without manipulative tricks such as making someone jealous on purpose.

We do this by teaching women about the underlying principles of the (complicated) male brain.

Because if you know how the male brain works, you will not only learn to understand men better…

…you also learn how to seduce a man in a way he can’t resist.

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