Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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The closer you get to your light, the bigger your shadow is

Before I really dared to look at myself and my own behavior, I was mainly occupied with others. I hadn't learned who I was...

Pamela Kribbe-Jeshua about relationships in the new time and twin souls

The idea of ​​​​twin flames is potentially very dangerous, because it can be interpreted in such a way that it fuels rather than dissolves...

The love of angels

She emerges elegantly from the limousine, assisted by a man wearing a tuxedo. Hundreds of cameras clicked. A thousand flashes of brilliant light reflect...

If you could see your guardian angel, what would you tell him?

Guardian Angel I've been seeing my guardian angel since I was a kid and talking to him all the time so I think this is...

Deep Healing for Our Heartache – Notre Dame

This post is about the Notre Dame fire that started on April 15, 2019. It touches many people deeply and I have given my...