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Living from compassion is a challenge

Living from compassion is a challenge. You experience so many things that test your compassion: people who are not honest, people who are simply...

Twin Flames – find your true spiritual partner

What are twin flames? A twin soul is 1 split soul divided into two bodies. The two halves are male and female. Twin Flames have lived together...

‘Previous’ lives don’t exist. Reincarnation and the Multidimensional Self

Past lives don't exist In my practice as a reincarnation therapist, I often come across it with clients: the idea that you incarnate as a...

10 Ways To Take Care Of Your Spiritual Life According To Deepak Chopra

Intention is the starting point of any spiritual path. Intention includes will and purpose, ambition and supreme vision. If you set your intention on...

Short Test: Deeply Connected to Everyone in 5 Minutes!

Our mind is a mysterious matrix, filled with programmed “hacks”, which can be both surprising and enlightening once you start experimenting within this framework. The...