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Take good care of myself, how do I do that?

take good care of myself

Taking good care of myself
What is that anyway?
I often wondered.
It’s not just about eating, sleeping or dressing right.
Taking good care of myself is also about my inner self.
But how do I do that?

Does that have to do with “looking within”?
Or by setting a good example?
After all, if I don’t take good care of myself.
How can I take good care of someone else?
And expect that person to take care of themselves for me?
After all, I didn’t set the example by the way I take care of myself.
I neglected myself to be there for others.
I neglected myself to be there for others.
I was more concerned with the welfare of others than with my own.
Everything I have/had, I give and share to/with others.
Everything I got or acquired, I carefully preserved instead of using it myself.
Even good food I kept until I could no longer eat it.
Keep it for what, to give it away later?
What kind of example is that?
And what do I deprive myself of?How our spirit guides guide us

And how do I take care of my own spiritual nourishment?
Do you enjoy the beautiful things in life?
Can I accept that, that I may enjoy?
Even without the need to share that?
Or do I keep losing myself in watching others.
And see how much help they need.
Which I nevertheless want to continue to give them, stubborn as I am.
Mowing away the lessons of the other at their feet.
Obstructing the insights of the other by my unwavering help.
Despite the fact that the Age of Aquarius asks us to stand up for ourselves.
“Don’t loose yourself in other people’s business” is a quote from Tom Kaypacha Lescher.
And I think that’s the only message to learn to take care of myself.

Why is it so hard to take good care of myself?
Do I keep putting everything outside of myself?
Just like looking within, taking care of myself is just as important.
Putting into practice what we know in theory (so hard).
Feeding the collective consciousness by doing it differently yourself.
Improve the world, start with yourself.
That’s where I have to go.
After all…
If I take good care of myself, that is an energy that I radiate.
An energy that touches others again to do the same for themselves.
Looking at myself, to learn to find happiness in myself.
My happiness does not depend on others.
Does not depend on the outside world.
Doesn’t depend on good or bad weather.
I AM not the weather, I am me.
Me which can be affected by the weather though.
But I AM not.
I’m not responding from the bad weather.
I choose to respond from within myself, despite the bad weather.The high sensitivity box

I always have a choice.
To be happy or sad.
To give everything away and live in emptiness.
While I cannot receive as others would like to receive me.
I should learn to receive myself.
My own love for myself.
Before I can accept that from someone else.
Until then, I cannot love others.
Because I haven’t learned to love myself.
My boundaries, my values, my love.
Only then can I feed myself.
And therefore be an equal partner in a relationship.
Without falling into excessive giving and nurturing.
Or in excessive taking and using.
Finding the emotional and nourishing balance in myself.
Laying my crystals for myself.
Meditate for myself.
Asking for help from my supervisors for myself.
Make a wish for myself.
For me.

If I can give that to myself.
And can accept that from myself.
I set the example for others how to take care of themselves.
The need to look at others is no longer there.
Then I no longer see the need to want to change someone else.
The source of all misery in this duality.
I’m not going to convince anyone of that anymore.
I live my truth.
What feels good to me.
If I don’t think I’m worth living.
Who then?
If I can’t see the colors of life myself.
Who then?
If I can’t feel the warmth of the sun myself.
Who can let me experience that?
I’ll have to allow it myself.
No one can do that for me.People with creative personalities really see the world differently

I accept.
My love.
My warmth.
My light.
Only then can I be there for others.
Because I fed myself first.
We all follow our learning path.
One leads, the other follows.
But we run it all.
And only our own insight is instructive.
Not because someone else says so.
But because that’s how I feel and experience it myself.


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