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Taking responsibility for our lives

When you change the way you look, and start looking at the things in your Life that you do have, that make you happy, when you become satisfied with everything in your Life

exactly as it is now………

When you manage to change your whole perspective, and put your view on the beautiful things in Life you change your whole Life, you change your very own vibration, your own energy field so that you will automatically attract new opportunities, new people into your Life.

Everything is energy, physical fact.

So also everything you think, through which you radiate that which you think, through which you attract that which you radiate back to you, and through which you can again take your lessons from that which you attract.

This happens out of Love, all this shows you what can be healed in you. All this shows you that you are completely responsible for what happens in your Life for the most part, and how you deal with it determines everything you do afterwards. attracts again.

choices Predestination, free will and action (having control over our lives)
have control over our own lives

It is a visual circle that you are responsible for, and from which you can step out yourself.

Taking responsibility for our lives 

Everything is energy, and everything consists of energy, and everything that lives also leaves its energy imprint in the world with every action that is performed.

With every thought that is thought, with every movement that is made, with every word that is said. The more loving and pure your thoughts, your actions, YOU are, the more beautiful and pure will be the energy that you radiate, that you leave behind with every move you do, with every thought you think.

Of course, this also applies to negative thoughts, negative feelings, and malicious acts. This also translates into an energy level that can be seen in your environment, and what can be felt for those who are open to this.

And because everyone is connected, through our energy fields around us, our auras, everything we think, do and act also influences the other. We are really all one, because we are connected with each other, with everything!! That is why it is so important to take full responsibility for who you are!!

Because everything you think, do and experience has an effect on someone else. There are so many highly sensitive people who pick up on this energy, and most of the time don’t even realize why they feel so tired and exhausted. Or why they have such mood swings.

What do you think of the amount of labels being handed out these days as if it were a free candy? ADHD, ADD, Autism, PDD-NOS, you name it. And the amount of diseases that have emerged in recent years for which doctors have no have a clear explanation such as Fibromyalgia and many similar diseases with other names?

My opinion is that many of these persons with the above label have been picking up energy in their own energy field from another for years, which first gave complaints on a very subconscious and deep level and through which they eventually started to develop physical and mental complaints.

Unfortunately, so many people are still not aware that we all have full responsibility for ourselves and the rest of the world. And that only we ourselves are able to change our own life and thus that of the other for the better. When we cease to listen to another, to lay the responsibilities on another, even cease to lay it on some religion.

Also with God. Because when we do this, we transfer the responsibilities to another/higher power, leaving us in a victim role. It’s the way humanity has been following for years, and what seems to be a very entrenched pattern. When we stop doing this and realize that we all shape our own world, and are completely responsible for it,

Only we can do this if we become aware of it. We ourselves are God. We are God together. All of us are responsible for ourselves, for our fellow man, for our fellow creatures, for nature, for the world around us. Out of Love for ourselves, let’s wake up and start living more consciously, and above all, start listening to ourselves and take responsibility for our lives.

I speak from experience, I was already aware of this wisdom as a child, only I had forgotten it for a while because of the side path I took.


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