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Taking time for creativity is magical!

We often don’t take the time to do what makes us happy, such as being creative. The obligations of work and expectations of daily life always come first. Only when our tasks are done can we do what we feel like. That’s how we were raised. It takes not only courage to break this pattern, but also time. So how do you do that?

Male Values

We were brought up with ideas such as ‘work doesn’t have to be fun, it should bring food to the table’. We learn at a young age that we can’t just do what we want, but that we have to do our best to comply.

We learn that being creative is a kind of waste of time, because there is no money to be made with it. For example, I considered a journalism degree. ‘Go and do your law,’ said my father, ‘you can go in all directions with that.’

Time for creativity

As a good daughter I indeed did that, but the blood still creeps where it can’t go and I have been working as an independent career coach for a long time and I do what makes me happy. In addition, I write about my own development and about insights I get from coaching my clients. At least, sometimes.

I would like to do the latter more often, but usually after a coaching session or workshop I immediately go straight to the action points that are still there. Whether that’s checking my emails or cooking, those things always come first. But I realize it’s not just a matter of time.

female magic

Writing about my coaching requires a transition to a different state of being, which I need to recall what was discussed and capture the essence. It is a transition from the time consciousness in my head, to an intuitive consciousness in my body.

That transition is like crossing a sacred river. Once I get to the other side, I get completely absorbed in what I’m doing and forget about time. That’s delicious. But also exciting. For am I not neglecting my duties?

do what must

Writing demands something of me. I have to sit in front of it, become still inside, put my fountain pen on the paper and let it flow. Then come the insights: the penny that fell with the client and the puzzle piece of a life that landed in its place.

Those are magical moments, how do you capture them in words? It takes time. Time that I better free up as soon as possible, because otherwise the insight is gone.

By taking this time anyway, I give space to a breakthrough in myself. It gives so much satisfaction, that alone is enough reason to do it more often. In addition, writing about my experiences and expressing my feelings is something that I can inspire and help others with, so by taking the time to put pen to paper, I am living my mission.

Who decides the time

How can we make time for such creative processes, in a world that is so busy and full of obligations? Agnes struggled a lot with this question. She is recovering from a burnout and is at home a lot. You would expect that she has enough time to paint, which is her deepest desire. But she doesn’t.

‘I have to be available for work between 9am and 7pm. I can only do what I want between 19:00 and 22:00.’ So in the evenings Agnes does her meditations and creative and spiritual activities. She is not allowed to paint or write during the day. Because then she has to work. But she doesn’t have to work, she’s home sick.

Battle between head and heart

“It doesn’t feel safe to drop my family’s values. I always had to be useful in the past. It was hard work and I’m still hard on myself.’ How do you break such a stalemate? I did an intuitive writing exercise with her. In this, Agnes was encouraged that she can now very consciously choose softness.

‘I feel very strongly in myself that I want to choose for myself. I don’t want to be loyal to the family system anymore, I want to go my own way. I really want to paint and make it my job. But not decisively. Because I’ve lived for so long on willpower and from my head.’

From sabotage with time, to doing it now

This is how we sabotage ourselves. As soon as the unmistakable force arises in us, which wants to choose what we deeply desire, we often quickly chase it back into the loft. This is where the breakthrough is needed. From distrust and pushing away to daring to feel and follow the creative impulses. Trust this power, it is your soul that wants to do what you are here for.

What Agnes also thought was that she needed a lot of time to transform before she could choose a creative life. So she kept putting it off. But doing what you desire does not first take much time. It is only possible now. do it now.

Using creativity to find your mission

You can infer what your mission is from your creative impulses. So take the time to follow them. If necessary, plan an hour in your agenda and set a timer. Have the guts to cross the sacred river and surrender to the creative process. Your life will take a decisive turn: from satisfaction to satisfaction.

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