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Ten formulas for positive energy

Ten Positive Energy Formulas from Dr. Judith Orloff, founder of energy psychiatry teaches you to work with subtle energy

The world is threatened by a hidden energy crisis. This is not about the finiteness of fossil fuels, but about a lack of subtle life energy in people. Our fast-paced high-tech society plunges many of us into chronic physical, emotional and mental exhaustion.

We are inundated with information and burnt out as slaves to telephone, mobile, television, e-mail and the Internet. We have come to see tired, gloomy moods as normal.

dr. Judith Orloff, founder of ‘energy psychiatry’, believes that this should change. That is why she wrote the book ‘Ten formulas for positive energy’. In it she learns how to fight negative energy and how to use the power of positive energy. The key to this is your intuition.

Energy psychiatry is a new type of psychotherapy that addresses the subtle energy foundations of health and behavior. It is a specialty of energy medicine that considers the body and mind as a manifestation of subtle energy.

This is a concept that is still completely lacking in conventional healthcare. We live thanks to a subtle energy body that permeates our physical body. Energy psychiatry combines traditional medicine with an explanation of how we can increase our life energy in our daily lives.

Everything around us has an energy field or vibration. Our response to those vibrations is reflected in our energy level. Sensations that you can describe as ‘my heart is pounding’, ‘I am afraid’, ‘I am stimulated’, ‘I feel peaceful’, I feel connected’ are actually different expressions of subtle energy.

There is positive subtle energy and negative subtle energy. To be able to control your health and your moods, you must be able to distinguish both types of subtle energy. Subtle energy can be distinguished in two qualities: positive and negative.

In the aforementioned book, Judith Orloff teaches you how to harness the power of positive energy—loving and nurturing thoughts within, such as compassion, courage, forgiveness, and trust. Or from the outside: supportive friends, creative work and laughter.

Positive energy comes from respect for the earth and all earthly creatures, a lot of tolerance and the enthusiasm to build a peaceful society. All of these properties are just as important to our survival as food and oxygen.

Negative energy keeps us small and unhealthy; it drains us from the best in ourselves. We generate negative energy with our fears, self-loathing, anger, or shame—an emotional terrorism that plagues us but we don’t realize is taking its toll. If we don’t identify and eliminate these negative forces, they will wear us out. Worse, they inevitably surface in the social and political spheres and wreak havoc there.

Judith Orloff describes a program of ten recipes in her book. She recommends going through it in ten weeks: one ‘recipe’ per week. Each chapter contains a ‘recipe’ and concludes with an interview with someone the author admires. The recipes are:

  1. Become aware of your intuition and rejuvenate yourself.
  2. Take a nurturing spiritual path.
  3. Develop an energy-conscious way of eating, exercising and being healthy.
  4. Arouse positive emotional energy to get rid of negative feelings.
  5. Develop a loving sexuality.
  6. Be open to the flow of creativity and inspiration.
  7. Honor the sanction of laughter, nurturing and the nourishing power of seclusion.
  8. Attract positive people and situations.
  9. Protect yourself from vampires.
  10. Create abundance.


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