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Ten Simple Steps to Calm Your Child’s Energy


first tip:

When your child is upset, check your own energy! If you are energetically distorted or stressed, they will be too. Take a moment to calm down or relax and notice how this affects their energy. Tip: Do a “Hook Up” whenever you notice that you are stressed or angry with your child. You will find that it calms your child much faster and you will feel better about yourself too!

  1. Cross your feet at your ankles
  2. Keep your arms straight in front, backs of hands facing each other, thumbs down
  3. Cross one hand over the other and place the palms together with the fingers slid together.
  4. Bend the elbows and fold the hands in and up until they rest comfortably on your chest.
  5. Inhale deeply as you place the tip of the tongue against the top of the palate behind the front teeth.
  6. When you exhale, relax the tongue in the mouth.
  7. Hold that position until you feel a calming sensation inside. (That may take a minute or two).
  8. Relax and unfold hands and feet.
  9. Press the fingertips of one hand against the fingertips of the other and feel the energy where they met. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds. (The energy may feel warm, tingling, or as it were vibrating, buzzing, or throbbing)
  10. If your child asks what you’re doing, tell him/her it’s a way to calm down. Ask them if they want to join you!

Tip two:

This technique will usually help a child to relax and calm down when they are angry, scared, or hot-tempered.

dinosaurTaming the Dinosaur

  1. Quickly rub your hands together to collect energy in your hands.
  • Take both hands and place them close to your child’s head near each of his ears. Without touching the child’s body, swing around his ears and down the sides of his head, neck, shoulders and arms and down his hands. Your hands act like a magnet that pulls down the excess energy from your child’s body.
  • This movement will probably need to be repeated 3 to 5 times until the child visibly calms down.
  • Some gentle words that acknowledge his anger and let him know that it is okay to have any kind of feelings can be helpful to the child.
  • Parents can also do this to help themselves relax and calm their own excess energy!

Just take one hand at a time, cross to the other side of your head and swing down your neck, arms and off the fingers. Remember to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply as you release your excess energy.

Tip three:

The Calming Triple Warmer is another powerful way to calm a child’s excess energy. If this procedure is repeated once or twice a day for three or four weeks, you can literally reset a child’s nervous system into a calmer mode.

Soothing Triple Warmer

  1. While the child is sitting or lying quietly in a relaxed position, hold the front of his knee and the back of his elbow, on one side of the body. You may feel the energy tingle as it moves down the leg to the floor. Is your child also able to feel the energy moving?
  • When one side feels like it’s done (it could take 5 minutes or more), repeat the same procedure on the opposite elbow and knee.
  • Then move so that you can hold the small notch on the outside of the little toe with one of your index fingers. Using your other index finger, press where the child’s 4th and 5th fingers meet (to the right of where the V is located). You can press on these points for about as long as it takes the elbow and knee points. This is repeated on both sides until all four points have been completed.
    Tip: This is a relaxing activity before your child goes to sleep. It can actually help them fall asleep faster, while also helping to reprogram their nervous system.

Tip four:

Have the child use a karate punch with an affirmation to help them get out of a negative or unwilling state. Energetically, this is known as psychologically reversed. When someone’s energy is reversed, we literally do the opposite of what would help us, or we make choices that sabotage our interest.

EFT Karate Chop Point

  1. If the child is willing to cooperate, have the outside of the hand tap the outstretched palm of the other hand in a (gentle) karate stroke motion.

While typing, have the child say their own version of the following:

a. “Even though I’m angry right now, I’m a super kid!”

b. “I love myself and I’m okay even though I have this problem” (anger, sadness, fear, anger, etc.)

c. “Even though I feel like a bad kid now; I love myself and accept myself completely!”

  1. Repeat the tapping and affirmations out loud, with three pauses to take deep breaths between each affirmation and tapping session.
  • If the child has trouble saying the affirmations and doing the taps, do it on your own body. Commit to their highest good.

Tip five:

Let your child think of a place where they feel calm, peaceful and relaxed. This safe place can be a real or an imaginary place. (Check that there are no negative memories attached to it.) The first time you talk about the safe place, it helps if the child is relaxed and in a positive frame of mind.

Safe Place with a Butterfly Hug

Ten Simple Steps to Calm Your Child's Energy

  1. Have your child describe a quiet, calm place in as much detail as possible. (Sometimes I have the child draw his Safe Place.)
  • Is this calm, peaceful place in a building or out in nature?
  • As the child envisions this special place, breathing in and out slowly and deeply and feeling the calm, relaxed feeling in his body, he crosses his arms over his chest, taps it lightly with his fingertips on his chest until he is completely feels calm and relaxed. This process of soft tapping is called a Butterfly Embrace.
  • When the child is agitated or upset, remind him of his special quiet place. Let it imagine the safe place in its head and do a Butterfly Hug to feel better! Some children want to draw their Safe Place.

Tip Six:

Another way to help your child relax and release tension or uncomfortable thoughts or feelings is to touch his positive points on his forehead. The reason it works so well is because it is a neurovascular point that improves circulation and helps to return blood flow to the thinking part of the brain.

If you want to make the effect even more powerful, you can have the child hook up while you hit these points.

Touch Positive Points

  1. Rub your hands together vigorously and then shake them off to collect the energy in the hands.
  • Lightly place your fingertips on the positive points of your child’s forehead. The positive points are located directly above the eyebrows and below the hairline. (You can also use the whole hand on the forehead, with the other hand on the back of the head, just above where the skull meets the neck. This involves the fear points at the back of the head and sets an energy resonance between the two hands in motion.)
  • I usually ask the child to think about something shocking that happened to him or something that made him feel stressed. This usually takes about a minute or more.
  • Keep in mind that if the child hooks up while you touch these points, this becomes an even more powerful exercise.
  • If the child does not want to cooperate in doing this procedure, suggest doing it for your child while doing it on yourself as an example.

Tip Seven:

Locking in the positive energy of the heart is another way to clear the nervous system of negative energy and increase positive loving energy.

“Lock In” of the Heart

Tell your child that you are going to teach them how to increase the loving positive feelings of their heart. Explain that a “Heart Lock In” is like opening a door in their heart to let in more sunshine and love.

  • Have the child close his eyes and focus on his heart center while thinking about something that makes him feel happy or loved. If he feels this feeling or feelings of love there, have the child place his hand on his chest.
  • Now let the child imagine that he has a key with which he can open his heart to let in more light and love. Can it imagine his breath slowly going in and out through the door of his heart?
  • When their loving heart energy has risen, let them think of someone they would like to send some positive loving energy to. When they are ready, they can send a bubble of loving energy to the person they are thinking of. Can they feel the door of their hearts opening wider as they send positive loving energy? What color was the bubble of the loving energy they sent out? Is there anyone else they would like to send loving energy to?
  • Playing happy, positive music while the child sends out loving energy adds a nice touch. Suggest that the child continues to send loving energy to different people or places. It’s also fun to send loving energy back and forth throughout the day!
    6) After they are done, talk to them about what they saw happening while doing this “Heart Lock In” activity. Usually there will be an increase in their positive, loving feelings.

Tip Eight:

When your child needs an energetic change, water can provide a nice calming effect. Whether it’s a swimming pool, a lake, a sink full of soapy water, a relaxing bubble bath or a sprinkler on a hot afternoon, it will release the negative energy from their bodies. The release of negative energy can be further promoted by adding 1/4 or 1/2 cup of Epsom salt to their bath water.

It cleanses the aura and helps with the energetic shift. A few drops of lavender oil also adds a pleasant scent to the bath and calms the central nervous system.
Making sure your child has enough water to drink is another way to help your child stay emotionally balanced.(Soda, juice and milk cannot replace the body’s need for water!) Water is a major stress buster and helps the brain work more efficiently.

Tip Nine:

Aromatherapy or Bach Flower Remedies is another way to reprogram the body’s electrical system. A Bach Flower Remedy that helps to calm a child/adult is called  Rescue Remedy.

Rescue Remedy
Rescue Remedy

(This homeopathic remedy can be found at your local drug store or through a naturopath.) Simply dropping 4 drops on the tongue or in a small glass of water or juice can help put the child in a more calm and relaxed state (with no side effect).
Rescue Remedy is made from the essence of six English wildflowers: Impatience, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Clematis, and Crab Apple. These 6 essences are mixed into a solution of grape alcohol that quickly spreads the healing energy in the body.

Tenth Tip:

Children are endowed with wonderful and creative imagination. When children are angry or excited, it can be helpful for them to imagine what their personal guardian angel looks like. Is this male or female? Big and mighty or small, agile and fast? Does he have a name and a distinct personality? Is it someone they know who has already passed away? If they have had an opportunity to visualize their guardian angel, have them draw a picture of it or find something that can represent them.

I like to anchor the child’s sense of security and protection by having it do a Butterfly Hug, while looking at the image of its guardian angel watching over and protecting him.Parents can tell their child that they can call on their guardian angels whenever they need help or want to feel safe. Some parents want the child to learn to pray that his angel will help him when he/she needs him/her.

Angels and Fairies

  1. Discuss with your child the concept of “ guardian angel ” who cares for and protects him.angel-child
  • Encourage your child to visualize what his angel might look like. (male or female, powerful and strong or small and fast?) Does he have a name and distinct personality? Is it someone they know who has already passed away?
  • Have the child draw a picture of what he thinks his guardian angel looks like and then install the image deeper using the Butterfly Embrace while looking at the image or representation of his angel.
  • Let the child think about a problem situation and then do the Butterfly Hug. How does his angel help him with the situation?
  • If the child would like to feel the presence of his angel in other situations as well, just let him conjure up the image in his head and then do another Butterfly Hug. Angels can be especially comforting when your child is trying to fall asleep!
  • Let your child know that they can call on their angel when they want to feel safer or solve a problem.

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