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Ten Things To Support Your Healing

Imagine that illness is more a matter of energy than of genes? And that awareness is the most important factor for your healing? It would mean, among other things, that it is not the doctor who has the last word about your health, but you yourself. And that you can do a lot for yourself during your disease process! What? Ten pointers in this article.

In the Netherlands, one in three people develop cancer, one in five suffer from depression, one in six suffer from burnout and fifty percent have one or more chronic conditions. So it means that almost everyone will have to deal with illness sooner or later. Fortunately, you are no longer solely dependent on a doctor. More and more people (with a disease, but also scientists) are discovering that awareness is an important factor in healing. You can make yourself healthier!

1. Take ownership of your illness

First of all, a diagnosis is important. To know what you can or cannot do for yourself, you also need to know what you have, the severity of the symptoms and what options the hospital gives. Inform yourself well. If there is no imminent danger to life, make sure that you are given time to make trade-offs. When dealing with diseases such as cancer, you will often be confronted with fear, both from those around you and from doctors, and with the pressure to act quickly.

Take ownership of your illness, consider what you want or don’t want and at what pace. Trust that your body has a self-healing capacity that you can activate with the help of diet, supplements, all kinds of therapies, and above all, your own consciousness. In the hospital they will usually not encourage that, so you will have to find your own way.

2. Combine regular and complementary

The main difference between healing and healing is that healing comes from within and can take place on all levels of your energy system (from soul to emotions to body). Healing can be accomplished by others and focuses purely on physical symptoms. Healing is usually a lengthy process and if your symptoms are severe, you don’t always have the time to rely on complementary methods alone.

Surgery or chemo will give you that time. On the other hand, it is important to look at the cause among the symptoms . Conventional medicine does not, complementary therapies always. Taking both forms of healing seriously and applying it is advisable.

3. Use awareness as a factor for healing

Most doctors are focused on matter and physical treatments. They are based on ratio and work with percentages and statistics. However, their starting points are often no longer in line with current science, in which energy and the body/mind connection are now a reality. Form your own perspective, do not be overwhelmed by the medical paradigm, dare to look bigger and shift your attention from fear to the possibilities.

You can also be cured of cancer and life expectancies say nothing about your specific situation. Healing is always possible (even if complete, physical healing does not come about) and your own consciousness is the most important factor. In addition, there are thousands of stories of people proving that ‘miracles’ are possible.

Ten Things To Support Your Healing

4. Always take a step

Healing is a process. You can do it step by step. In each phase you can make choices and make adjustments. Take the time to inform yourself, to feel, to discover what you need on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Go on a journey, to the cause among the symptoms, and look at those four aspects.

The cause can be anything, but unprocessed trauma, isolation, stress, lack of meaning and loss of self are some important. You will probably not find the cause, at least not on the level of mental understanding. Rather, it will be a discovery of parts of yourself that you had forgotten. Listen carefully to your body and intuition and then you will be a different person at the end of the process.

5. Develop your consciousness

Our language often refers to a ‘battle’ against disease. But what if cancer isn’t a ‘bad animal’ that you have to beat? What if a tumor is a part of you that has forgotten its origin – love? Or if an autoimmune disease is a reaction of your energy system, where an unconscious part of you is fighting another part? Or if depression is deep, suppressed feelings looking for an exit? Then you can bring to light all those things that live beneath the surface.

And that is the essence of healing: using your consciousness to move the energy that has been locked up, and eventually resulted in symptoms. If you consider that 95 percent of our consciousness is subconscious, there is a lot to clear up, open and activate.

6. Don’t Judge

Illness is not a punishment. You didn’t do anything wrong. You are not a victim of your karma or the universe. Try to go through your healing process with as much grace as possible. And that means above all taking responsibility for your own life and health. That is all that is being asked of you right now.

Have respect for yourself and the way you are going and face what needs to be seen, but without judgment of your illness, the slowness of healing, or what you are doing wrong. You’re doing well.

7. Feel everything

When confronted with physical symptoms, it is virtually impossible to always be positive. Of course you want to offer your cells an environment that is as healthy and loving as possible to change into, but being positive can also be a ‘spiritual bypass’, which keeps you away from the intense feelings that an illness evokes and that might also cause touch its origin. You are human, with emotions and love. There’s nothing that doesn’t belong.

8. Get a support team

When it comes to energy and restoring health, environment is everything; after all, we resonate with the energy around us. It is extremely important for your recovery to feel connected and loved. Therefore, build a support team. Surround yourself with people who are positive, have humor, and who have faith in your process and your strength, even if you lose hope yourself. In addition, see which professionals you need to advise and guide you in the medical field and in the field of nutrition, emotional processing, energy, spiritual connection, etc.

9. Let go

When you get sick, you need all your energy for recovery. Some people will nevertheless hold on to work or things that need to be done. This is not the time to prioritize others. Focus on yourself, let go of what burdens you and focus on just one thing: your own energy management. Do things that are good and nourishing, don’t push yourself to get well quickly or let yourself be pressured to do so. Go back to basics: what do you need? Make choices that are in line with that. It’s not easy, but really necessary for recovery.


10. Work with your energy

You can support yourself by working with your energy. Meditate, connect with your body and use your imagination. Make a connection with the deepest part of the earth and request a healing energy (a color or feeling), and let it flow through your body via your root chakra. Then connect with the cosmos and do the same. Let healing energy flow through your crown into your body and energy field and charge them.

You can also make contact with diseased organs and bathe them in light and love (make sure you don’t just see it, feel it!). You can label your medication with words like ‘love’ or ‘gratitude’ to enhance the healing power. Be creative. Energy is real, but especially if you also assume it.


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