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Ten Ways Humans Can Collaborate With Elemental Beings

1 Belief in elemental beings . Human belief strengthens elemental beings and gives them energy.

2 Be happy and enthusiastic. Elemental beings are not attracted to depressed, sad people.

3 Go to healthy places in nature as often as possible. Walk through woods and along the beach, lie down in a meadow, listen to the birds, sit by a stream…….
Make sure you pick up the right vibration of the Earth and then listen to what it wants from you. The vibration of people will be purified when they do.

4 Show appreciation for the beauty in nature. If humans do that, elemental beings will be attracted to you.

5 Collaborate and create with nature by planting trees, sowing flowers and feeding birds.’

ways humans can interact with elemental beings

6 Send energy to Elemental Beings who care for trees, flowers, water and mountains to keep them healthy. Do so with gratitude and joy.

7 Teach other people-children to appreciate nature. Do that with love and gratitude and people will naturally understand the needs of the Earth.

8 Do things spontaneously. Free yourself from too much planning and organization.

9 Take time every day to just do nothing. Make room for that, both in your home and in your mind, and you will see miracles happen.

10 If you want to contact an elemental being to work with sustainably, sit in a quiet place in nature, close your eyes and call on that elemental being. Then see what kind of elemental being responds. Ask what his gifts are and ask his name. Always listen to this elemental being and follow his suggestions – your relationship will definitely grow stronger.


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