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That troublesome ego of ours…


egoI keep reading a lot about our Ego, that troublesome ego of ours that keeps trapping us. For example, the trap of always wanting more, pursuing material wealth, rather than spiritual, or emotional wealth.

The trap of continuing to judge others, when you really don’t want to. The trap of fear, into which you are lured again and again… And so on.Just a little quote in between, because what does that word “Ego” actually mean: Ego (from Latin) literally means “I”.

So who are we actually judging? Who can’t we get along with? Who, in our opinion, is leading us in the wrong direction and making us fall into traps again and again? That’s right, ourSELF!

So “I” find that “I” don’t get along very well with “me(s) SELF, because “I” keeps leading myself into nasty traps! To person say, that “I” of us!
No, take our soul, it’s much nicer! He wants the best for us, he wants to lead us in the right direction. He wants us to live from our hearts! If only we could put our Ego aside and live only from our Soul!

What would happen now if we considered all aspects of ourselves as one? What would happen if we want to see that our “I” must also be nurtured by us? What would happen to that pesky Ego of YOU, if you looked at it from love?

What would happen if, after a mistake, or after a painful event, you took your Ego, your “I” in your arms and said that everything will be okay? What would happen if we sent all the love of our hearts to that hurt, misguided, misunderstood Ego of ours?

Would we then perhaps start to see that our Ego is not an evil force outside ourselves, but that we are one being, that consists of several “layers” and that all we want is for ourselves,

to experience what we came for and to enjoy on the go? Would we feel more “whole” and move with all our parts together, as one, towards our goals? With lots of love to give on our journey?

I don’t pretend to know how it all works, but I actually wonder what would happen if we looked at this differently. I believe it could make a big difference!


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