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The 16 Characteristics of a Pleiades Star Child

A star child of the Pleiades is a human who has his spiritual ‘history’ on a planet other than Earth. In this case the Pleiades. They have also incarnated more often on other planets before they were born here. There are more star children here now than ever . And this is for two reasons:
  1. This is a very important point in the development of this planet. Some of the more positive civilizations (in space) wanted to assist in the progression by incarnating some souls from their population here to raise the energies here and help with the transition. Many come here from the 5th dimension to act as path workers to show the way for the rest of us.

2. What is taking place now is nothing short of amazing, wondrous and fascinating. Many, if they could, would like to be here right now to witness first hand this evolution that is taking place here on Earth, this shift in human consciousness.

So, are you a star child of the Pleiades, or some other home planet ?

How do you know that? You were born (here) in a place of very high density with a high “negative ego” content. It is therefore almost impossible to really remember.

Here are 16 characteristics of a star child from the Pleiades If you think the majority applies to you, you are probably Pleiadian.

There are other civilizations that have sent star children, but they are in the minority, and to be honest, I don’t know enough about them to list them, but maybe there are a lot of similarities, I have no idea.

Characteristics of a star child of the Pleiades:

1. Born after 1968 .

There were before that, but this is when the big wave came.

2. From “there” .

Ok this is the most obvious and the easiest. You’ve probably always felt like you came from the stars. That you were “somewhere out there” at home, not here. I know it’s obvious, but why should these things always be covered up.

3. Outsider .

For much of your life you have had a feeling of not belonging here, of being different, of being a stranger. You may have noticed that siblings and children in other families feel at home in their family in a way that you don’t have. Just “fitting in” is something that doesn’t just happen to you unless you meet another star child. Then you suddenly feel understood and it feels great.

4. Focused on the metaphysical or anti-religion .

You simply have nothing to do with the religions on Earth. You may have tried very hard to fit into one or more belief systems somewhere, but they always disappoint you. As a result, you may have rejected “faith” in general, or you may have found an alternative faith that suits you better. You may very well begin to formulate your own belief system. You most likely have a “psychic” gift, a “sixth sense”, maybe clairvoyant, or clairsentient or something like that.

5. You are not (so) aware of the time and date .

You are probably very bad at remembering things like birthdays, you have trouble keeping a schedule. That time and clock thing isn’t really working for you.

6 . Technophile .

You love gadgets and equipment and have a natural aptitude for figuring out how they work. You probably love it so much that you are able to read the manual for fun.

7 . Harmonious .

You will experience the earth as a violent aggressive angry place. You may or may not be able to find aggression in yourself, but either way you wish the world around you would become more harmonious and peaceful. You don’t want to control others and you reject others who want to control you. You cannot tolerate cruelty to children and animals, abuse of women, etc. If war came you would probably not fight but choose to be a child

8. Gender Equality .

You probably don’t quite get the whole men women roll thing. You consider your partner an equal and expect the same in return. You consider the whole “battle of the sexes” between men and women to be absurd. You are also probably something other than heterosexual. If you are, you probably don’t mind finding a label for that. you could also have an androgynous appearance (=show characteristics of both sexes)

9 . Animals and nature .

You have a deep love and respect for nature in all its manifestations: Gaia, forests, mountains, the sea, animals etc. You especially feel a deep mystical connection with dolphins and whales because you understand that they are your family rather than “stupid animals”.

10. Not focused on money .

The system of money=power and business structures based on this is not your way. That’s not to say you can’t find your way or even be very successful at it, in this system, but you will always feel uncomfortable with it. to feel. you dislike routine and structured environments.

you are a maverick and you simply do not fit in a rigid work environment. You have no respect for authority figures- someone has to earn your respect-. Combine this with the fact that you get bored easily and you are indeed not cut out to be a wage slave. You probably have a lot of fantasies about just squeezing out of it, moving to a farm, or a hippie commune or something.

Or you just do this. In any case, you don’t like the concept of money and you would rather be valued for who you are than for what you can buy. This is fueled by the fact that you hated school, or any current form of education, this is because the educational systems on Earth use systems that use conformism (adaptation to the group) and learn. and learning through instruction rather than shared learning or learning through experimentation.

11. Escapism

(from the English word escape: habit or tendency to escape reality) You love to escape into creative fantasies and build whole “ideal” worlds in your head. You are also attracted to the hallucinogenic experiences to amplify this. A negative aspect of this is when the tendency to flee predominates.

This world is hard and cruel and difficult, and you may be inclined to use drugs or alcohol or other substances to escape the pain you feel. If you do this you will fail to fulfill your mission here and the improve the world you came here for. This only magnifies the problem and makes you self-destructive. You are prone to depression if you don’t take responsibility for your life and your experiences.

12. Creativity .

You are very creative and love other people’s creative expressions. Music, art, architecture, cooking, whatever. This touches you deeply.

13. You easily believe in the existence of UFOs and aliens .

These things are not strange or weird to you. The concept “everything is one” suits you.

14. Physical Characteristics of a Pleiades Star Child

This is a bit tricky. The humans on Earth are already a mix of genetic engineering by a variety of space races anyway, but you may have brought some of the physical traits with you. Your genes define a bandwidth of possibilities and your light body CAN push your physical body in a different direction than you would normally expect from your body with a different “host” in it.

So, do you look very different from the rest of your family? If you’re from the Pleiades, you might also have the following traits: almond-shaped eyes, which could also be larger than expected, blond hair, pale skin, blue or blue-gray eyes, a “roman” nose, and a slender build.

15. Photosensitivity .

your eyes are probably sensitive to light. The Earth is an environment with extraordinarily hard light. you probably prefer less light than many others.

16. Used to a cold climate.

You probably prefer not to be too hot and find it difficult to lose heat in hot climates. Others play outside in the sun and you sit comfortably in the shade. The result is that you like it when it’s cold and others sit together by the stove.


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