The 3 important insights for every inspiring pioneer

The 3 important insights for every inspiring pioneer
Would you like to make a difference with your work or something that you are good at? Are you the instrument for what you put or want to put into the world? Do you like to get off the beaten track? Then you are probably a pioneer in your field and you would like to distinguish yourself with your qualities. There are three important insights that I want to share with you so that you can inspire others and thus pioneer.

Pioneering: be the example yourself of what you want to put into the world

It seems obvious, but in practice, it turns out that it is one of the biggest challenges that pioneers encounter: Applying what you tell others yourself. Really do what you say. You are only credible if you have undergone, experienced, or put into practice something that you want to teach someone else. For example, a meditation teacher who does not meditate on a regular basis can often not get the message across 100%. Someone who pretends to live a healthy lifestyle, but smokes himself, is not credible in my opinion either.

So live what you would like to share with others and you will see that you can work much more inspired when you tell from your own experience. Do not let yourself be limited by all those forces within yourself that hinder development. These so-called ego limitations, often cause you to hold yourself back. That’s a shame because you can do so much more!

Get out of your comfort zone

The 3 important insights for every inspiring pioneer

Pioneering demands a lot from you. Pioneering is characterized by a number of striking qualities, such as daring to take risks, thinking in terms of possibilities, and having discipline. In addition, it is important that you get out of your comfort zone by doing something every day that takes you out of your daily structure, or by trying something new. If you want to continue to develop, it is healthy to consciously deal with change. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you leave the familiar life and gain new inspiration for yourself.

Look at a situation from multiple points of view

Although pioneers have the quality to see opportunities everywhere, the idea of ​​knowing it already can get in the way. This often looks more like stubbornness or rigidity. When you look at a situation you are in from multiple points of view, you are sometimes surprised at the result.

I regularly ask myself: “What is needed in this situation?”, instead of: “What do I want”. It ensures that I can assess my impact on my environment much better and see what is good, not only for myself but for everyone involved. Then what is important and necessary to me fits completely into that picture. Think about it: most of the time you probably ask yourself what is good for yourself and what you want? Turn it around:


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