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The 4 stages of consciousness, a guideline for your evolutionary process

In Mindvalley’s Become Limitless course I did last year, I learned about the four stages of consciousness described by Michael Beckwith . These four stages of Spiritual Growth are a guideline of the evolutionary process that you go through as a human being.

You do not have to function at the same level of consciousness in every area of ​​your life. Sometimes your states of consciousness switch, because you fall back for a while. But through inner practice you become more and more adept at reaching and maintaining a higher state of consciousness.

You may have different levels of consciousness at any given time in different aspects of your life. Each aspect has its own level. It is therefore possible that all four levels apply to you, but to different aspects of your life.

The 1st state: Victim Awareness

In a victim consciousness, you believe that something outside of yourself has power over you. About your destiny, your happiness, your prosperity, your health, etc.

You believe: something or someone is doing this to me.
You think: As long as the other person changes, I feel good, happy and peaceful.

Your parents, ex-partner, your skin color, past experiences, etc. You have a story that you hold onto.

Why does that always happen to me?

The 2 nd State: The Manifestation Consciousness

In this state you learn to take responsibility for your own life: your thoughts, your perception (how you look at something, out of fear or love).

You begin to recognize and acknowledge the negative thoughts that are taking you and your life down, and you turn them into thoughts that support you and the life you want. You learn to manifest the kind of life you want through techniques such as: meditation, visualization, affirmations, conscious intentions and pure speech.

If you have a chronic thought and you add an emotional charge to it, that thought eventually manifests itself as speech, perception, behavior and experience.
No matter how beautiful you are, if you have chronic thoughts of all kinds of fear about shortages, being alone, getting sick, self-doubt, worries, etc., you will eventually experience them. Your body will also experience it. The stress causes your body to produce chemicals that are toxic. This undermines your immune system and your creative thinking.

The pitfall here is: focusing on what you don’t want, rather than what you do want.

You manifest the experiences you do want by becoming aware of your fears, blockages, beliefs and resistances, by dissolving them and focusing your thoughts on positive images, in such a way that you internalize them. This manifests itself in: spontaneous goodness, coincidences and wonderful events. You get into flow and suddenly Life cooperates.

When you become adept at state 2, something starts to happen. You begin to trust in the goodness of the Universe. You start to feel that everything is already there. You come to understand that you are not here to make things happen, you are here to welcome something.

I can control my thoughts.

The 3rd state: Instrument Consciousness you are a channel, an opening

You become available for higher energy coming through you. You no longer think about what you want, but what you are looking for flows through you. You have a meditative mindset , which is open and receptive.

Keywords for this awareness:


You are available for something you don’t see yet. By asking the right questions of the Universe you will get answers in a way that you understand. What is my gift to share? What is my purpose here on Earth? Why am I here on Earth? Empowering questions that give you insight into yourself and your soul goals. Your inner seeing and hearing are activated and eventually you are able to see, feel and hear the invisible.

Perhaps you have experienced this: you say something, but you do not know where it comes from. Yet they are exactly the right words at the right time. You often forget what you said afterwards. It comes from within.

State 2 is male; you use your mental power to achieve something. You make something happen; you use thought power and you manifest something.

State 3 is female; you are available to achieve something. You allow something to happen.

Not me, but the Source does the work.

The 4th state ; I Am consciousness

This is the state of one- being . You experience no sense of separation between yourself and the source. It’s closest, it’s who you essentially are.

In the 4 th state you have moments and insights and experiences of: oh my God, my life is Divine. There is nothing wrong with my life, my life is perfect and unfolding perfectly.

I am one with the Source.

To go from state 1 to state 2 you have to let go of your story that the other person did something to you. You let go of guilt and shame.

To go from state 2 to state 3 you have to let go of control.

To go from state 3 to state 4 you must give up your sense of separateness.

The experiences in your life give you the opportunity and possibility to grow in consciousness. By constantly directing your energy inward and becoming aware of what you think and feel, you will experience more and more what is in line with your Higher Self and what is not. This doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process. It takes courage to take these steps. Courage to be true to yourself and act on what your heart tells you. To really live from self-love.


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