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The Angel of Hope – by Lorna Byrne


angel_of_hopeDear friends,

the last time I was in America, I saw the Angel of Hope at Philadelphia’s main train station. It may seem like a strange place to see him, but I see him everywhere people need hope.

We came down the stairs to a crowded platform, when the light seemed to change – the slightly dark tunnel where the trains waited seemed to lighten much, as if there was a large fire nearby. No one seemed to see it. The source of light was the Angel of Hope.

It always resembles a huge flame, and in this resplendent flame I could see a faint figure resembling a man, carrying a torch, like an Olympic flame. The Angel of Hope is huge, sometimes the size of a skyscraper, but he seems to be able to adjust his size to where he is, and when I see him in front of a person, he seems much bigger than the person, but not exaggerated. Here the Angel of Hope reached to the ceiling of the tunnel.

Next to the Angel of Hope was a family, a mother and father with two children, one of whom was in a pram. They were surrounded by angels. One of the angels turned to me and told me they were moving to another city so he could have a job.

He also said that they were very afraid of moving, worried that they were making the right choice, and afraid of starting a new life.

The Angel of Hope moved and stood in front of the man, who was putting the family’s luggage on the train. He was moving all the time – I’ve never seen him stand still. I’ve already been asked how he could move in front of the man standing in front of the train, and I don’t know how.

The best description I can give is that it was a bit like an airport treadmill, going faster and faster, but in this case the Angel of Hope was moving in the wrong direction, moving forward but still always staying on that one place.

He stood in turn before the man and the woman and each of the children, and looked at them. I knew he filled them with courage for their new life. The man got on the train and took the baby from his wife’s arm. The mother helped the other child onto the train. The doors closed. Suddenly there was a flash of light on the train, as if the Angel of Hope had also boarded. It lasted only a second, and I did not see the Angel of Hope, only the light.angel of hope

When I wanted to catch our train to New York on the other platform, I looked back at the train leaving. The platform was full of angels out of work – there were 20 or 30 of them. I knew they were a sign of hope for the other people on the platform.

As I write this I realize that I always see many more unemployed angels after seeing the Angel of Hope, but I hadn’t made that link before.

When the Angel of Hope appears in a place, it helps a specific individual or group, but when it is there, it benefits all the people around. I know that all the people in the station that day, and in all of Philadelphia, felt courage and hope in their lives that day.

The Angel of Hope tells me that America is unlike any other country I’ve ever visited. Whenever I land in America, it’s like a gate opens and I look through it. It is as if America is the gateway to the future of humanity.

America, for some reason, is where decisions will be made that will affect humanity. The Angel of Hope says America is meant to be a beacon of hope for the world.

You can see me talking about this at:

The angels tell me that America is moving in the right direction to fulfill its destiny – not that all decisions are correct or all paths taken are right, but that they are generally moving in the right direction, and where not the right one. path is taken, further opportunities will be given to adjust and choose a better path.

The angels tell me that in America people should unite more. That whatever one does, or wherever one lives, one must become more aware of the diversity around one in ethnic background, in beliefs and in occupations.

America’s blooming to its full potential will be the result of unifying this diversity into one nation, as one new race. To achieve this, one should seek those things which one has in common, rather than those in which one differs.

Each of us has a role to play in this. We can start by smiling and saying hello to people you’ve labeled “different” in the past. You need to get to know more people, and in doing so, the angels say, you will discover that you have much more in common than you thought.


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