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The angels would like more men to recognize them and ask for help

The angels would like more men to pay attention to them and become aware that they also have a guardian angel. So many men I meet think angels are foolish and ridiculous. This is partly a reflection of what today’s society has done to angels.

Angels are immensely powerful beings who, throughout history, have been both feared and revered, and have done tremendous things. However, some people have tried to downplay angels, turning them into smiley good luck charms that can help you find a parking space.

I am also sometimes shocked when people confuse angels with fairies.

Men are more likely than women to do things alone. They want to attribute all success to themselves, preferring not to recognize that God or his angels could have anything to do with their success. But I know that if only more men got off their high horse a little bit and ask the angels for help, their lives would be so much easier.

They could look at their lives a little more positively and with hope, and the world would be a better place. Men would be stronger and more able to help themselves, the people they love and those who are weaker.

A loving mother and her three children came to an autograph session several years ago. The mother told me that her husband had taken them to town, but that he refused to come and meet me. She said she and her children got a lot of help and comfort from realizing that they had a guardian angel, but she was unable, or not yet able, to convince her husband to read “Angels in My Hair.” .

About an hour later I was still signing, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the family, this time with the father. He looked as if he had been dragged there.

I had to laugh, because he was surrounded by huge white angels, and it seemed like they wanted to make sure he didn’t get away. I called the family to me, and the wife asked me to bless her husband. I did. He left, without a trace of emotion.

A year later, I was touched when the angels pointed him out to me at another signing session.

He was waiting in line, of his own free will, along with his wife. When we talked, he told me that he had finally read “Angels in My Hair”, thanked me and told me his life had changed so much for the better. He said he was a better husband and father now. He knew he had a guardian angel with him at all times, and that took so much stress out of his life.

At a recent talk in Switzerland, the angels brought my attention to a man in his forties who was sitting in the audience. The angels told me he wasn’t there because he believed in angels; he was there because he was so mad at me.

I turned his life upside down, even though I didn’t know it. He and his girlfriend had argued about her belief in angels. He had laughed at her and her faith, and she had stormed out. The angels told me he was there alone, without her knowing (she wasn’t there).

He wanted to prove I was a quack, thus destroying his girlfriend’s and me’s faith in angels. During the hour and a half that the talk lasted, the angels lit him up every now and then so that I could see him better. They told me he had a really good job, but sometimes he was really unfair to people who worked for him, tyrannizing them, not giving them credit or saying they were doing a good job.

When the audience was allowed to ask questions, one of the angels who was with him smiled broadly and said, “He’s mellowing!”

When the blessing started I couldn’t see him, and I thought he wouldn’t come and get a blessing. I was still surprised when I saw him at the end of the row. He said to me softly, “I was really cynical when I came here, but what you said made me look at myself for the first time, and I don’t really like what I see.””

I smiled at him because we didn’t have time to say more. I started to bless him and he said, “I don’t deserve a blessing.” I smiled again and replied that I would bless him anyway. I have no idea how he is doing but I hope he is still considering the possibility that angels are real and that he has a guardian angel who can help him if only he let him. If he does, he will find that his life becomes easier.

I’ve also written about men, and business people in general, in my blog in the Huffington post this week. You can read it here:

I would like to ask women reading this newsletter to help the men in their lives recognize that they have a secret angel, and not to keep the door to this possibility closed.

I would like to say to all the men reading this: well done. When appropriate, let others know that you believe in angels and tell them if you have experienced yourself that angels have helped you in your life.


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