The anti-fatigue remedy if you are HSP: recharge yourself with earth energy

The anti-fatigue remedy if you are HSP: recharge yourself with earth energy

One of the most frequently asked questions by an HSP is how to protect themselves. You may also recognize that you can quickly get out of balance because of everything that comes in violently: sounds, emotions, smells, moods. You quickly feel tired and exhausted and you really need a lot of time to recharge. In this article you can read how you can connect yourself with earth energy and because of this you can relax but also recharge. Earth energy also helps you very strongly against fear, uncertainty, and worrying and everything comes to you much less violently.

If you take in a lot of information, it takes a lot of energy!

If you are highly sensitive, you will receive more information all day long about everything that is happening around you. You also process all this information on a deeper level than someone who is not highly sensitive. Your emotions and thoughts can also be very intense, this also has to do with your stimulus processing. Sometimes you can really be completely overwhelmed by your feelings and thoughts. This will cost you quite a lot of energy!

This is happening in your aura

The anti-fatigue remedy if you are HSP: recharge yourself with earth energy

Everything is energy, you are energy too. Your body is the most solid form of energy and you radiate energy. This is your energy field, better known as your aura. In energy, you are connected with the earth, with the cosmos, and with everything that lives, nature, animals, and people. Your energy responds to thoughts, feelings, and everything that happens around you. If you receive a lot of stimuli throughout the day and get tired of this, this is visible in your energy. You are less connected to the earth in energy and less in contact with your body. And this prevents your natural energy from flowing properly. This reinforces the feeling of fatigue.

Even if you are insecure or anxious or worry a lot, you are less in contact with the earth’s energy and your grounding in energy.

Recharge yourself with earth energy

You now know that your energy responds to your thoughts, feelings, and situations around you. And that your grounding and connection with the earth’s energy when you are very tired, insecure, anxious, or worry a lot is much less or almost gone. But this also applies the other way around. If you restore that connection in energy, it has a direct effect on how you feel. You can recharge, it gives you peace and relaxation and it softens uncertainty and worry.

The anti-fatigue remedy if you are HSP: recharge yourself with earth energy

One of the easiest ways to flow earth energy and ground yourself is to imagine energy flowing in from the earth through your feet. Be really with all your attention at your feet. The energy flows into your feet via the foot chakras and flows through your entire body via your legs. Would you like to experience this very powerfully? Listen to a free meditation here to let the earth’s energy flow very powerfully.


In our western society, everything moves very fast and we receive thousands of stimuli throughout the day. Make sure you have enough downtime, several times during your day. This can be, for example, short moments of peace and quiet. A real break. By closing your eyes and withdrawing yourself from the sounds, smells, moods, and energy of your environment, your energy is immediately relaxed. This way you prevent yourself from overloading yourself with stimuli and you give yourself the opportunity to recharge.


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