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The art of moving on after a breakup: 5 steps to help you

Moving on with your life is the hardest thing there is, there is no trick to it. It seems, no matter how many times you break up with someone, getting over it doesn’t get any easier.


Many say that time heals wounds, I personally disagree. I believe that wisdom and experience are the greatest healers. By this I mean that when we learn and apply what we have learned, we can move forward more quickly. Let me explain. If you look back to when you broke up in the past, what allowed you to move on? Did pacing around the house help you, all day long thinking about what you should and could have done?

Probably not! When you’re in that phase, you probably just cried more and more. When you decide to take a new attitude, put your best foot forward and move on with your life, focusing your thoughts on other things, is that what helped you? When I look at my own experience,

What we think about, we will create. We sometimes forget that. Your mind is a powerful instrument that controls the transmission of your thoughts and your body. If we keep our minds on the past, we remain prisoners of the past, without making room for other experiences, opportunities and people.

So no matter how much we want to get on with our lives, where we let our thoughts go determines where we will stay. That is the given reality. Either way, when we make the choice to change our thoughts and take control of our minds, we stand a greater chance of steering our lives in the direction we want to go. Then we can create new scenarios and images in our minds that have the greatest ability to color the way we want it.

The power it has on our lives and that of the ex who broke our hearts is enormous. You will see that as long as you think about your ex, what you did wrong, what you could have done and what you would like to do now, your energy will be projected into the Universe. When you keep looking at pictures, reading their texts and emails and smelling their T-shirt with their scent on it that is still in your house, you are sending out energy that you still want your ex and there is no room for someone else.

Your ex feels that energy, that vibration and that keeps him where he is. This energy is palpable to him and makes him feel almost safe. Safe in the knowledge that you may say you hate him, but your energy makes them feel different, although I doubt they understand how and why this is so.

When you break the connection of energy. When you really change your mindset and really move forward, this energy is blown into the Universe. This is when you will start to feel better. You begin to attract other people, opportunities and experiences into your life. This is often the time when the ex reappears. Something in the air makes them aware that you are no longer looking at their photo or thinking about them. So, how can you get on with your life even faster?continue

1. Cut the energy connection with them.

Throw away that stinky T-shirt of his. Throw away all text messages and emails, make sure you throw everything away. Block him on facebook, so you no longer have a connection with him and the temptation to contact him.

2. Change your thinking

At first you will feel great doing this, but there will be times, especially at night when you feel lonely. Then the time will come when you will think of him again. Do not do this! When you start thinking about him again, think about something or someone else. Everything and everyone except him!

3. Love yourself and feel comfortable with who you are

It could be as simple as writing positive affirmations about yourself that you say to yourself every day. If that doesn’t work, make a list of things that make you a great person. Read this list over and over whenever you feel bad or get the urge to think about or contact him. The list will show you why your ex is no longer worthy of you and why you are truly amazing.

4. Be clear about what and who you want in your life

Think about and write down what kind of partner you would like to attract in your life, make a cosmic order. Get a new group of friends so you can get to places you want to be.

5. Be patient and kind to yourself, it’s not easy

Although it does sound that way. That’s why it’s important to be kind to yourself and be patient. If you can find other people who are also going through a similar situation, it is good to hang out and motivate each other. With time and practice it will get easier and you can keep going.

There is no better way to continue than now. So, what are you waiting for and go for it. Doing it will help you get on with your life faster and could help you win back your ex if you wanted to. But to be honest, the focus should be on moving on with your life and you will heal faster. If your ex comes back it will be irrelevant to you and you will find someone who is really worth being with you .


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