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The Atlantis and Corona era. What is the relationship?

Do you experience fear of losing your loved ones or yourself? Or do you feel vulnerable now that you lose control over acquired certainties? You don’t seem to be in control of your situation.

Your world is suddenly so different and the question is what of the old familiar life will come back. It may seem like it’s going to knock you down, but you can really handle the change that’s going on. You have chosen to be here now, you are immensely powerful. It’s old fears in your soul that make you feel like you can’t stand.

Here we encounter the fears that we have absorbed in the Atlantis era. It is a time when duality began in many of us. Where we have lost faith in our own powers and surrender to the powers greater than ourselves.

Fear took over our lives then. We have left love and with it ourselves. Can this time of Corona now make room for who we really are? Can love conquer fear? May we regain confidence in our powers? Do we dare to surrender ourselves to the help that is there, to real life?

Loss of my love

Last week there was an ambulance across the street. ‘Moon men’ took the neighbor across the street to the car on a stretcher. The man waved his hand at his wife who had to keep their distance. You saw her grief. Her husband was taken, I felt her fear of losing him. Not coincidentally, I was standing there with my twin flame and I got a huge lump in my throat.

The woman’s grief hits me with an intense pain. I felt that I once lost the love that now stood next to me. I saw him fighting dark octopuses in the sea. People were being dragged around him and eventually I saw him go down too. A feeling lost and forsaken crept over me; my love went down, the dark had won.My people had been persuaded, seduced, to fight the threat.

With that they left the connection with their own powers, the real presence within themselves. The pain, the disappointment in my powers and the feeling of abandonment by the divine and earthly love, created mistrust. I lost the confidence to dare to surrender to earthly life. I left my love.

Heal the Pain of Separation?

Since the Netherlands has been affected by Covid-19, I have come across the Atlantis era with many clients during soul healing . It is as if we can now heal from the fears that were then engraved in our souls.

In all of them I come across a kind of ‘jealous’ energies or sucking forces on their soul bodies. The sucking forces tell different stories. ‘You’re not doing it right’, ‘It’s your fault’, ‘You can’t handle it’, ‘You’re not worth living’… etc. It reminds me of the story of Eve being seduced in paradise by the snake.

A part of us has come to believe the ‘sucking forces’ or threat and in doing so has left our own invincible force. Another part has started fighting to stop these forces for the protection of humanity. But by going into battle you also connect yourself with the dark! There was also a part that watched and felt the pain.

They decided to turn their backs on the original earthly and divine love, which they trusted completely at first. With that, too, they have stepped out of their power. For all this is connected with a deep pain of loss, of being separated from yourself. We try to avoid this pain to this day. I never wanted to read anything about Atlantis, I always felt resistance at the name. Now I have to face it.Now I feel my pain, now I can heal it. And this is the point.

We are missing a huge potential

We as humans have an enormous potential of powers, but I hardly see anyone really using these powers for themselves and therefore for humanity. In my case I started to mistrust earthly love in the Atlantis time and with that I had excluded it.The Atlantis and Corona era

Now I am on my way to surrendering myself again to the love of the universe and Mother Earth. I feel that it gives back inner peace, confidence and wisdom and shows me the way in this uncertain time. I feel oneness with nature and the universe. I grant that to everyone: feel what you are coming to do here and know that you should be here in this time of Corona.

This is the time when we can come back into our power and stand up for who we are. We may heal the old pains and step into the future of love and surrender. This may bring us the peaceful coexistence that we all deeply yearn for.

Give the world back your faith in life

In this time of crises, forces are joined on a large scale. Beautiful! I want to ask you to join forces on a micro scale, within you. Your unique power is needed. Let the forces of your earth source and your universal love, converge in your soul and your physical body.

This amalgamation brings unity within you and thus unity between you and the people around you. From this pure collaboration, energy arises that influences the collective energy. Together we can heal and change the situation. All it takes is your pure inspired self to live in surrender. Dare to trust earthly life again, live your love and your powers.It frees you from your past, it heals the ancient pain and fears of Atlantis and gives life back to humanity.

Do you want to transform old pain and fear into confidence in your power?

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On June 5th, the theme is: the relationship between the Corona and Atlantis era : How do I make sure that I make my past whole and not relive what once was….


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