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The awakening of the heart, about transformation

Self-love is necessary if we are to fulfill our responsibilities and complete our process of transformation and rebirth. As children we loved ourselves, believed we were intelligent and beautiful and deserved all the love and abundance this world has to offer.

This process of transformation is extremely powerful, and as we rise from our old wounds, we will gain a greater understanding of our future, release the repressed patterns of our past, and thus be given the opportunity to gently surrender to the present. The high energy of this moment initiates within us a memory and resonance with the source of all life, love and light, our Creator.

When we begin to integrate this awareness into our conscious experience, there is a reawakening of our Lightbody and we unite with our beloved selves. Self-love is necessary if we are to fulfill our responsibilities and complete our process of transformation and rebirth. As children we loved ourselves,

As we grew up, the majority of us learned that we were wrong and evil, our intelligence and beauty were not recognized. We were told that in order to survive in this reality, we had to become like everyone else. That’s why we shifted our innate beliefs and boundaries, adopting those of our family, society, and culture.

We stopped loving and believing in ourselves and allowed others to influence our path. To undo this learned, it is crucial that we change our relationship with ourselves. To recognize that our inherited beliefs and dysfunctions are what keep us from feeling connected, accepted, respected and honored, and to acknowledge and heal these wounded aspects is the return journey to self-love.

We will always face challenges in our lives, the way we approach them is what makes it easier for us to face them. Understanding that responsibility for life’s events rests with us as individuals, we can consider our actions and how they may affect us and others around us.

We have the opportunity to use all the resources at our disposal, our possibilities are unlimited. Our energy is limitless and our ability to master our inner resources allows us to continue our mission with passion, faith and hope. Our life landscape is dramatically changing, and as powerful messages of truth, light, and love emanate from our Creator, we are forced to direct a reality and examine our lives.

The pace of life is accelerating and we all have the ability to perform at these higher levels as the speed of our thoughts, deeds and actions increases. We have tremendous power and impetus at our disposal to support us in achieving our goals and following our truth.

If we succeed in changing our reality and healing our world, we are forced to work as a team and support each other. By having compassion for all living things, we can rekindle the power within ourselves, our communities, and our families.

This is a time of blessed healing and a time to share our beauty in service to our world. The horizon expands before us and truth and clarity will emerge as we take the time to consider things and remain calm within the tremendous changes that are occurring.

Understanding the power of our intent and our ability to be fully present and yet imbued with our Divine Spirit is revealed. Old teachings bring new levels of study, enlightenment and communication. By dedicating ourselves to beautifying our Earth, we can explore the teachings of wisdom that radiate from the heart and soul of our Mother Earth.


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