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the base; protect yourself!

What I learned as the first lesson and still, after more than 10 years of practice, is the “earth exercise” as I call it. Purely to come and stay in my own energy and to prevent mixing with energy from other people. If you are sensitive to that, you can really suffer from it.

I notice it myself in, for example, a shopping center, amusement park, busy parties or other places where many people come together. I get tired, yawn a lot, feel like I have cotton wool in my head and can sometimes get dizzy. …For me, those are indications that I am not properly protected and/or grounded.

I’m not going to ‘sit down’ to apply the protection, but in the beginning I really had to teach myself very consciously. Just done very consciously a few times a day… Now it’s just ‘thinking about it’ and it’s already there.

See how it works and works for you! I am very curious about your findings! If you want to do or are involved in a lot of spiritual development, this exercise is very important. It’s really a base. HSPs also benefit greatly from this exercise.

“Earth Exercise” Visualization = Thought Power!

Sit comfortably in a chair, with your feet flat on the floor. shoes off, make sure your feet/legs are not crossed, and your hands are relaxed in your lap. (otherwise you block too much)

Close your eyes, take a few slow breaths, down to the bottom of your stomach and feel how your body relaxes. Try to clear your head as much as possible. Let your thoughts flow away, into the earth….through your feet. You can let your thoughts flow away by following your own breathing. In and out… When you pay attention to that, you have no room to think about other things.

Feel how your feet make contact with the floor, with the earth. Let roots grow imaginatively from your feet, which go deep into the earth. Let it be done calmly.

Then you bring your attention to the area of ​​your 1st chakra (your tailbone) and let a root from this area go as far into the earth as it can. (you visualize that too) See how far you can go into the earth. Try to get to the center of the earth. The center of the earth where you can retrieve / absorb pure and clean energyOld energy in your body, which you no longer need, can flow away via this way, via your feet and coccyx roots.
Let that

As soon as you have the feeling that there is space, visualize that you are absorbing energy through your roots from the earth.
You can feel the earth energy as it flows into your body, like a tingling in your feet to your knees, even to your waist. (solar plexus) Let it flow for a while.

Then in your mind go to your crown, Visualize opening your crown chakra. You can visualize opening your crown chakra by, for example, seeing a flower that opens in your mind, or large windows that you open. Choose what suits you.

And visualize that the cosmic energy (which can be a color, in my experience is usually white or purple) comes in through your head, and flows down your shoulders to the solar plexus = point just above the navel. There the two (earth and cosmic) energies mingle. Let these energies flow around your body. You can feel the cosmic energy as a kind of goosebumps feeling from within your neck and back.

Finally, visualize a white light beam (pillar, light shower or cocoon) around you and know that you are protected in this white light.

When you use this exercise in the beginning you may have some difficulty in completely relaxing, but you will notice: it will be fine! You may need 5 or 10 minutes each time the first few times to apply everything. After a while you will have done everything within 10 seconds!

And suddenly there comes a day when you are not grounded, you will notice this yourself by an unsteady / tired feeling! Lots of yawning and a sort of dizziness. You then absorb too much energy from others that you can do nothing with. That doesn’t have to be negative, you just can’t do anything with it. As soon as you feel this; do this exercise! You will soon find that it helps. Even if you stand in line at the supermarket.

for children; It is also important to do this earth exercise with children, it gives them more strength and self-confidence because they are more self-aware. You can do this in a playful way by, for example, having them imitate a tree that grows very thick roots. I often say to the children; pretend you’re putting a sleeping bag around you that protects you. When children have to do a talk iod, also learn to ground first! That helps a lot.

When you have physical complaints, stress, (light) pain, etc., you can use this route (with some practice) to let the negative energy flow from your body into the earth, and absorb positive energy from the earth and cosmos again. Also fatigue, headache, insomnia….ed

Dancing, jumping, stamping or walking barefoot in the grass and working in the garden also works ‘grounding’!!

Do you have questions, additions or a reaction? I like to read it!

You can always share my articles. In complete form and with my name on it. Then it stays clean. And so you receive purity back. Thank you!


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