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The Blue Ray Children (Blue Ray)

In the 1988 book Notes From The Cosmos, Gordon Michael Scallion wrote a chapter on the Blue Ray Children. Scallion is an established medium and a contemporary prophet, often compared to Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. He is probably best known for his future maps of the world and his accurate predictions of Earth changes. He came to prominence in Bob Frissell’s books “Nothing in This Book Is True, But It Is Exactly As It Is” and “Something in This Book is True.”

Scallion had known about these children since the early 1980s, but wasn’t quite sure what it meant. It was in 1988 that during a session with a client he went into a trance and the information came out. He describes the Blue Ray children as the forerunners of the new root race (like the Crystals?), who are of the ‘mental’ plane of existence, and whose color-vibration is ‘blue’. He explained that they are the souls of the ancient land of Lemuria, like the Indigos who mainly descend from Atlantis.

According to Scallion, the Indigos paved the way for the Blue Rays, allowing them to step into their role as teachers. The Indigo and Blue colors are very close to each other in the color spectrum and this can be seen as a natural process of movement through subtle vibrations.

Scallion emphasizes that these children ‘develop’ very quickly: “As soon as they are about four or five years old, they are already teaching others things. By age 12, the Blue Children would be equivalent to an average adult who has been teaching for twenty-five years.” They also have telekinetic powers, and a certain ‘knowledge’ of their mission on Earth and have many characteristics that are also associated with the other categories of children.


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