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The burden bag


man-walks-forestA dirt road ran through the dense deciduous forest. The tall trees with the spreading foliage dimmed the sunlight.

Next to the dirt road was a stream that meandered towards the sea.

The man trudged on. His eyes were on the ground he was walking on. He only saw the bald noses of his worn-out shoes.

Walking was slow because of the load he was carrying.

Entirely immersed in the gray cloud that enveloped him, and he had become deaf to all the sounds around him, he did not notice that someone was approaching him from the opposite direction.

The person addressed the man by wishing him a good day.

He looked up at him with his tired eyes, but could not see the person well.

A blinding sample of the sun, which fell through the foliage, blocked his view.

The person slowed down and stood in front of the man and asked, “Where is your journey going with so much burden on your back?”.

The man tried to answer him, but could only make a gurgling sound. He hadn’t used his voice for quite some time. Partly because of this, mucus had started to form in his throat. The man cleared his throat and coughed up a phlegm, which he spit out of his mouth, which fell next to the dirt road on a blackberry bush.

Then he answered in a weary voice:

“My journey has no purpose unless I can throw the stone I carry in my pocket into my enemy’s glasses.”

The person said, “How gray are your eyes, like the ground where your feet go.”light

“Ah,” said the man, “I only see the ground where my feet go.”

“For years I have stumbled on the roads and many times I have stumbled and no one ever offered to carry my burden.”

“I am someone”, said the person. “What are you carrying in that bag on your back?”.

The man looked at him in surprise and said: “I don’t remember, but I’m so tired that it seems that the bag is getting heavier and heavier”.

“Then now is the time to lighten your load,” said the person. “Open your backpack and show me what you’re carrying.”

The man looked at the person in fear and put the bag on the floor. He opened the bag with trembling hands. A foul air rose from it.

The person ordered him to take out what was inside.

“What am I supposed to get out of it then?” the man resisted.

“That which your hand encounters,” said the person.

The man took out something that was rotten and smelly.

“What’s that?” he said in a trembling voice.

“Old sorrow,” said the person. “that you have kept outside instead of planting it in a fertile spot in your heart. In that case, God could have poured out His grace on it and it would have grown like a flower called Compassion. Give it to me” said the person.

He went to the stream and washed it in the water. The water washed it clean and behold it became fresh and fragrant like a spring morning.

At that moment a stab went through the man’s heart and he felt compassion for everyone who was struggling.

The person told him to put his hand in the pocket one more time. The man hesitated for a moment and took out something that had turned brown and weighed heavily.

“What’s that?” said the man

“It is the faith of your Fathers, which was given by your mother at the beginning of your life path. If you had polished it every day, it would have sparkled like the sun and might have shown others the way. Give it to me,” said the person.

Also this time the person washed it in the stream and behold, it began to sparkle and shine. The man saw from all sides human shadows coming towards the brilliant light, who rejoiced (raised) therein.

“Put your hand in the pocket again,” said the person.

When the man did this, he withdrew his hand hastily and screamed. His hand was bloodied from a rusted blade and he exclaimed, ‘Ouch, what’s this again?’

“Those are your sharp words of criticism. If you had swallowed them and given them to God, they would have become a balm on the souls of your neighbors.

Give it to me,” said the person.

When the person took the knife, it turned into a staff.

The person spoke, “This staff will help you to remove the obstacles that come in the way that you are going to follow from now on”.

“Now turn over the rest of the bag,” said the person.

The man did as he was told. Large, small, sharp and slippery objects rolled out.

The man could barely speak and asked with a lump in his throat what these objects were.

“Your grievances, jealousy and misunderstanding, that held you down too much, so that the light in your eyes died out and the sky could no longer reflect itself.

Throw them in the stream,” said the person.

The man did as he was told and threw the objects into the stream. The objects fell to the bottom of the stream causing bubbles. Those bubbles changed, seven colored lotus flowers floated to the top. Some buds opened, a few were half open. One was still completely closed.Lotus flower

Together they watched this beautiful spectacle.

The person said, ‘Look, that one bud that is still closed contains a white flower. When your path comes to an end and all the other buds have fully blossomed, this one will open and bloom as well.

The man did not understand what the person meant by that, but a sense of hope and awe flooded his body.

After some silence, the person spoke to the man again and asked, “What do you have in the inside pocket of your jacket?”

The man answered him that there was a stone in it.

“And what do you need it for?” said the person.

The man looked ashamed and said, “For a friend who is no longer a friend, because it took everything that was dear to me. I wanted to make him pay for this by smashing his glasses with this stone like he did me.”

The person looked at him and said, “When your heart is set free by the grace of Understanding, then you will know that friend or foe are the two faces of one coin. Then you will no longer want to pay with the same coin. You will then know that mine and thine bear the semblance of illusion called: Ignorance.

It is that ignorance that causes the rift through which man seems condemned to the veil of spiritual blindness and deafness. .

Because of this veil he/she gets lost many times and falls many times. The paradox is that it is precisely at those moments that the veil slips away for a while and man has only to cry out for help in whatever form. This help is always there. But whoever does not ask will not be heard, neither in the form of help or insight. .

I’ll lift a corner of the veil so you can understand without getting confused. Every person carries this living knowledge with them, but many are not aware of it. It is the treasure of all existence that many seek. Only a few who are ready for it will be given it. Each in his/her time. For if this knowledge and insight were on the street,

there are clever merchants who set up their market stall there and offer it to those souls who still live in ignorance. Paid knowledge is always incomplete. Life is learned only through living experiences, which enrich the consciousness in man. Not by the dead letter or admonitions.

cool compassion

Light and Darkness were at the beginning of this existence. Everything originated from it and shares in it.

Watch it for 24 hours and you will see that it carries all the nuances of light and darkness. Every moment has its meaning in it.

There is no good or bad moment unless man makes his own judgment about it. Seven days has a week, it is the expression of the everyday.

Sun, moon and stars determine time in hours, days and seasons.

But there is also an eighth day. The eighth day escapes this law. In that day we will know who we really are. Therefore I warn everyone not to despise, but to esteem too highly.”


The person commanded the man to lay the stone along the path so that it could be a beacon to those who came after him.

The person told him: “If that friend hadn’t done what he had to do, you would never have come to this day.”

“Now give me that bag.” The man handed him the old bag, which was now completely empty. The person knocked it out and the bag turned into a new cloak.

“Take off your old clothes,” the person said to the man, “and put on this cloak. Dig a hole and put those old clothes in it”

“From now on let the Spirit of discernment light your way, go in peace.”

The Log Bridge - Varina Patel

The man dug a hole and put his old clothes in it and closed the hole. He was so busy with that work that he didn’t notice that the person had disappeared.

Because when he turned around he wanted to thank the person, but he had left. A gentle breeze arose and blew over his face.

For the first time in a long time, his heart smiled and his eyes brightened. So he went on his way without the burden-bag, but in a new cloak.


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