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The Calling of the Elohim

A storytelling about following your heart. A story about letting go of matter, surrendering to uncertainty and the trust that your existence is taken care of. It is my story about standing in my own core, my own center.

‘I drove back home. Fragments of that morning’s meeting kept simmering in my head. “Why did we and them think again, in small and large, in competition…?” And that while one of the most important conclusions of the brainstorming session was that it would be about collaboration, about exemplary behaviour, about people and their talents central…”

It was a radiant and warm day at the end of May 2013 and it was my birthday. When I got home I sat in the sun. I had been looking forward to that benefit, but I was restless, unable to sit still. The atmosphere of that morning had stayed with me. what was it? Standing up again, the realization came to me:

“in that training world full of fear, I don’t want to do my thing … then I have to set up something myself, separate from the current existing structures. Create something yourself… then…” I saw pieces fall into place.’

It was the beginning of a journey that turned my life upside down and which also showed me the facts of my powerful energetic capacity. With this journey I have let go of the concept of matter – my home and home, work, income and a place to live.

I had to let go of coming up with premature solutions time and again and learned to take everything and accept it as it came. I always had problems letting go on a deeper layer and learned to take the next step step by step in the moment.

It was also a journey of letting go of what I was doing to recognize and embrace the true magnificence of my strength as I move into a new phase in my life. To take responsibility for this and to be completely new.

And so radiant to take my place in the whole from the re-membering of my essence: Elohim. An essence containing a message of the power of Oneness and universal unity connections.


When I realized in June 2013 that I had to sell my house to clear the way for a new phase, a great exercise in surrender began. Not only did I have to say goodbye to a very nice place to live, but I also had to deal with a considerable residual debt. In August it became clear that the interim assignment I was working on had ended with effect from 2014. This was the time to put the house up for sale.

An emotional period followed; the dark cloud of my financial situation hung over me and it was anything but clear how the bank would deal with the residual debt. “How was I supposed to make it financially until the sale and also afterwards?” My head was all over the place. With fits and starts a road of surrender followed;complete surrender to the way of the heart and to the tranquility of deep trust.

Sometime in late April, the whole process turned around. I arrived at the U-turn, the deepest point you are completely willing to face.

Funnily enough, it was my real estate agent who gave me an insight into this. He said ” Yael, with my own business after the death of my father it all just didn’t work out. It wasn’t until I was willing to lose everything that business started flowing. ” ” Be willing to lose everything! Be ready to go down. ‘

To die’…” That was exactly what I didn’t want. But what was the worst that would happen? The days after I confronted this and two weeks later there was a viewing that resulted in an offer. I went step by step through the months leading up to the transfer and settlement with the mortgage lender.

I always took everything as it came.I could never have imagined that I would eventually agree on a settlement with a final discharge of ±10% of the remaining debt! This is partly thanks to a very unforeseen donation. The week of the settlement was the same that my grandmother passed away.

Then the express train came to a stop. Mentally I was at my limit. It had never occurred to me that the base was gone from under my feet. That I had turned my life upside down. No more house, but a temporary place to live in De Steeg with my family and still no work. I felt like I was lost, when I did know where the road was leading.

It was as if I had lost touch with myself. I felt despair in me. The contact with myself was deeply hidden, but I chose to go back to it again and again. Time and again to look for confidence in myself, that inner resting point and always burning fire that knows the way. The resting point in yourself where it doesn’t matter that you know how it will go.

Slowly but surely the feeling grew that I was on the right path, even though I didn’t see it myself. Slowly I started to get a sense of life again and it became easier to feel that this too would be okay again. Slowly it became light again.

A year after the transfer of my house, the circle was completed and after a few wanderings I was able to live in the former ‘living’ house of my grandmother and grandfather in De Steeg (August 2015). With a financial situation that was better than the year before due to solutions that I could not have imagined in advance nor thought possible. But still no other work… the unconditionality of existence cannot be forced.


My journey continued, my true essence wanted to be remembered and she called me more and more clearly. In 2003 I had become acquainted with the basic principles of energy and intuition and the development of my energetic capacity has continued naturally and quietly from my deepest nature.

This development is the basis of the intensive energy work that I now do and something deep inside me knows the way flawlessly. In that sense, everything has fallen into place for me with my move to Gelderland. A question from a friend set things in motion. She felt that I could contribute to the cleaning, the energetic cleansing, of a place in the Achterhoek where heavy energy had become entrenched.

I went there with her and a few weeks later this place ‘called’ me through a dream (March 2015).

It was the beginning of the unfolding of the true facts of my powerful energetic capacity and therefore of intensive cleaning work for more balance on and around the earth. Work that makes my heart happy and that comes naturally to me. It’s part of who I am.

During the remembrance, there have been several defining moments, the most crucial of which was the dance with purity and heaviness. This dance is comparable to the transition that we as humans and our world are currently going through. As part of this transformation process towards a new society based on universal (human) values ​​such as equality, harmony and love, purity and transparency are in fact brought back by (to) the light. This I had to do with heaviness in the dual form as we know it.

This one has a field of tension that evokes an automatic first reaction to protect yourself against the aggravation and which in its heaviest form penetratingly reminds of the all-consuming dark.

I had to get rid of this (negative) load (June 2015). I had to go beyond it and also shake off the projection that although I work with the heaviness, it is not me. Here is a strong memory as if I stood for a very long time on the edge of the abyss, balancing dark and light, because otherwise the heaviness of the dark would take everything with it. A memory that I could place over time.

Because, as so often, clarification comes with time and I know how, what and why to indicate more and more clearly and concretely as a process progresses. For example, it took more than a year before I could name that I experience the difference in pure and impure charge, toning or vibration and that I communicate in contact with (forms of) energy at the deepest layers at the core,

When someone drew my attention to the Elohim in the summer of 2015, and that they had been communicating with me since April – without a year – this set in motion another sensation. When I connected with it, I felt a connection on a deep and natural level. In the months that followed, I became more and more aware of the significance of the essence of the Elohim.

I had wanted to understand – with my head – to let go of this meaning, to be able to understand it in surrender and from my heart. After all, it is hard to comprehend that I contributed from light power to keep the whole of darkness and light in balance, because of the experience of duality for humanity and the earth.

The way of this memory worked simultaneously to the other side, for slowly the showdown with the dark side of the light became a dance of equals. Slowly I came to be more and more in the light of my essence and its meaning for the whole. Slowly I dared to work towards visibility until I experienced sufficient support to visibly occupy the place intended for me.


The Whisper of the Elohim is velvety soft. She makes you experience the power of Oneness and carries within it a message of connections of universal oneness. Connections that keep opposing forces in unity balance: dark and light, male and female, matter and anti-matter, esoteric manifestation and materialization … Elohim shape the place of All That Is in dimensions, fields, consciousness and matter pieces, etc. and contribute to keeping opposition forces united.

The energy of these light beings contains a transparency that brings out the essential and reflects what is in the shadows. Their light essence contains light codes and vibrational frequencies that allow alignment, rectification and activation of eg grids, blueprints, pure cosmic principles. By making the light codes dance, they support universal alchemy, including the process of raising vibrations.

From this essence – as well as an ancient promise from the Elohim – I fulfill a role of purity monitoring in the return of the (non-dual) meaning of the light on and around the earth. With this I also have a connecting role, a light bridge function between what in terms of associated principles, (habit) patterns, vibration, etc.

belongs to the old dual light on the one hand and the new non-dual light on the other , the light that includes all shades of color. Because where present and past come together in purity without ballast and distortion, there is a new clean foundation for the future.

To this end I carry out intensive cleaning work, among other things, contributing to a new balance between the feminine and masculine and the perpetuation of the New Light and the Covenant of the equality of Nations.

I also facilitate Journeys of Light, light meditations, to pass on the experience of unity and to ‘uplift’ worldwide consciousness in conjunction with people. Time will tell how this takes shape and what else is going to unfold.

It has been quite a journey to learn to accept at all levels – head, heart, will and belly level, mentally, emotionally and physically what my essence stands for and what my light power encompasses.

To get used to this and then completely choose to stand in the center of this essence. My life is now completely in the service of who I am in (light) being. This is my job. This is the reason for my presence at the time of the current transition to peace in the hearts of the Earth and all its inhabitants. I have to BE here, in connection with (the space of) the Now. In that sense, my essence, and the being of light that I am, comes first; that’s what I identify with.

Being human therefore means to me that I let myself be guided by this and not by the burden of duality. In the current system where transactions and productivity are basic conditions for having a livelihood, my mind sometimes still finds it difficult that my existence is provided without paid work or income. Yet it happens every time, even if the financial solutions sometimes come faster than other times.

However you look at it, there is a field of tension for the dual existence in our current financial functioning as a society. It holds a heaviness. At the same time, the dual experience adds value to the rectification process to which I contribute. I have to keep going back to the light of my essence, to connect with it and to continue my journey from this experience of wholeness.

To be aware and take the next step from the power of the NOW in the moment. And even though my path remains a path of not knowing and wonder, my heart fully realizes what life demands of me and what dedication goes with it. Thanks to my journey, to what was, is and will be


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