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The Children of the Crystal Vibration


Many questions arise about “ The Children of the Crystal Vibration ,” but very little information is available on the subject at this time. Before sharing what little information I have with you, I think it’s important to emphasize that we all need to be careful not to get caught up in labels, categories and “ specialty ”.

It is a fact that all children are special, after all, all beings are special. Although we use the terms “ Indigo Children ” and “ Crystal Children ” to help us as reference points for the accelerated evolution of humanity, there are no absolute rules, or tests to run to determine which category a particular child falls into.

The best advice I can offer is to say: Trust your own intuition as to whether you or your child is an Indigo or a Crystal .

The first suspicion I had about “The Children of the Crystal Vibration” came to me on November 3rd, 1998. A good friend, Claudia Smith, asked me to meditate for a special child, a new soul that wanted to be born, but there seemed to be some hesitation to exist around his birth. Following is the information I wrote at the time:

“This is not just one soul, but a group of souls who need to remember the One. The hesitation is because of the moment. The Mother, Divine Feminine, has been waiting for the moment when many of us have awakened to our Divine inheritance. This awakening is the “we”, the attracting and allowing.

These cosmic beings, who are very different, are to be welcomed. A ceremony must be held to invite these Ones into an energy of Peace, Harmony and the “we” of the Cosmic Family. They must end up in carefully selected families that will raise them in this “we”. They should not go through personal pain and suffering because their nature is simply not prepared for it.

Rather, their role is as an introduction to the new paradigm of problem-solving. there will be more, but for now we must hold ceremony to invite and welcome them, thereby assuring them that a place is being prepared for them where they can mature in harmony with all life on this planet. Their mission is to spread their message, which is evident in the nature of these beings.”

Shortly afterwards – on 11/11/98 to be exact – I read about the Group channeling in Sudbury, Ontario, which mentioned the new “Children of the Crystal Vibration”, and I was pretty sure this was about exactly the same kids I had written about.

Below are some statements made by the Group about these children:

“We will soon see results of all our hard work in our children’s reflections. We have now created safety for the next children of the Crystal Vibration, and they will soon begin to come in earnest. As we choose our own ascension process, many of us will form our own crystalline structures within our biology.

“Much information will follow about the crystalline structure and the children of the Crystal Vibration. After all, they are the carriers of the new vibration of the planet. They also carry the next important step into what we have called the light body, which is a return to the same etheric bodies we originally came into…”

It is clear that these children of the Crystal Vibration need a very safe place to put in the seeds that carry this energy. The group asks us brave warriors to protect these children, guard them, nurture them, and make the planet safe from them. This is what we agreed to, and in doing this our biology will begin to shift to the crystalline structure and we will connect to the grid that connects us to everything.

These children of the Crystal Vibration are a much more established energy (than the Indigos). They are not here to create new paradigms, or to shake off old paradigms, and they have no need to rearrange the structures around them. Rather, what they bring in has to do with seeds of biology and the beginning of these shifts.

A few weeks later, on December 18, 1998, I received the following message:

“The birth of the Crystal Beings will occur after the activation of the crystalline grid on 12/20/98. This word “crystal” is synonymous with the Christ consciousness, but not referring to a specific religion, but rather a new way of Being-Oneness. They are part of the new paradigm of every child being wanted, welcomed and celebrated for who they are. Conception and birth must be chosen consciously.

They are the new energy, the new paradigm, they cannot exist in the old energy of competition, patriarchy and separation. Their parents will be people who are willing to be the parent (or guardian) of a special child and to support and nurture them in their otherness.

The Divine Feminine on Planet Earth acts as a midwife, as it were, for these souls by assisting in the input of information and by being in the right place at the right time to convey that information to the blessed parent or parents. The wisdom gained from those who have raised others, including the Indigos, will aid in the education of those who are of a different vibration.

Grandparents will act as elsewhere with much love, wisdom, and support. Conception, pregnancy and birth will often take place under unique circumstances. Nevertheless, they are not “oops” babies. We reiterate that there will clearly be fully conscious choice for all involved. In keeping with the theme of the “we”, information from various sources will continue to be provided. And so it is…”

Between that moment and the following April, I heard very little about these new children. Then I spent several days with a new friend who in conversation brought the topic to that of “avatar” babies, as she called them.

I interrupted her and asked her to explain what she meant, because even I was starting to get excited. This woman is a “networker”, and part of what she does is to help bring in new frequencies and anchor them into the planetary grid. She then told me that on December 20, 1998, she transferred some new babies that she calls the avatars.

According to her, there should have been 12, but only 11 came because the body of one of the mothers was not yet ready. She told me she had performed a ceremony, as it were, to bring them in,and that their energies were around her for a few weeks. She also stated that they entered the womb around March 21, 1999, meaning they would be born around the new millennium.

She went on to say that the parents (or parent) had made fully conscious choices about these births, and that fathers were not “necessary”, although they had a part in the decision making, if they were present.

I believe these Beings she calls “the Avatars” are what the group calls “scouts”, or “forerunners of greater numbers of children who will eventually be born with full Christ consciousness” (the crystal vibration).

Note that the anchoring of these children’s energies occurred on 12/20/98. This corresponds to what the Group calls the Second Wave. It is my belief that the Second Wave is just another expression for the Second Coming, which I believe also corresponds to the Return of Merlia (the Feminine Principle).

Both the children and the Divine Feminine were put on hold until there was a safe moment and we would call them forward. It is interesting to note that these children were conceived on March 21, as this corresponds to the Group’s channel of Merlia’s return, which they said was long foretold, and was a time of planting seeds for the future.

If you are familiar with this particular meditation, you will remember that Merlia has offered each of us a crystal (the Christedness). So you see that these children are a direct reflection of what is happening in each of us, “ As within, so without !” And that’s pretty much all I know about these new kids so far!


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