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The coffee angel

“I have to do some shopping and when I pass the Starbucks in our neighborhood I see a huge line of cars. Because I don’t want to stand in line, I decide to drive on. I stop at the 7-Eleven (an American supermarket-red) to withdraw money…

When I walk into the 7-Eleven (clumsy I might say) I’m not the only one who wants to go through the door. I turn to the other man and say, ‘Go ahead…’ It turns out that we both want to go to the ATM and he offers to let me go ahead. I say again, ‘No problem, go ahead’. from here:

Him: I’ll treat you to a coffee

Me: no, I don’t drink coffee from 7-Eleven, but thanks anyway

Him: well, a Starbucks then

Me (thinking I have to get in the car, drive back and wait in line. I don’t want to, so I say): no, I really don’t have to

Him: let me get you a coffee

Me (thinking about that row again): no, really thanks

Him: let me buy you a fucking coffee

Me: okay, let’s go get coffee together

Hey: no, just wait in the car, I’ll get it

Me: ok thank you very much

He (comes back with a cup of coffee in hand): Please, my good did for today is done. Have a great day ahead!

Me: you too and thank you very much”

Reading this story reminded me of how often our contacts above (the universe/the source/our higher self/whatever you call it) try to help us. Meanwhile, we respond with: ‘No thanks, I’m having a hard enough time already!

How often do they send us signals that say look here, look here, but our eyes are too focused on our problems to notice? How often do we receive a hint through our intuition that says do this, go this way, but do we block ourselves from acting on this because of all the obstacles we see in our way?

We regularly make to do lists similar to: Get a better job, earn more money so you can finally make that trip, buy that house, or have more freedom. Meanwhile, our people above are yelling, ‘Now just ask us for that trip/home/freedom!It’s already here!’

Cameron wanted coffee, but didn’t like the thought of waiting in line. A coffee angel appeared, offering to fetch the coffee—but even then the thought of queuing made it difficult to say yes.

Meanwhile, the coffee angel had another way in mind, a much simpler and faster way. Finally, after determined insistence and perseverance on his part, the coffee angel succeeded and Cameron succeeded – by saying yes and allowing the easy way to coffee!

My gut feeling is that this coffee angel appeared to remind us that energies are constantly at work to help us, support us and make life easier – all too often we get in our way. Bluntly: So many of us are bad at receiving!

I’m not just talking about material things. It includes things like receiving compliments, taking pleasure in simple things, loving and appreciating yourself. In the meantime, if these give us problems, we can be sure that the universe is constantly putting things/experiences/people in our path to help us with this.

Where are the coffee angels in your life? They appear in the form of synchronicity, intuition, feelings, dreams and desires that don’t go away, people saying something and giving you a Eureka! moment or offering to do something for you to help. And if the universe really wants to make sure you get it, it could just come in the form of someone saying, let me buy you a fucking coffee!


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