The connection between light and consciousness: how can you see in your dreams?

The connection between light and consciousness: how can you see in your dreams?

Have you never wondered how it is possible that we can see in our dreams when our eyes are closed and it is dark? We can even hear, smell, feel and touch things. In our dreams, we have very vivid images, thoughts, sounds, voices, and sensations. They sometimes seem so real that when we wake up we think it all really happened. There is something mysterious about dreams. But what is the difference between what we see during the day and what we see in our dreams?

The connection between light and consciousness

Everything we see in our daily lives has to do with light. Light is an invisible potential that magically makes all things visible. Everything we see is the result of the interaction between this light and our eyes. This interaction releases energy. This energy is translated by the conscious mind into an image that appears full of light. But how can we see things in our dreams at night when there is no light which is converted into images by the conscious mind?

To answer this question, we must first look at the link between light and consciousness. Both light and consciousness are invisible. Light is the source of the material universe and the messenger of the information it contains. Consciousness is the means by which all sentient beings experience the universe and absorb the information from it. Light is therefore the connecting factor in the cosmos.

Without light, we can see nothing and imagine nothing. Without consciousness, the world and everything in it would literally disappear. People who have become aware of their unlimited possibilities indicate consciousness with light and light with consciousness. Even though they differ, they go together. Light does not exist without consciousness and consciousness does not exist without light.

The connection between light and consciousness: how can you see in your dreams?

Seeing during our dreams

As mentioned above, for vision during the day it is necessary for the light to interact with the conscious mind or the substantive aspect of consciousness. For seeing at night, and thus in our dreams, it is necessary for the light of consciousness to act on the unconscious mind. In this way, a level of reality can be created that is not limited by time and space and that is recognizable and unreal at the same time. So that we can see in our dreams is because the light of consciousness is revealed in our dreams.

In our dreams, our fears and worries show up in all sorts of symbolic ways. This gives our sense of self more depth and it helps us to become more one. Sometimes we deal with a lucid dream and realize that while we are dreaming we are looking at our dream.

So what is revealed to us by the light of consciousness in our dreams offers profound insights into our inner life. The interpretation of dreams is the way to knowledge of the unconscious activity of the mind. You could say that dreams bring awareness to the surface, leading to new levels of understanding, enlightened action, and greater clarity of daytime vision. Dreams reveal a glimpse of our limitless nature.


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