The Cow’s Spiritual Message: What Does It Mean to You?

The Cow's Spiritual Message: What Does It Mean to You?
This beautiful animal wants to tell you something. The cow wants to tell you about an autonomous and healthy life, about the real polluters in this world, and about your balance.

You beautiful cow with your soft eyes and razor-sharp tongue, who just cuts grass like it’s nothing. What has humanity done to you? We need you as a production machine for milk or meat. In our greed, we have come to pile you. With as much as possible in a stable, the horns sawed off. Sometimes you are no longer allowed to play outside at all by humans and you are fed silage or dried grass and others, whether or not manipulated, feed with your head through the bars. You just swallow it all, because you have no choice.

The cow has been our literal and figurative dairy cow for years. She’s been messed with. Also with her DNA. To create super cows that produce as much milk as possible or that ‘hang on’ as much meat as possible. Some animals can’t even hop, let alone run. In fact, quite bluntly, they have just become disfigured. And why? Humanity wants to eat a lot. Potatoes, meat, and vegetables. The plate is not complete without meat. In the western hemisphere at least, we also consume excessive amounts of milk, butter, yogurt (drinks), cheeses, cream, and more.

Socially Disturbed

The Cow's Spiritual Message: What Does It Mean to You?

By never wanting to lead our drive to hunger again, calves are taken away from their mothers. So that the milk is only for the farmer and he is barely paid for it. So the question is, what does this show humanity? In any case, something has gone seriously out of balance somewhere.

What if a cow gives birth to two calves? Then she would produce enough milk for both, wouldn’t she? Taking them away from the mother, also from other animals, leads to psychologically disturbed animals. Animals that lack the social interaction of the herd. This makes you hassle in the group and if you put a lot of them in a stable, well then those horns have to come off because otherwise, they injure each other. While those horns have such an important role and could save the farmer a lot of money. Money that is now being spent on antibiotics and other artificial means, which are not the solution, but are symptomatic.

Taken away from ourselves

If you compare the story of the calf with man, you will see that exactly the same is happening here. What the human being is about is that we are taken away from ourselves. By losing us all things that play outside our body / BEING. For example, screens that want everything from and with us. Which mirrors everything to us. Who seems to know everything, but so much of which is not the truth.

Not only our distinctiveness, especially among younger generations, is disturbed by this. Also, the cause and effect principle and we are, just like the cow, becoming socially poorer. Our heads become too full with everything that is fired at us and what we search for ourselves. If you ended up on your deathbed today and you looked back on your life. What do you actually think of that? Have you spent most of your time here on Earth staring at a screen? And what did you actually miss? Or what else would you have liked to do?

Cow by the horns

The Cow's Spiritual Message: What Does It Mean to You?

Take the bull by the horns. That means that you tackle yourSELF. For example, by leaving that phone behind and not staring at all kinds of screens all day, until you turn off the light for your night’s rest. But it could also be related to other things. What else did you flee into? Because you actually feel, like the cow, locked up and can’t just be your true SELF, hopping in the meadow?

Do you know that a cow’s horns contribute to her connection to the Universe and Mother Earth? Do you know that the horns contain minerals, which she uses in her digestion process and for her immunity? Without horns, those substances have to come out of the hooves, with all the consequences that entail. Then you now know that by removing those horns, a lot is destroyed on a psychological, energetic, and physical level. By humans, because we ‘think’ we know the answer to everything. Nothing is less true.

A parallel

The Cow's Spiritual Message: What Does It Mean to You?

A similar parallel can be drawn in society. By constantly distracting ourselves with everything that goes on outside of us SELF, we lose our connection with nature, Mother Earth, and also our connection with the Universe. Injections, medicines, and craft food chock full of chemically manipulated and artificial means add an extra penny to this. Man too has ‘horns’ or ‘feelers’. A kind of antenna, with which we can transmit and receive.

How nice would it be if those ‘horns’ were somehow ‘removed’? That we genetically manipulate humans so that they, like cows, are born without ‘horns’? Then all that remains are ‘stupid cows’, who blindly follow the rules and are no longer able to think for themselves, let alone make decisions. That is, of course, fantastic news for those who want humanity trapped in the cowshed. If you have been good, you will be presented with a bite of distasteful whether or not cultivated and invasive grass, which must pass for hay, or other manipulated feed, with your head through the bars.

Oh, dear human being, stop and think about what is unfolding around you and feel whether it resonates with you. With how you would prefer to see the world and how everything, really everything, from financial flows to your human well-being and privacy is recorded. Not to help you, but to limit your actions. And that while we are all free…

Toxic condition

Today’s cows are seen as a major ‘polluter’. The ejector of huge amounts of nitrogen (CO 2 ). It is the largest animal in livestock farming and that is what shits the most. But yes, if that shit is full of ‘sharp’ substances because the farmer has been tempted to switch to many artificial and chemical substances, then a dangerously acidified and sharp residual material is indeed released.

The Cow's Spiritual Message: What Does It Mean to You?

Who is the biggest polluter?

Comparison: man is the biggest polluter on earth. It is the biggest predator and shits on all things nature. It is not just a predator that robs meat and fish, it is above all that man is capable of plundering the earth on all fronts. Our shit is the karma we build up by taking polled, even with the brains we’ve been given.

It’s people who have tempted people to switch to chemical and artificial from medication to craft food, making everything we “shit out” rather than excrete devastating to the planet. Then it’s not just about our faucets in the toilet. It concerns the ‘excretion’ of a huge amount (often indigestible waste) by households, companies, and industries. That can only be incinerated and therefore has a huge impact on CO 2 status. Toxic substances in the air and in the water, mostly from industry, where humans are also at the helm.

The emission of substances from transport from scooter to plane. Think of our travel behavior and also of the bizarre flows of goods and foodstuffs from one side of the world to the other and back again. Often based on the ‘that’s nice and cheap’ principle. But it was not cheap. Cheap = expensive. Literally and figuratively and we as humanity are now going to learn that very quickly in a hard way.

A wonderful cow life

This means that the cow can start living in a much healthier and energetically more stable environment. Leaving calves with the mother, even in dairy cows. Trust that there will always be enough milk. Nature takes care of that and it results in a much healthier balance in the herd. No more removing horns. Soil restoration by stopping the use of chemicals and artificial substances in animal feed and medication. This results in cleaner farts and less CO 2.

The Cow's Spiritual Message: What Does It Mean to You?

No more polluted and sharp manure, but manure that Mother Earth can easily absorb and on which organisms, including worms (helpers in the recovery of the soil, because they loosen it), can feed so that they help with the transition from acidified to healthy pastures.

The third is: that less is more. The focus is on health in the entire chain, so no soy and other manipulated grains, but just traditional Dutch grain, meadows full of herbs that also produce nutritious hay. Water filtering when the cows have to drink from the ditch because if the neighbor uses Glysophate, the cows drink it and the carcinogenic stuff is laced in the meat and milk.

In balance with nature

Giving space to nature. In other words, fewer animals per m 2 and compulsory grazing. Yes, farmer, even if your milking machine is not around the corner. If you have fewer cows, then you have enough time to achieve this and you can also start to have faith in your cows, that if you clear the way, they will walk from themselves to the milking machine. Not because their udders hurt, because their calf cannot come and drink, but because they reward you for treating them in the right way.

Clean shit immediately restores pastures. Herbs can come back. Herbs are essential for a healthy cow. Mowing should also be done more in harmony with nature. Leave pieces standing, another mowing program tailored to the (breeding) seasons. Where flowers bloom, there are bees and butterflies. Where there are many worms in the ground, there are birds and their brood. Insects are the basis for the existence of the entire ecosystem of this planet, including that of humanity. Something we seem to have forgotten and can recover through this approach.

You as a dairy cow

what else does the cow have to tell you? Where there are gaps in budgets, they must be closed. Where is the best place to get the milk in this case? In the largest group. At least, that’s what has been applied so far. Dear human beings, be aware that this principle will be milked to death unless YOU and many with you start to shape it differently. Greed and greed are also interspersed in this chain. It results in poverty. And it encourages you to make different choices. No longer wanting to contribute to systems that get richer over your back, but in which you are not allowed to participate in any way.

The Cow's Spiritual Message: What Does It Mean to You?

Take back control

The same goes for dependence. If you depend on the current systems, you hand over control of your life. That is super practical if, like the world around you, you want to point out the scapegoat OUTSIDE yourself. As mentioned before, you are then put in the metaphorical stable, which becomes increasingly locked. You know what you are good at. You already know what gifts you have. Just as the Netherlands can become autonomous, so can you.

That is only possible if you start creating from YOURSELF. Do what you like. Perhaps there is no ‘earning model’ attached to it in the beginning, but if you don’t leave, there will never be. Everything is connected. What goes on in your life on a micro level also plays on the global stage. You shouldn’t wait for what comes up outside of you and then start beeping. If you organize your life differently, you set something in motion that ultimately has an effect on the world stage. When are you going to rely on that?



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