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The crystal boys and the healing of the male energy

Many male young crystal children live with a single mother, the father has played only a small role in the child’s life. I see and know an extraordinary number of crystal children where the father disappeared from the family relatively soon after birth.

On a spiritual level, these children help their mothers by being loving, gentle, protective and caring to help them heal the pain that has arisen in this life and the lifetimes before by dealing with the harsh masculine energies. They generally help by changing our traditional view of men and masculine energy.

Many male crystal children now live with their mothers to experience and integrate feminine energy into their masculine energies, bringing with them a “new” kind of masculine energy: gentleness, responsibility, loving and nurturing.

They know at the soul level that they come to transform lives of power, control and oppression, as an expression of unbalanced masculine energies.

They are not aggressive, not as boisterous and more introverted than the traditional male. They are not “half men”, not “weak men”, they are an expression of the new age where the masculine and feminine energy is in balance, and thus an expression of “the new man”.

as indigowho learned in his youth to present a hard outside to protect his soft more feminine inside, I am extremely happy that these children are rapidly continuing what the indigos in the 70s and 80s already achieved in part: caring and sensitivity, but now as expression of the new masculine energy.

Where the indigos, partly because of the “Zeitgeist”, still had difficulty integrating their masculine and feminine energies, this is much easier for the crystal children from now on.

A lot has changed in the last generations, there is much more room for softness, for sensitivity than there ever was. The generations that lived before us and grew up with a traditional image of the man have fallen far short. There are even men and women who have never had a hug from their father in their youth. This generation is doing it differently. They will come and get their hugs and love themselves. Give them that…


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