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The crystal Golden Triangle for healing, harmony and clear insights

Crystals are powerful healers and healers. They are tools to strengthen your inner gifts and your spiritual nature. Whether you want to work on better health or a stronger intuition, whether you want to stand firm or stay true to yourself: crystals are at your disposal!

If you know what you want or need, in a few simple steps you can empower yourself or your purpose with crystals. For example by placing the crystal Golden triangle: a powerful grid , an energy field that helps and deeply supports you. Crystals give the space in which they lie their vibrational field and that is purer or higher than that of us humans.

That is why crystals have an uplifting effect: they lift you above yourself, they give you clarity and insight and the strength to take new paths. Placing a Golden Triangle increases the energy field in your home, office, at your workplace, in your practice room, in the bedroom or even in your garden.

You can do this for different purposes;for protection, peace, less stress, less worrying, for prosperity and happiness. But you can also create a personal constellation, for inner strength, healing, harmony and clear insights.

The golden triangle consists of three different crystals

Rock crystal, amethyst and rose quartz together form a Golden Triangle. The energy of these three crystals amplifies each other. The crystals are connected to each other by placing them in a triangle, which increases their strength even more. You start an energy flow with this grid.

The amethyst makes your spiritual powers and insights stronger, rose quartz strengthens your heart strength, self-love and empathy. Rock crystal cleanses, initiates healing and strengthens your clear perceptions and intuition.

The Power of the Golden Triangle

Rock crystal is a clear quartz and is considered to be the most powerful healer and energy enhancer. This crystal regulates energy, gives energy to the person who works with it (or to the room where the rock crystal is located) and stores energy.
Rock crystal is so pure that it can be recharged for all kinds of energetic work. He can also help charge other stones with his energy and enhance their effect.
Rock Crystal raises your energy to the highest possible level and aligns you with your spiritual purpose, if that is your intention.

Rose quartz works on the heart chakra. It brings softening and love, self-love. Emotions will flow freely again with anyone who uses rose quartz. It creates harmony. Rose quartz gives gentle strength, tenacity in a calm, flexible, loving way.

Amethyst makes you relaxed and makes you less stressed in the head. This crystal harmonizes your nervous system and drains excess energy. So good for stress and tension. The amethyst also works on the crown chakra, so that your spiritual awareness and insights will grow.

How do you lay a Golden Triangle yourself?

1. First determine the target for which you want to place the Golden Grid.
2. Clean and charge the crystals before using them.
3. Attune your state of mind to creating a beautiful Golden Triangle.
4. Place the amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal where you want your Golden Triangle.
5. Visualize yourself connecting the crystals, for example via a silver cord connecting the crystals together and circling the crystals.

For more information, read our article on how to lay crystal grids to protect your home.

What do you have to take into account?

Remember that the three crystals should be about the same size, just like the equal sides of a triangle. Thus, the energy of each crystal amplifies the other two, creating synergy.
You don’t necessarily have to choose equal shapes, for example three spheres, three cuddly stones or three unpolished crystals. Mix and combine as it feels right for you. For example, if you have a cluster, an egg and a point: great combination!

3 tips to work inspired with your own Golden Triangle

1. The more personalized your Golden Triangle, the better it is tailored to you. So think about what you want to add. Maybe you want to put a candle in the center and light it every night, or burn a cone of incense, brighten it up with flowers, or whatever: make it something beautiful!

2. The more attention you give, the more energy you get back. Take the time to sit with your Golden Triangle regularly and absorb the energy. Your attention also feeds the grid, making the interaction stronger and stronger. After all, you lay a Golden Grid with a purpose, so pay attention to that purpose as well.

3. It is usually said that the Golden Triangle is meant to harmonize spaces, but of course it does not miss its effect on you, as a layer of the grid. The energy also works on you and therefore you can also apply the Golden Triangle in other ways. For example, take it as crystal water or carry it with you as jewelry.

Working with a Golden Triangle – or any crystal grid for that matter – is a ‘work in progress’. It is never finished or finished, because it is energy work. It changes continuously because you change. You learn, you develop yourself and in that learning process you always have a different need. As a result, the grid changes with you. Pay close attention to your feelings and desires: A Golden Triangle can just get an element or change its shape. Especially if you place the crystals with the intention of receiving healing, harmony and clear insights.


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