Friday, December 9, 2022
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The current

We live in a tough society and a tough world. I liken it to a river, a river with an enormously powerful current. A movement that doesn’t take anything into account, that just rages on and in doing so damages everything without caring. The current gets stronger and stronger and continues to feed itself. Some of us swim against this current, just like me. But is this feasible? And if so, how?

Carried by the current

Before I know it, I’m rambling on. I go with the deluge of society. I let myself be carried away by the current to get somewhere I don’t want to be. Then I bump into a rock I hadn’t seen and for a moment I realize that I’m going in the wrong direction. That I’m going along with things I don’t want to get involved in.

At that moment I have to go swimming again, against the current. But my resistance just went down at that moment. The blow of the rock has made me weak, just at a time when the greatest strength is expected of me. It’s contradictory and sometimes it just doesn’t seem to do it.

If I went with the current for a long time without encountering really painful obstacles, it turns out after a while that I also have to swim a long way back. This takes a lot of strength. I often swim alone, which makes it even more difficult.

Sometimes I wonder if all the people who swim against the current together shouldn’t build something so that the water stops flowing there. That the flow is stopped and you can no longer just go with the flow. If you interrupt a current, it becomes less powerful.

Slow down the flow

So if we create a blockage, so that we flatten the current, we have to swim a little less against the current. But gathering all those people together also means losing sight of yourself. Don’t swim further against the current and take all the people on your path and convince them that they have to help you, that things have to be done differently.

It means that you make yourself dependent on all those other people. And does anyone give up? Then the blockage will be gone in no time and before you know it you will be going with the flow again.

So now I’m trying to swim against the current myself. To fix a number of points in that strong river that I can hold on to again and again. So that if I no longer have the energy to swim back, at least I don’t go further with the current. It is a challenge, a difficult process. One minute it’s going really well, the next it doesn’t seem to work.

Towards peace and acceptance

But I want to keep this up because I believe there will come a point somewhere where the current will be less powerful. Where, when I just swim at my own pace, I no longer get carried away by the current. Then I enter calm waters and, even though I remember so well that the current is so strong further on, I can enjoy the point where I am.

The rest will be a worry for me. Then the responsibility of the people who are still in the strong current lies with those people to keep swimming until they have reached the calm point. So I gather my strength , put a few strong points in the river and swim myself to peace and acceptance.


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