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The danger of predictions


I sometimes get people for a consultation or a session who occasionally go to a medium or clairvoyant. Sometimes predictions are made about future developments that can be quite drastic for a person’s existence, and that can have a far-reaching influence on someone’s behavior in the here and now. For example, I remember a young woman who was convinced that she would meet her great love at a certain age.

A medium had told her that. As a result, she was absolutely unwilling to enter into a relationship before then, because she feared she would no longer be available to the one. She did not allow herself to be relaxed with men. Very unfortunate and in my opinion absolutely not the intention of our life and our soul plan.

Free will

It is not for nothing that we have been given free will and our future is not set in such a way that there is only one way or choice. There are certainly more and less likely options, but our learning process actually involves learning to choose freely, spontaneously and from the heart. In this case, she could get some experience with men before meeting the love of her life.

But maybe the intended candidate will not even be available by then because he has made other choices in his life and she can wait until Sint Juttemis. Her life is on hold and the energy stagnates, possibly causing her to miss out on what was originally intended. We don’t know how a meeting is brought about by our guides and we don’t have to if we let ourselves be guided and don’t fill in everything ourselves too much.

An intuitive knowing

It may happen that you meet someone who you intuitively know will become your partner and that you will have children with this person. That happened to a friend of mine when she met a cute boy on the ice, who later did indeed become her partner and the father of her children. But that’s different from someone else telling you about a meeting that may be far in the future. Incidentally, you are of course responsible for what you do with such a prediction.

A powerful conviction

But even without someone else making a prediction for you, you can lock yourself in with an enormously powerful belief about your destiny. This can relate to the type of work you will be doing, the partner you will have, whether or not you have children, where you live, and so on. I see this sometimes with clients. They are firmly convinced of what they see as their truth and cannot consider that there is another possibility.

This feeling can be an intuitive knowing of what your soul plan is, as well as a belief that comes from your upbringing, cultural background, or the belief that this is how you can create whatever you want.The problem with that is that you make it virtually impossible for your guides to guide you on your path, which may turn out very differently than you think.

It is difficult to know what is or is not the intention, but it does not have to be. Our guides are there to lead us and they can only do that if we are receptive and let go of preconceived ideas. Let yourself be guided and be curious and open to what comes your way and especially try to find out what feels good or not for you.

Does it energize you when you think about accepting the proposal, or do you feel the energy flowing out of you? That’s a good indicator, but it only works if you don’t know for sure what the answer is in advance.

(More about the soul plan and the role of our guides can be found in my book Light on your life path, view on your soul plan . )

Predictions from my guides

My guides will in principle never make concrete predictions during a consultation or session. Yet they did tell me all sorts of things about my future when I first got in touch with them. In my case it was apparently important that I should know something about the purpose of the contact and to prepare myself for the soul mission that I had naturally agreed to before coming to Earth.

Because my life was going to look very different from what I had in mind at the time. I saw myself working in my studio for the next few years, having stopped teaching almost full-time a few years earlier, and I thought that was a very pleasant prospect. I found it surprising that it turned out differently, but also very enriching and I have never regretted it for a second.


The time aspect

Incidentally, the problem of contacting ‘the other side’, whether through your own guides or through a medium, is that the time aspect plays such a complicated role. For example, my guides told me that I was going to write books. I was quite shocked by that, because I didn’t know at all whether I wanted to, nor whether I could! I asked when that would happen and the answer was: “soon”. Then I got all Spanish stuffy. But my fear gradually dissipated when nothing else happened in that direction.

I kind of forgot about it and decided it had been nonsense, although until then everything else they had predicted had happened.When they asked me to start writing ten years after the first contact, I was actually relieved to see that they hadn’t just said something. Apparently ten years was a very short moment in the perception of my guides. Well, if you live in a timeless atmosphere, that is of course true! I assume my guides were aware of what their ‘soon’ would bring about for me, but maybe that played a part in my learning process, because they never do or say anything just like that.

The future is not fixed

Predictions are therefore so difficult, because the future is not fixed. We have seen that with the predictions for 2012! I’ve read quite a few books by people who have received information from guides, masters, and other disembodied teachers, who contradicted each other and mentioned dates and events that we can now say did not materialize.

We create that future ourselves and we would do well to live openly and receptively in the moment itself and let go of limiting beliefs. Let life flow through you and create your own reality by living your life as consciously and lovingly as possible.

In this way you also contribute to increasing the energy on earth, which is undeniably gaining momentum. It is a process of which no one knows exactly what the result will be, much less when it will take place. But if we are essentially timeless souls, eternally on the move and evolving, it doesn’t matter…


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