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The dark night of heart and mind

Everyone is familiar with the expression ‘the dark night of the soul’, which describes a point in life when everything seems desolate and hopeless. We experience this when a life event that we feel is out of our control changes everything in our lives.

But I think the saying “dark night of the soul” is not correct, because the soul does not know a dark night, it knows exactly what is going on and waits for us to open to the peace, knowledge and transformation that is in the event are present.

The ‘dark night of the soul’ is truly a crisis of heart and mind, with the soul as the main instigator. Heart and mind are on a level of consciousness, and the soul answers our call to go to a higher level, and then we are in a dark place of disconnection and fear.

No longer able to connect with our ‘old’ way of being and not yet in the energetic vibration that will take us to a new level, we find ourselves in the depth of not knowing, which, without a powerful soul connection, is indeed very dark. We are at the conscious level of awakening, and we are being asked to move into enlightenment.

It is time to let go of the belief that consciousness is a higher state of being and to see ourselves as conscious in every aspect of our lives. What we are aware of, what we realize, what we pay attention to, is energetically empowering and is being created in our reality right now.

Being more aware will not take us out of the dark night of mind and heart because, without a corresponding shift to enlightenment, we are simply going to repeat the same situation. An energetic cycle is played out, and its resolution emerges as we step out of the cycle of fear and into a new energetic vibration. This is a change of awareness, not awareness.

In our dark night of mind and heart, we wonder, ‘Why is this happening to me?’, where the right question should be, ‘Where is my awareness?’

Then we can make the shifts – many of them are minimal – that will create the soul connection that will take us from awareness to enlightenment.

Through the willingness to change our consciousness, we lift our consciousness to new heights, up the frequency spiral, to create even more powerful and fulfilling realities that reflect the soul’s promise of light, if we are willing to emerge from the depths of to step into the darkness.


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